[UPDATED]: MAGA Bimbo Lauren Boebert Seen Vaping And Arguing With Pregnant Woman Before Being Forcibly Removed From Beetlejuice

Posted September 15, 2023 by with 4 comments

In a previous report, we saw her flipping off an usher and drunkenly sauntering out of the theater, barely able to contain her bulbous breasts from bursting out of her tiny hooker dress, but now there’s additional damning video of MAGA bimbo Lauren Boebert at the Buell Theater in Denver, Colorado. After being removed from the Beetlejuice show for disruptive and unruly behavior, Boebert claimed she wasn’t vaping, but she can clearly be seen doing exactly that in the video below. She can also be seen arguing with a pregnant woman behind her who asked Boebert to please stop spreading the toxic vape smoke into the theater. Instead of refraining from vaping, Boebert offered to buy the pregnant woman a cocktail, according to an interview with the Denver Post. Then, the man she’s fucking is seen grabbing Boebert’s fake tits in front of everyone around them in the theater. The newly released video:


Slowed down video shows a closer view of the fuckboy rubbing Boebert’s boobs as she gropes his crotch:


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