Is This Tommy Defendi’s Last Scene?

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Given the way studios hold onto content for months (or even years), we might still see “new” Tommy Defendi scenes being released well into 2016, but it’s safe to assume that this three-way for was definitely one of the last ones he shot before retiring earlier this summer.


And if this is in fact the last scene Tommy ever shot, he definitely went out on a high note. Can you imagine being tag-teamed by both Tommy Defendi and Mario Costa? OMG…

60960_05 60960_13 60960_10Trailer for Tommy Defendi, Mario Costa, and Braxton Smith’s threesome (watch full scene here, and FYI: ExtraBigDicks is still offering a $1.00 join for new members):

[ExtraBigDicks: Tommy Defendi And Mario Costa Fuck Braxton Smith]


  • sxg

    No DP??? Amateur that bottom is!

  • dvlaries

    Men still has two to go. One of them, where Tommy bottoms for Adam Bryant came out on the 20th, and the other, a threesome, is yet to go.
    Just a couple days ago I watched Defendi’s opening scene in 2010’s “Don’t Ask, Just Fuck” where he’s paired Rusty Stevens, and while Tommy’s looks have certainly stayed good to him, you can tell some time has passed. Tommy is smart to grab his own hat before it’s being handed to him. It’s the oldest rule of show business: always leave them wanting more.
    Tommy Defendi is a front rank star of his porn generation, he’s going to be missed, and he’s sure to keep making fans after he’s gone. 😉

    • McM.

      That was a good one. Their scene together in Brutal (pt 2) was just a hot.

      • Sweet Andy B.

        Where you can see the Men upcoming scenes, pls????

        • dvlaries

          You can’t anymore, at least not for free, and neither can I. “Love Gun III” with Adam Herst is out today (8/27), and Men told The Sword that’s the last new Tommy they have to give. (I was mistaken about it being a threesome).

  • Alan Keddie

    Not a huge fan of Thomas’ but I’ll always remember his clean shaven performance fucking Marcus Mojo for Falcon. Tragically the facial hair took over. That coupled with the nipple thing and the sex noises I went off of him.

  • Casey Scott

    Braxton Smith is one of the best newcomers this year! Wish he got more attention, though he seems to be sticking to second-tier studios, so perhaps that’s why he’s generally overlooked.

  • John

    The uncut black guy is hawt!

    • Ed Woody

      What scene are you watching? :-S

      • Xzamilloh

        He thinks anyone with a slight tan is black.

  • Spencer87

    The scene looks really hot.Pet Peeve alert though…Mario Costa’s feet.I can’t stand seeing ugly dried up feet.If you know you are filming a scene please get a pedicure or soak your feet in Epsom salt.

    • SUGNY


  • DaveAtom

    T_T He’s ‘the gay porn star’

  • Dan J

    I hope he’s not retiring. Tommy is a perfect ! I’d take him anytime beard or not.