The Faces Of A First Time Bottom

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After 75 million blog posts, 14 teaser trailers, 182 preview photos, and a whole lotta lube, the moment has finally arrived: Topher DiMaggio’s bottoming debut is now live on Top To Bottom. BUT FIRST…

Before you watch Topher DiMaggio bottom and get fucked for the first time ever by his real-life boyfriend (at the time of filming, at least) Lance Luciano, you get one more teaser trailer (below) and a whole new set of photos showing off the many faces of Topher DiMaggio as he enjoys(?) a dick in his butt. I thought his first constipation face was fun, but these are really something else.

Which Topher DiMaggio Bottoming Face is your favorite? Can you even pick just one?

TopToBottomTopherDiMaggioTTB12 TopToBottomTopherDiMaggioTTB13 TopToBottomTopherDiMaggioTTB16 TopToBottomTopherDiMaggioTTB17 TopToBottomTopherDiMaggioTTB18

I’m pretty sure this one is still my favorite:


Watch Topher DiMaggio bottom for the first time on Top To Bottom:

[Top To Bottom: Topher DiMaggio Gets Fucked For The First Time By Lance Luciano]



  • NG212

    Oh shit (literally). That is not the business. He does realize porn is a fantasy, right? He doesn’t get a pass for being a first-time bottom. Does he really think Lance has enjoyed every time he was fucked on camera? Maybe, maybe not. The point is, it’s called being a porn actor for a reason. If he didn’t want to try, Topher could have released a home movie of him grimacing, rather than wasting everyone’s time with a less-than-acceptable performance in a professional studio film people have to pay to see. It seems to me like he’s trying to have it both ways: get whatever financial windfall there is from bottoming after abstaining for so long, and highlight how little he enjoyed the experience to retain whatever machismo he feels he still has.

    BTW, that dance in the preview was shamefully unsexy. When he turned around, though, that face was quite literally the moneymaker. Damn, he’s pretty. But looks were never his problem… It was everything else.

  • Bull

    he does have a pretty face and a hot ass! maybe the over the top faces are meant to “prove” it was his first time?

  • Cosmic

    Was this intended to be one of those porn parodies?

  • Zoompietro

    Think that’s the least amount of “virgin” bottoming I’ve seen in any of the Top to Bottom scenes. I know it’s only porn but just in case anyone cares, SPOILER AHEAD. They’re exchanging gifts and Lance gives Topher a $20k watch that’s he’s been wanting all year. In return Topher surprises Lance by letting him top him for the first time in 3 years which doesn’t cost shit but it’s the thought that counts and it’s still a nice gesture, or so I thought. After about 4 minutes of unenthused Yuletide bottoming, Topher decides he can’t take it anymore and proceeds to abuse the notion that it’s better to give than receive. 4 minutes…. That’s the equivalent of the 3 Wise Men taking 3 years to get to the Magic Baby Jesus and only bringing him a bag of figs! If bottoming was poor Lance’s gift, bottom-Topher should’ve been well prepared to see it through. He didn’t even put a bow on it and that’s just lazy! Oh Lance, I can only imagine the dirty dirty things he had to do to pay for that watch and he gets screwed over by that stingy bottom bastard. Not that that stopped me from watching the rest of the scene of course. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what a Scrooge bottom-Topher was; thankfully my virility was unaffected. In the end as if the $20k watch wasn’t gift enough, Topher gets to shoot his load on Lance’s lovely face and I half expected it to come out grinch green instead of white. So the final scorecard is Topher: $20k watch, topping Lance, and shooting on Lance’s face vs Lance: 4 minutes of topping a half-assed bottom… I hate myself for getting invested in the Lance character’s struggle, but it was like watching that selfish ass magician from Frosty the Snowman bring Frosty to life with his asshole for 4 short minutes then run off and leave us watching Frosty melt for the rest of the show. Way to spread the holiday cheer, now I’m depressed :(