U.S. Capitol Police Close Investigation Of Senate Staffer’s Hearing Room Sex Tape: “No Evidence That A Crime Was Committed”

Posted February 3, 2024 by with 22 comments

Good news for people who like to film themselves having gay bareback anal sex in public places on Capitol Hill: It’s legal! The police who were investigating Senator Ben Cardin’s (D-Maryland) staffer after he filmed a video of himself being slammed up the ass by a horse-hung uncut German top have announced today that the case is closed, and no charges are being filed. As you’ll recall, the staffer shared the sex tape with friends on Instagram, and one of those so-called friends (I guess you call this a frenemy?) leaked it to right-wing tabloid The Daily Caller.

Here’s the statement from U.S. Capitol Police on their closing of the investigation:

For now, we are closing the investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding a sex video that was recorded inside the Hart Senate Office Building on the morning of Wednesday, December 13. After consulting with federal and local prosecutors, as well as doing a comprehensive investigation and review of possible charges, it was determined that — despite a likely violation of Congressional policy — there is currently no evidence that a crime was committed. Although the hearing room was not open to the public at the time, the Congressional staffer involved had access to the room. The two people of interest were not cooperative, nor were the elements of any of the possible crimes met. The Congressional staffer, who has since resigned from his job, exercised his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and refused to talk to us. Our investigators are willing to review new evidence should any come to light.

While Aidan Maese-Czeropski, the powerbottom staffer, is no doubt breathing a sigh of relief, he deleted all of his social media and hasn’t made any statements since he released his sex tape just before Christmas (other than his hilarious LinkedIn post about it being a “difficult time” for him), so I doubt we’ll be hearing anything from him now. In case you somehow missed it, the original report on the sex tape, the sex tape itself, and related photos of Maese-Czeropski are here.