Tough Times For NextDoorBuddies As Studio Struggles To Release “New” Content…From 2011

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Brandon-Lewis-Paul-Wagner-Brody-WilderBrandon Lewis and Brody Wilder retired years ago, and Paul Wagner left NextDoor in 2012, so when was their “new” three-way (released today on NextDoorBuddies) actually filmed? At least three years ago, as MenofPorn points out that a BTS clip from this scene was released in 2011:

6a00d83451f9a269e201a511032478970c-800wiTough times for NextDoor if they’re digging (and digging, and digging) back 3+ years for “new” content, but that doesn’t mean the guys aren’t still hot, right?

[NextDoorBuddies: Paul Wagner, Brandon Lewis, Brody Wilder]



  • sxg

    Damn Zach you’re behind on two stories today! And usually you’re always first to dish out the news! Getting old son lol

    • zach

      ? This scene was released today

  • Aramis

    First they were against bareback, now they produce it. They prioritize and value all G4P they can catch ( ” they ” here means the boss: Someone notorious to search the ‘ services ‘ of ‘his’ G4P behind the cameras… – Call it ‘ to work overtime ‘- and pay them with watches, drugs…) and it shows in the sex performances. Now they went to dig the botton of the barrel to offer stuff made when Paul Wagner was a baby boy…Seems a desperate measure to make any fucking money they can make. This isn’t a profissional company.

  • Jordi Lim33

    If it is NEXTDOOR it is absolutely straight porn. The gay4pay bastion.

    • James Johnson III

      I get what you are saying, Jordi, and normally this is true but not in the case of this scene in particular. At least for this scene they have one guy who is Gay (Paul) and has called himself so openly since the days when he was a Sean Cody model and another who has admitted he is Bi all over the place including his twitter feed (Brandon). But I admit this scene is a rarity…which is why we haven’t seen a scene like it from NDS since 2011!

      • Jordi Lim33

        Thanks for the info. Mwah.

  • Bull

    *sighs* Oh paul….call me?!?