Twitter Users Drag Sean Cody For Today’s “Boring” Sean And Frankie Scene

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C6knrPeXAAAu15PI’m glad I’m not alone when it comes to critiquing Sean Cody’s new content. The studio just tweeted preview photos of tonight’s scene, starring Sean and Frankie, and fans are pissed.

sc1sc2Even I wouldn’t call someone “ugly” (not publicly, at least), but these former fans appear to be as pissed about the casting as they are about Sean Cody’s overall decline in quality, with no directors, horrible angles/filming, and the studio’s self-described “awful” camera equipment, which doesn’t appear to ever be going away, even though they promised it would.

sc3 sc5 sc4As great as it is to see people caring about such an iconic brand, I doubt it’ll do anything to help. Unfortunately, the old Sean Cody is long gone. The Sean/Frankie scene is out in a few hours here.


  • Geo Mendez

    They are not ugly but I’d say average.. and Sean (Ben) for a straight guy is having more gay sex then me……. Lucky bitch!???

  • Dreadmau5
  • erexshawn

    Frankie creeps me out. He won’t be the next SC model with a mugshot but he will probably end up with one.

  • Colton, The Major Hussy

    They’re not ugly, but yes this looks boring as fuck. It’s going to be a long wait for the next scene.

    • Maniacal Zebra

      Damn you! Now, I want cookies.

      • CSUmba2001

        I actually prefer to see Cookie Monster fuck and suck Sean. I am just not a fan of Frankie. He is just to straight to make good gay porn. Can you see Cookie deep throating Sean’s 9″?

  • Marik Ishtar

    Frankie looks like a serial killer that would wear a face mask made of his previous victims skin.

  • Jace
  • SleepInTheYard
  • Mike Julius

    They’re not ugly. They’re average looking, but the thing is even average looking guys used to be elevated by the SC brand of cinematography/presentation. Now the mediocrity is just glaring–not glaring like a white sand beach, glaring like a bleached towel that hasn’t seen softener in months.

  • Dale Bergman

    This is the 13th scene that has botched photography. The photography in the Brysen, Asher, and Deacon threesome wasn’t as bad but it was still below par. How many more “couple of scenes” does Sean Cody expect their customers to pay for? This is a disgrace.

  • Zavier

    Regardless of how I feel about Sean Cody on a whole, no one is actually UGLY there… they are reaching with that statement. Sean Cody has always been known for its *white american jock* aesthetic, But atleast back in the day they all sort of had there own thing. Brandon had longish curly hair and the gorgeous smile ( that made me fall for him ). Abe was kinda big and brutish, fucked like a power house, came inside almost every bottom and even came multiple time in the same scenes !! ( you can tell Abe liked what he was doing ) And Brodie currently has a simi-rough neck aesthetic with his tats, mohawk, and beard. And when Brodie lifts bottoms in the air and air fucks them… YASSSSSS !!!!! …. But these other guys just don’t really seem unique in any way… they all just seem kinda regular as fuck and we know the production has gone down which makes things worse. They dont even have a preview vid for the new Landon and Jayden scene ( I wonder why ).

    • McM.

      The Landon and Jayden scene has the same camera and direction issues as the past few updates.

      • Zavier

        I figured that’s what it was. Are they embarrassed about what they produced ?

        • McM.

          SC released the scenes and promoted them on several platforms. Hell no, they’re not embarrassed, but they should be.

          I think the studio should just take the hit and scrap all the ill-shot scenes. Learn how to operate their equipment, hire a director, and bring the guys back for a reshoot.

      • kctx

        It’s not “few” definitely more than 10 at this point. And they keep throwing the trash at subscribers. These scenes should never have been released– absolutely no quality. Is that what subscribers expect, and are paying for?

  • Tktai Kamilla

    If there are people we care about Sean Cody and it hurts us as they are falling little by little, but apparently we are few … or just on Twitter.

