Vadim Black Plays Dress-Up As A Leather Daddy And Fucks Newcomer Grant Ryan

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8Gay-for-pay porn star Vadim Black and his big 2018 comeback is in full swing, and in his latest scene, he’s playing dress-up on! Vadim is serving Russian leather daddy today, and who knew he was into cosplay?

1Even though he’s about three weeks late for Halloween, it’s a cute look for Vadim. Sadly, failed to get him a pair of boots to match the rest of his costume.


I’m assuming the production assistant responsible for costumes at Men is a straight person, because no gay in their right mind would let something as tragic as this happen. Tan-colored Sketchers(?) with an all-black, leather daddy ensemble? Ugh.

7This scene marks the gay porn debut of hunky newcomer Grant Ryan, who I think pulls off the costume a little better than Vadim (mainly because his shoes don’t clash as much).

2And the best news of all, Grant is hot as fuck with the costume off, too:

4 11 13 17Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Vadim Black Fucks Grant Ryan]

  • Ceecee

    Oh Vadim.
    He’s looking very attractive in this incarnation, so if he keeps off the homophobia I think it’ll work.

    But for the record, I like him much less as a top.

    • Xzamilloh

      Agree, I like him much less as a top. Or a bottom.

  • Bruser
    • Marcus Collack

      Now wait a minute now Martin Klebba is a stud out of clothes too, knee high pi…good times.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      LOL! And people say I’m brutal. Two thums up.. or one Vadim, you choose.

  • sxg

    Is this the look that’s being adopted as today’s modern leather daddy? If so,
    Give me 90s/early 2000s leather daddy look over tragic millenial nightmare any day!

  • C3xxx
  • Joel

    I’m here for Vadim, always and forever!

  • Xzamilloh

    That’s a leather daddy?

    Okay, so what’s Morris Chestnut up to up there?

  • Scrapple

    This “Village People drag on a dime” challenge has no winners.

  • Tempest

    Leather daddy? Where? All I see is he’s doing an amazing trash bag cosplay, which perfectly fits his career.

  • marcuz86

    I prefer Vadim with a big cock deep inside his ass.

  • sanfv

    Did someone tell men that it costs zero dollars to not be like this?

    • No_No_No_Yes

      I think Vadim has a sugar daddy at Men somewhere, no other possible explanation for them to market him as a top – and there is no question THAT is what they are aiming at. At the rate they are turning out his scenes it’s that or they are paying him in Walmart coupons. These poor bottoms are going to blow out a sphincter ring trying to keep his peen from falling out, let alone if one of them has a fuzzy ass his lil guy just disappears.

      • sanfv

        Vadim and other models tend to be very, very messy with their sugar daddies. Just from looking at their IG (porn accounts, not personal because those don’t count lol), you’ll see their public comments. Nascar officials, businessmen, and more! Many of them married too! It’s not too farfetched to think that there’s a geezer somewhere that likes to keep Vadim close and kindly “suggests” Vadim get more work.

        When I was a reporter I was doing some investigative reporting on sex workers and what I quickly found out was that one, especially if they’re wealthy or in the closet(often both) should not seek out porn models. Theres too much room for blackmail and them outing you by being stupid. Look at the demographics of the many models “Oh, I’m broke, have a habit and this is the 1st time a check has been more than $200 in my life!”

        Whoever is paying Vadim’s bills and ordering his scenes should be ready for the eventual blackmail, but I’d assume that’d be a kink for them.

        Homeboy is so money hungry, he constantly uploads vids and pics of randoms on his onlyfans. A friend showed me what Vadim what uploading and I laughed out loud, and spilled iced coffee on my dog how even with a subscription service he’s still scamming people!

        • No_No_No_Yes

          LOL poor doggy! I agree, no question Vadim is suckin some serious dick there. Wouldn’t surprise me even a little if it turned out to be Marc’s what with Diego morphing into the missing link. I’d say the bloom is off that rose.

          You would think after the mess with Jarek and all the fallout that caused these bitches would have learned something. Especially since so much of Vadim’s nonsense has been publicly excoriated. But hey, a hoe’s gotta get what a hoe’s gotta get right? I’d be running him through the clinic on the regular though.

          I am starting to give some serious side eye to the amount of shit getting flooded to tube sites. No way if I were one of these models I wouldn’t be getting a lawyer to compel these fuckers to show me the books. They have got to be making far more than they have been letting on.

          I’d also love to see the numbers the site “Men” alone is turning. The idea they continue to turn out such shit scenes.. something is off. I can’t believe there are that many desperate old queens signing up there. The few really hot guys they got have been run through more than a pair of grandpa’s old drawers.

          Pretty sad when the trick of the week on FFO is starting to outrun porn studios.

  • Hush-ins

    This was probably shot during Halloween right after Vadim was done tricking kids to give him their candies.

  • B.C.

    Newbie’s nipples are very lickable, and he slightly resembles Klein Kerr. Shame about Vadim, though. He is kryptonite to my boner.

  • Todd

    Will tune in for Grant’s next scene. He is hot AF. But I can’t with Vadim and those tattoos.

  • TheLisp
  • Troy MacGyver SP

    He needs to wear that on a , Rocket back to Russia.

  • erexshawn

    I know leather daddies. Leather daddies are my fuck buddies. Vadim is not a leather daddy.

  • nick

    I think that leather collar is supposed to be worn on it’s own, with some straps, it just looks weird with the t-shirt underneath it. You can tell there are no homos at Men.Com.

    Also, Vadim is a dog.