[UPDATED] Topher DiMaggio On “Indefinite Suspension” From Andrew Christian Following Accusations Of Sexual Assault

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tmacAn Andrew Christian rep has replied to Str8UpGayPorn’s inquiry about the status of Topher DiMaggio’s employment with the company following the news that he allegedly sexually assaulted five men (with two of those assaults allegedly occurring after DiMaggio had met his accusers at Andrew Christian-sponsored events). The rep tells Str8UpGayPorn:

We are taking this issue VERY seriously and Topher is on indefinite suspension while we look into the matter.

Andrew Christian has also written a response to Queerty, adding that they do not condone sexual abuse:

Andrew Christian does not condone sexual abuse or any other type of abuse or mistreatment to members of our community. We are taking allegations made by the victims very seriously. Accordingly, Topher is on indefinite suspension while we look into the matter.

As of post time, DiMaggio is still being advertised as the Andrew Christian model hosting this Friday’s “Freaky Friday” event in Hawaii. (It’s of course possible that the club has not updated their website yet, given that news of the suspension was just announced.)


A rep for Andrew Christian tells Str8UpGayPorn that the “Freaky Friday” event is not an official Andrew Christian event, and DiMaggio’s appearance wasn’t booked through them. Despite the club’s use of the Andrew Christian name and logo, the rep tells Str8Up, “This is something they are doing on their own.” The rep indicated that clubs often use the company name/logo without permission, adding, “It is impossible to control.”

The “Freaky Friday” event is at club Scarlet in Honolulu, and the club is telling people on social media that Topher DiMaggio will in fact be appearing at their event tomorrow night:

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Correction: An earlier version of this story stating that three assaults allegedly occurred while DiMaggio had been hosting Andrew Christian-sponsored events has been corrected to read that two assaults allegedly occurred after DiMaggio met accusers at Andrew Christian-sponsored events. The third event (as alleged by Bryan Hawn) was hosted by Topher DiMaggio, but an Andrew Christian rep informs Str8UpGayPorn that this was not an Andrew Christian-sponsored event.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Well, that’s that. Andrew Christian is done for. His business will go bankrupt. He’ll never sell a single pair of underwear again. As we all know, his brand is nothing without Topher Di-Fucking-Maggio. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75ba756848f4fb26beaf2c643f979bd0199279d14b81aada62af285e53261a81.gif

    • Pinko of the Grange

      That is what Topher all but said

  • wdeee

    I won’t hold my breath on any serious repercussions actually happening to Topher. Andrew Christian will probably wait a couple months then have him back in the front of their ads & campaigns. Cockyboys will have a whole series on him by the fall. I’d be shocked if I’m wrong.

    • harley quinn

      sadly but i still hope someone cuter will appear and will be the main andrew christian face i also really hope arad winwin dumps his ass

  • wdeee

    Also unrelated but kinda related, Topher is like 33. How long do these guys that slide through life on their looks think they can model underwear, go-go dance, and bartend for? Like is it their decided career?

    • n24rc

      Yes. As mentioned before, I think they’ll be a younger more attractive guy waiting in line to take his spot for lesser cash; He’s easily replaced.

      • C A


        • peter

          Well, if Andrew Christian branches out into linens, provided they’re white, of course.

    • They come full circle right before 40 or so like Brent Everett’s former husband Steve Peña who
      now is broke and living in Texas with his familia but is still posting 24 hours a day on Facebook.

    • harley quinn

      i think these people think they’ll just be young forever or can’t comprend the fact that beauty fades away and you have to be more than just a pretty body to do in life

      • Ninja0980

        And when you have porn companies that keep hiring them, why would they think otherwise?

    • bloody mary

      there’s a daddy/bear market…

    • Nordschleife

      As long as you’re still handsome, quite a while. He can be the sexy daddy type or the fantasy for most and that may keep him sliding along. Lol.

    • SaintMike

      I say cash-in for as long as you can, while you can. The real world is horribly over-rated

  • n24rc

    People will forget, in time.

    But before then, they’ll be a dozen or so hotter and more attractive men waiting to take his spot as a headliner – and will cost less for them.

    He’s a replaceable body.

  • FrenchBug

    OK So Andrew Christian is “taking a stance against sexual victimization” by suspending Topher DiMaggio. Will he suspend himself for forwarding to his customers the stolen nude photos of Tom Daley without Daley’s consent? Coz that’s also sexual victimization of a different kind.

    Andrew Christian is the celebration of everything that is loathsome in the gay community, not least of which the definition of attractiveness within a very very narrow set of criteria. You can almost hear the underwear sneer at you when you look at their catalog if you have five pounds too many on.
    I don’t begrudge the performers for getting that coin but I would not shed a tear if this particular piece of WeHo trash finally goes away forever.

    • n24rc

      Dime a dozen. Exactly.

    • Ninja0980

      He has yet to apologize for that.

    • Neil

      Why accept his definition or criteria of attractiveness, narrow or otherwise? Have your own criteria and be happy with that. One can’t expect people to be smart enough to see others for who they are, what they have inside, or the quality of their character. Look who we elected President. People be stupid. Don’t let underwear models or their pimp dictate shit.