    It is necessary for each subscriber to express their discontent and discomfort from Sean Cody’s website. We need the critics to be enough to make us feel, express it there, on the website.
    It is also good and important that sites like STR8UPGAYPORN follow the narrative (which is true) of how the best gay porn studio has become mediocre to shit for different reasons, and continue to show total indifference to criticism make.

    You have to make yourself feel. Sean Cody has to be great again.

    • kctx

      I’ve said the same thing over and over, but MG doesn’t care, I haven’t seen any improvement. They continue to hit new lows. Unattractive recurring models, bad direction, now crap production values. What can they ruin next?
      Just watch the pre 2015 scenes, they are just so much better. There is no comparison.

  • Jon

    Sean & Frank are far from UGLY, so that’s already one stupid lie right there.

    Now if the scene is actually any good is a whole different question. Probably average. (Sean is a boring performer. Frankie is a good-ish performer, a bit like Daniel (but without the ick factor), but he can’t carry the scene with boring Sean)

    But ugly? Nope

    • bloody mary

      Far from ugly? They’re closer to ‘ugly’ than not, sis.

      • kctx

        Totally agree.

        • Edward

          Frankie is not ugly–nowhere near it. Sean on the other hand…..

  • Scrapple
  • pangelboy

    Yeah, not excited by this scene, but lol at the people tweeting that they “feel like they know what’s going to happen.” It’s supposed to be a video of two guys having sex, not the Sixth Sense…no shit you know what’s going to happen.

    • Tktai Kamilla

      They talk about the predictability of the scenes, of the robotics that have become. Not so in the old Sean Cody, the models, the positions in each scene, the direction of the cameras, all this varied every week … Not now.

      • CA

        I disagree. You can read reviews from years back and people complained about the same stuff…maybe not the video quality, that’s new stuff.

        • Tktai Kamilla

          I don’t speak for others, from the 2010-2014 season I never complained, on the contrary.

          With iconic models like Peter, Calvin, David, Abe, Marshall, Jarek, Brodie, Daniel, Tanner, Liev, Spencer, Duncan, Jake, Pierce, even Brandon… In fact, there were scenes could last a whole month seeing them repeatedly…

          Now that does not happen, and the scene between Brysen, Deacon and Arsher (the best of SC in recent months) went down in history …

          • kctx

            It has been the best of 2017 so far, but Brysen, Deacon and Asher, seemed like a replay of the Deacon Asher scene. I wasn’t bad, but Brysen seemed out of place. Better editing to include some of the behind the scenes action would have imporved the scene quite a bit.
            I did like Nixon/Brysen but think it was 2016.

        • kctx

          Same production/ direction issues then, maybe a few less extreme prolonged closeups. BUT, those things were easily forgiven by the quality of the guys back then. Much much better looking, a bit younger for the most part. And the recurring guys were models you wanted to see multiple times. Now we keep getting guys like Sean, who shouldn’t have been on SC even once.

    • Scrapple
    • kctx

      Hoew many Sc scnes have you been excited by in 2017. I’m still waiting.

  • RetiredCowboy

    With every bad scene – either the pairing, the quality or both, I wonder why I continue to be a member of that site.
    I really didn’t think I was this optimistic.

    • kctx

      You need to cancel.

  • TheThom

    The quality both technically and in performance has dropped significantly in the past few years. Cookie-cutter models. Less than enthusiastic performances. Camera focus and coloring almost too off to enjoy.

    I canceled my membership a while ago.

  • Judy Jetson Hooker
  • robertdude

    It’s predictable, but I’m predictably hot for Frankie, so I guess it’s just me and them while the rest of you sit this one out.

  • GayhawkAZ

    They’re not attractive, I think we can at least say that.

  • Tktai Kamilla

    Zach, I would like to ask you if you could somehow find in your sources some “official” information on what has actually happened with Sean Cody since its sale in 2015. I say, to stop once and for all the speculation…

    • kctx

      Great idea, if anyone would talk. Why buy the site to run it down? IDK but they did. MG just doesn’t care.

