The Top 10 Most Masturbated-To Gay Porn Scenes Of 2013

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mast2013You’ve read the best and the worst of 2013, you’ve seen the most iconic images of 2013, and now it’s time to rank what really matters: The Top 10 Most Masturbated-To Scenes Of 2013!

BEnvasFCMAAWSTe.jpg_large10. GuysInSweatpants: Ben Driver and Tate Ryder
Both Ben and Tate retired in 2013, and no one will ever be able to take their place. Hands (and mouths) down, the best deep-throating of the year.

3WAY-139. Randy Blue: Adrian Hart, Robert Craig, and Sean Zevran
It’s hard enough to capture great chemistry in a duo scene, but this three-way had plenty to spare. Randy’s best scene of the year.

8. ManRoyale: Hunter Page and Andy Taylor
Hunter Page is the cutest gay porn star of 2013, and Andy Taylor is a worthy scene partner in the best twink scene of the year. It also happens to feature my favorite sex act involving a toy (Hunter and Andy go ass-to-ass with a double-headed dildo).

7. ChaosMen: Aries, Solomon, and Vander
ChaosMen always has the most raw (literally) and rugged gay porn stars around, and three of them are assembled in this insane three-way. It came out in April and, to be honest, I still haven’t been able to get through the entire thing.

hx104_scene41_0016. Helix Studios: Ty Roderick and Matthew Keading
How many times have I talked about Ty Roderick in the past month? A lot. I liked him throughout the year, but this recently-released scene sealed the deal (watch trailer). He’s my favorite gay porn star of 2013.

5. Hot House: Connor Kline and Connor Maguire
Based on sexual compatibility, this is by far the hottest pairing of the year. If you want to watch two people who really like fucking each other, you need to watch Connor Kline and Connor Maguire fuck each other.

4. CockyBoys: Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, and JD Phoenix
Not just the best three-way of the year, but also arguably the best series of the year, A Thing Of Beauty. Colby, Gabriel, and JD each brought something unique to the scene, and the combined result was explosive. Oh, and JD gets DP’d.

3. Camel
Who is Camel, and how did a random amateur video make it into the top 3 most masturbated-to scenes of 2013? Just watch the above clip and you’ll understand.

2. BelAmi: Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol
Mick Lovell may be long gone, but the image of his extra long dick cumming into Kevin Warhol’s ridiculously perfect hole will stay with me forever. Mick’s best scene ever, and BelAmi’s best scene of 2013.

1. Sean Cody: Brooks and Ryan
Based on the sheer number of scenes they release (one every other day), Sean Cody is a consistently reliable source for one’s masturbatory needs. And nowhere was this more true than the scene with donkey-dicked Brooks and powerbottom Ryan, which features a bareback creampie that is so deep and so voluminous, you can almost feel it yourself. Click here for a $1.00 Sean Cody membership and watch the scene for yourself.

Did any of these 10 scenes make your list? What did you do j/o to in 2013? Let me know in the comments!

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  • sxg

    The link for camel’s video doesn’t show, And I can’t find it in all that fucking mess of a tumblr page.

    Honestly I haven’t seen over half of the scenes here. And while the 3-way with Sean Zevran, Adrian Hart & Robert Craig was a good one, it was not their best one in my opinion. For Randy Blue in my opinion their best scene is either Jordan Levine & Nicco Sky or Austin Wolf & Caleb Strong.

  • JoshChicago

    I masturbated to the continuing demise of Michael Lucas.

  • Aramis

    All the videos aren’t showing…but it’s ok because we read your comments and if you say so we trust on your ‘ good taste ‘.

    • JoshChicago

      there’s an ongoing conflict with html5 video files playing on this new site. It’s a bug in the coding Zach uses. I emailed him about it. It can be very annoying.

      • Aramis


      • zach

        What browser are you using? I’ve checked using Firefox and Safari and all the clips work fine. Strange.

        • JoshChicago

          It’s not all the time Zach, but it is somewhat frequent. IE, Chrome, Firefox. I think it’s your coding with html5 videos from what I researched ensuring it was not on my end.

  • Erik

    I love Mick Lovell and miss him greatly. Funny, cute, muscular and an amazing performer. But I don´t think this was his best scene.

  • Bull

    I swear if SC’s models yell any louder they’re going to be ticketed for noise violations! My ear drums still ache from listening to that preview clip.

    • Erik

      @Bull: Very well expressed – Ho, Ho. I´m a SC-fan but I DO agree that the moaning and groaning has become all too noisy. They really have to change that before it becomes a parody… And members begin to leave the site…

  • JoshChicago

    HTML5 video issue with Firefox resolved if it might help anyone else. It WAS my browser. Firefox requires this addon to play HTML5 video. Link:

    • JoshChicago

      spoke too soon. it wont play the videos in this post but will play videos in other posts geeeeez!

  • Narayan Benavente

    Gay guys don’t have taste anymore.

  • a13g

    i swear, my cock was super hard and i cummed so much all over myself

  • Kolby

    Most of these are pretty terrible…. I can’t stand all the fake moaning. Number 4 was good for sure, but the others I probably wouldn’t get off to. The criteria for best or most masturbated-to scenes has to be more than just guys with big dicks…. There’s more to porn than that.