Trevor Brooks And Greyson Myles Star In New CockyBoys Mini-Series Happy Endings

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Just in time for Halloween, CockyBoys has launched a new mini-series today, and it’s called Happy Endings. The studio’s description of the series:

Tristan Hunter and Cody Seiya star as a young couple from New York City who inherit a Hudson Valley home, along with the previous owner’s haunted past memories of love, loss, and redemption.

This Halloween prepare to be surprised with Jake Jaxson’s HAPPY ENDINGS, as CockyBoys comes full circle to an empty country house, the setting for the supernatural series of releases that began with THE HAUNTING. In the debut  episode of HAPPY ENDINGS, you’ll meet the house’s mischievous trespassers Greyson Myles with Trevor Brooks, as you’ve never seen him before, a fearless top with a “fuck you” attitude.

Trevor Brooks has had a string of epic bottoming (and versatile) performances this year, but as the description notes, his topping today is indeed “fearless,” and I don’t think he’s ever been better. Seeing a powerbottom as consistently perfect as Trevor switch things up like this is so fucking hot:


And having a bottom as beautiful as Greyson Myles no doubt motivated Trevor Brooks to give it his all…

They’re so dreamy together (even though they’re probably ghosts? we’ll find out more in part two), and I liked that they moved into different locations against the railing, on the staircase, and then under a sheet on the couch, so we can watch them showing off their fucking skills in various positions. More from the first part of Happy Endings, with the trailer down below:

trevg0trevg1 Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Trevor Brooks Fucks Greyson Myles Bareback]