[UPDATED] Leaked Sex Tape Shows U.S. Senator’s Staffer Being Fucked Up The Ass In Senate Hearing Room On Capitol Hill

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[Note: The staffer has now been identified, and this story has been updated multiple times below.]

An unidentified staffer to a United States senator has filmed himself being fucked up the ass doggy style in the Hart Senate Office Building Room 216 on Capitol Hill, and leaked video of the bareback Senate sex tape was obtained by right-wing website Daily Caller. Here’s the clip, which blurs out the anal penetration and the staffer’s face:

It’s not clear who the staffer is, but several right-wing internet personalities are calling him out by name and also naming the Democratic senator for whom he works. Str8Up can not confirm his identity as of right now.

The twink staffer being fucked raw in our beloved nation’s capitol also had a photo taken of himself while he was on all fours and wearing only a jock strap with his ass and hole showing. The Daily Caller doctored it up with some graphics and more blurring:

(Note the tip of the U.S. Capitol dome looking like it’s being shoved up his ass. Someone prove to me that whoever made this for the Daily Caller isn’t a flaming homosexual.)

It’s not known if the tape was being filmed for private use or if the staffer was planning on uploading it to OnlyFans (maybe it was a custom PPV request!), but his identity and his reasoning will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming days (or hours). Via DailyCaller:

A source identified the room to the Daily Caller as Senate room Hart 216- The Judiciary Room. The Caller blurred out his face because his identity has not been confirmed. Daily Caller reviewed the chat where the video leaked and confirmed it was shared in a private group for gay men in politics.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe this is the first time gay pornography starring a United States senator’s staffer has been filmed on Capitol Hill, so it’s nice to see the gays making a little bit of history in Washington D.C.

And if that hearing room looks familiar, that’s because it’s room Hart 216, which is the same room where Louisiana GOP Senator John Kennedy read two passages from the books Genderqueer and All Boys Aren’t Blue back in September during a hearing on book banning. ICYMI:


Str8UpGayPorn can now confirm that the staffer being fucked bareback on camera in the Senate hearing room is named Aidan Maese-Czeropski, and he’s a staffer for Senator Ben Cardin (D-Maryland). A source tells Str8Up that Maese-Czeropski shared the sex tape of himself in a group message to several of his friends on an Instagram account he operated under the name “aidansanto” (the account is now pulled down). Before sending the video, Maese-Czeropski posted the below image to his Instagram stories, boasting about how he was fucked by a hung German man in the same room where Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing was held:

Maese-Czeropski added text over the image of himself in Senate hearing room Hart 216, and it reads, “In this very room, Sonia Sotomayor had her confirmation hearing. James Comey testified on Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Aidan got some thick German sausage and a Jager sauce finish.”

As news began to spread today about Maese-Czeropski’s fuckfest on Capitol Hill, he took to LinkedIn and posted the below message to deny being in the video, writing in part, “This has been a difficult time for me, as I have been attacked for who I love to pursue a political agenda. While some of my actions in the past have shown poor judgment, I love my job and would never disrespect my workplace”:

The last part of his post is unrelated to the sex tape, but it’s in reference to a separate accusation that Maese-Czeropski recently approached Max Miller and shouted “Free Palestine!” at him.

In addition to the Instagram, Str8UpGayPorn was able to find Maese-Czeropski’s alt public Twitter account (@andredc9999), which is also now offline, but several of his tweets and photos are cached. Here’s one of them from three months ago, which he captioned “Happy Decadence!”:

And in another image from September, as seen below, Maese-Czeropski wrote, “Who wants to glaze my cakes for my birthday?”:

Some of his images contained no text, like the one below in which Maese-Czeropski can be seen posing nude in a river:

And in some of his tweets, the photos are no longer available, but the text is. In the tweet below, Maese-Czeropski wrote, “Thought Twitter might appreciate these pics @realdaddydick took after pissing on me”:

Maese-Czeropski was also active on Reddit under the username “BarebackTwinkslut,” and while he’s now removed all of his posts and images there, too, at least one of his Reddit photos is still cached, as seen here:

That looks like candle wax, not cum, but regardless, the caption for this image was, “Used by my daddies.”


Senator Ben Cardin’s office gave a very brief statement today, writing, “Aidan Maese-Czeropski is no longer employed by the U.S. Senate.” Str8Up has reached out to Maese-Czeropski for comment and will update this story if he responds. Meanwhile, Capitol Police have told the Advocate that they are investigating the matter, so the staffer (not to mention his top) could likely face arrest and a variety of criminal charges for public indecency. Sadly, there’s no word yet on who that bareback top was, but the uncensored video originally shared with friends on Instagram is now circulating on various Twitter accounts, and his German sausage is indeed quite thick.

Most of the online outrage, both feigned and real, over the video is because this particular building (the United States Capitol) is supposed to serve as a shining example of American government and freedom, with liberty and justice for all, etc. The Capitol, much like the White House or the Supreme Court, is meant to be respected for these ideals not only by Americans, but by other countries around the world. But now, at least for today, the U.S. Capitol is less a representation of American democracy and more just a representation of some gay whore being railed by a thick cock. To be sure, I don’t really care either way what goes on there, given the corrupt American government is an evil entity guilty of some of the most horrific mass murders in history, not to mention an endless litany of other egregious and inhumane crimes. A dumb gay sex tape in an empty office obviously pales in comparison. But, in terms of the optics and why this gay sex tape would be such a (cum) stain on America if our government were actually decent and morally just, this is where the “outrage” comes from, I think. People still want to believe America is good and worth defending, lol.

Look, it’s human nature to want to suck cock and get fucked in places where it’s not allowed, but even America’s sluttiest cum dump twinks have to rein it in so we can maintain some semblance of a civil society. And yet, at the same time, isn’t Aidan Maese-Czeropski just giving this country exactly the kind of respect it deserves?



U.S. Capitol Police have closed their investigation into the sex tape. Details on their findings here.