  • IdeasforSale

    I’m sure it may be too late but it really seems as if their casting, direction, and compensation packages combine to make a team that does not bring their A game to each scene. There is no good direction to make this scene hot. This might be one of those qualities that someone with an eye for male beauty, viewer expectations, and the ability to frame good shots and plan an entire scene would have but the ‘New Sean Cody’ is missing it. The fact that a guy reads as straight does not inherently make them ‘hot’ and neither does the fact that they are having gay sex. Seeing the muscles in Deacon’s legs as he flexed and moved before the sex even started, for example, was ‘hotter’ (IMO) than the entire ‘Frankie and Sean’ scene. Similarly, someone should have told Brandon to not laugh during his bottoming scenes and maybe someone more experienced with gay sex should have directed – he was not really turned on and despite his beauty, the scenes ended up more pedestrian than they had to be. Chemistry is pretty major, too. Nixon, for example, clearly got more out of bottoming than topping based on his physical reactions so the next step would be to find someone he was attracted to and pair them up. ‘Nixon and Lane’ was just boring after ‘Nixon and Brysen’. I’d also want to see the models ‘cleaned up’ a bit more – some of them have scruff that isn’t sufficiently developed to actually look good or beards that are just scraggly. That does not look good. I think ‘New Sean Cody’ underestimates how much better it is to see proven performers having sex (possibly with partners they had good chemistry with in a prior scene) versus two randos that did not even register in their solos.

    I mean, just looking at the picture of ‘Sean and Frankie’ with their arms around each other (last picture in Str8Up’s post) makes me think awkward and d*ck-wilting. Like a photographer at a kid’s birthday party who could not be bothered to get up from their plate of food and just used their Iphone to get a fast shot for fast food.

    I do not actively dislike either guy but neither can carry a scene to ‘hotness’ by themselves and together, it just makes a ‘meh’ scene.

    • pangelboy

      I totally agree. You should email Seancody. There are certain qualities about men that unless you find other men sexually attractive or have been around a lot of men that do that as a straight person you just won’t understand. Your point about the seeing the powerful musculature of Deacon’s legs is spot on. It’s the small things that are missing and unfortunately these omissions build on each other to build an inferior product. Great analysis!

      • kctx

        Don’t bother emailing, they don’t care! It’s obvious. The new SC is an embarassment to the memory of the SC of 3 years back.

  • Badger

    Regardless of whatever, I think Sean is still one of the hottest bottoms in the industry. The next best thing that will make me die happy is Sean bottoming in TimTales.

    • kctx

      Please, I wish he’d go there! Anywhere away from SC.

    • Marcus Collack

      Tim Kruger, CutlerX, and Sean. Let them fill up his Watermelon insides.

      • Badger

        Now THAT I would pay good money to see. YES!

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    You are sooo asking for this.

    If anyone doesn’t get it…they don’t get it.

  • RabbleRabbleRabbleMe

    Ever since the guy who founded “Sean Cody” sold it a year or two ago, and it was taken over by whatever gay porn conglomerate, the site has gone to shit. Boring. Guys all look the same. No variety. No “real” guys like the ones who are the foundation of SC. It’s not worth the time it takes to even preview the site anymore, let alone pay actual money for. Who does that anymore anyway? The internet being 99 percent gay porn, FREE, gay porn, who’s paying to watch gay guys pretending to be straight guys, fuck? LOL

  • pje821

    The only two SC models I’ve gotten excited about in the past year are Shaw and Nixon, both straight, but most of these guys are. Since the “real” Sean Cody has left the building, the lighting, camerawork and cumshot-capturing the old SC was known for are gone, too. Shaw and Nixon should move to Falcon, where at least they’ll be beautifully photographed (but Falcon has never done a good job of capturing the cumshots: Only Corbin Fisher does these days).