Vadim Black Plays Dress-Up As A Leather Daddy And Fucks Newcomer Grant Ryan

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8Gay-for-pay porn star Vadim Black and his big 2018 comeback is in full swing, and in his latest scene, he’s playing dress-up on! Vadim is serving Russian leather daddy today, and who knew he was into cosplay?

1Even though he’s about three weeks late for Halloween, it’s a cute look for Vadim. Sadly, failed to get him a pair of boots to match the rest of his costume.


I’m assuming the production assistant responsible for costumes at Men is a straight person, because no gay in their right mind would let something as tragic as this happen. Tan-colored Sketchers(?) with an all-black, leather daddy ensemble? Ugh.

7This scene marks the gay porn debut of hunky newcomer Grant Ryan, who I think pulls off the costume a little better than Vadim (mainly because his shoes don’t clash as much).

2And the best news of all, Grant is hot as fuck with the costume off, too:

4 11 13 17Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Vadim Black Fucks Grant Ryan]

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