      • Nordschleife

        It’s very nice in practice but being bombarded with images of people who look nothing like you can overtake people who aren’t strong willed. While granted people are stupid, gay men just like women are always being confronted with images of the “Ideal standard” and it’s hard to combat. But With that being said I do agree with you. It’s just easier for some rather than others.

    • nick

      I like a big hairy older guy in a jockstrap, so they ain’t selling me any definitions of attractiveness.

  • pje821

    I wonder, if AC concludes Topher is guilty of these charges, they’ll remove his hundreds of images from their catalog and reshoot those articles of clothing with other models? He may end up costing AC a lot of money, but it’s better to dump him now and swallow their losses than continue to appear indifferent.

  • alec

    Took AC long enough……but the company STILL doesn’t remove the images? He’s seen what other businesses have done with such issues and isn’t smart enough to learn from their examples? He deserves the PR nightmare he’s enabled by his own actions (or lack thereof.)

    • King

      He is one of their most photographed models for dozens of their products. That is a lot of reshooting and touching up. It will be a cost-benefit analysis of how much business will they lose vs. the costs of reshooting their products with new models. And my guess is that they will probably lose more money doing the reshooting than just keeping him.

      • zit_remedy

        sadly, you’re probably right. :/

  • harley quinn

    i hope we truly never forget this i don’t wanna see topher in any other porn scene event or ad

  • sxg

    I thought the way the title of this story was written I was going to see his response on his suspension lol.

    Let’s take this with a grain of salt. More than likely the suspension will only last until this story dies down, or something else salacious will distract us from Topher being a rapist/predator.

  • peter

    They don’t tolerate sexual abuse but to Jacob Ford’s racism they say “we don’t concern ourselves with the political positions of our models”

  • peter

    Andrew Christian recently retained salt-of-the-earth Mickey Knox as an ‘ambassador’. I hope Mickey soon appreciates this isn’t a great business decision.

  • Ninja0980

    That’s nice but how many porn studios will still hire him to do scenes?
    My guess is nearly all of them.

    • doodlebug

      MEN will in a second. Maybe at a reduced scene rate.

  • Scrapple

    Time’s Up. Eventually. You can tell they’re taking this matter seriously, as evidenced by their lightning fast response time, and the fact they wrote “VERY” in all caps. I bet they even suspended Topher WITHOUT pay. Imagine that.

    Queerty gets a written response from Andrew Christian, but Zach only warrants a response from an Andrew Christian rep? Rude. Andrew could’ve cut and pasted a response and sent that to both sites. Isn’t that how Topher stitched together his response?https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/00a540da468488a25ffc413e2ace9a856c332b7006a15340495988c223695e65.gif

    • Zachary Sire

      Andrew Christian himself didn’t issue the statement…I use the words “Andrew Christian” in reference to the brand/company, not the actual person.

      • Scrapple

        Ah. Clearly I wanted to see shade where there was none.

  • Ricky

    I have to say I love how Zac is reporting this story and continues updating it with new leads. In regards to Topher, does anyone still find him “hot”? There really is no need for him to continue performing on or of camera.

    • Nordschleife

      You may not but I am sure many who think he is. He may be diminished as far as what we have learned about him but attractiveness is still attractiveness.

  • TheThom

    Go ahead and lube up, event-goers! He’ll be on the prowl! And it’s fine. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Pussies.

  • Devin

    People still wear Andrew Christian? ??? So many better brands out there now. AC was hot 5 years ago. Not anymore. Topher has always rubbed me the wrong way. He’s always grunting louder than the bottoms. Annoying. He seems like a total douchebag. I can totally see him calling people names and being “that guy”.

  • Luthor

    What about cockyboys are they still filming with Topher? Has anyone from Cockyboys made a statement regarding all this?

    • Zachary Sire

      CockyBoys hasn’t filmed with Topher since summer 2017. They responded to the Tegan Zayne story after he came forward last month. https://str8upgayporn.com/tegan-zayne-topher-dimaggio-raped-me/

      It’s not known if any of the studios he regularly works with are still filming with him, but I think it’s highly unlikely.

  • Maximus

    Cool. Now, somebody figure out a way to get Topher indicted on a sexual assault charge.

  • SaintMike

    IDK…I still have a hard time taking these ‘victims’ stories with much more than a grain of salt.

  • I’m not so cynical as to think Andrew Christian will simply wait for “all this” to “die down” – they’re a major business and models are replaceable and some fresh faces in their marketing couldn’t hurt, but sticking with Topher probably would, in the long run. The bigger question, it seems to me, is whether he still gets booked for scenes and by whom, and how much of the club appearance circuit he can maintain without something like an underwear modeling deal to prove he’s a “star.” With any luck, this is the beginning of the end… but I’m cynical enough to believe that there’s still people in the business who will somehow see him as the victim and a club scene all too happy to continue trading on notoriety rather than choosing safety for other patrons.

  • treasuretrail

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to be a big deal in the long run. Several gay men coming forward and claiming they were raped by a porn actor? There’s no one in the mix that society cares much about, including gay men themselves.

  • GuruMike


  • Parker Lewis

    I guess no one in America still believes in innocent until proven guilty. All we have are allegations with no proof. He may have done things to these men but it’s all he said/ he said.

  • TheThom

    Interesting to note Fleshjack has removed Rapey Raperson from their product line.