Did Bastian Hart And Troy Ryan Just Make The Best Helix Scene Of 2015?

Posted May 3, 2015 by with 6 comments

Troy-Ryan-and-Bastian-Hart-013Bastian Hart and Troy Ryan are two of the sweetest, most talented, most impressively endowed gay porn stars on the Helix Studios roster.

Put them together in the same scene, and it’s a “mind = blown” situation.


I don’t need to remind you about Troy Ryan’s cock, do I?

Troy-Ryan-and-Bastian-Hart-004The only thing better than Troy Ryan’s boner?

Watching Bastian Hart’s face as he tries to deep-throat the entire thing.


And the only thing better than Troy Ryan’s cock going into Bastian Hart’s mouth?

Troy Ryan’s cock going into Bastian Hart’s outrageously perfect bubble butt.





Trailer for what might be the best Helix scene of 2015, and easily one of my favorite bottoming performances of the year so far (watch full scene here):

[Helix Studios: Troy Ryan Fucks Bastian Hart]