WATCH: Bruce Beckham and mr. Pam Interview Brent Corrigan, BelAmi, Diego Sans, And More On The Red Carpet

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Bruce Beckham and mr. Pam’s red carpet interviews from the Str8UpGayPorn Awards continue today (ICYMI: the first batch of interviews is here), and we start above with a red carpet appearance that’s never happened before: BelAmi’s Hoyt Kogan, Christian Lundgren, Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, and Philippe Gaudin. The BelAmi boys had Bruce, Pam, and the whole room swooning, and they had me dying.

Next, Brent Corrigan (a winner later that night for Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Performer) and JJ Knight talk about falling in love on set:

Diego Sans and Marc MacNamara talk Tarzan, and they share when and where they met for the first time (would you ever have guessed it was a laundry room?!):

Then, the CockyBoys—several of whom were nominees and winners later that night—took over the red carpet:

Finally, RuPaul’s Drag Race all-star Detox (who later performed and presented Best Picture) took to the red carpet for a quick chat with Pam and Bruce:

Note: There are a few more surprise interviews coming up over the long holiday weekend, featuring more of the biggest winners and stars from the Str8UpGayPorn Awards…

  • I don’t geek out over pornstars very often, but Bruce Beckham really is perfection to me. He has that clean-cut, late-90s Falcon look I grew up with but can give rough daddy realness too. Plus, any man who embraces his sexuality, is super confident, but still seems sorted and charming and decent like he does in these videos? Oy vey.

    • Pertinax

      He has something that pass almost unnoticed when you see his figure : He has a beautiful voice too. As if it were necessary …

  • Tellingthetruth

    I think BelAmi were best dressed and stole the red carpet! The whole thing was so well done. Bravo!

    • Pertinax

      Yes they were.These tall and leam bodies are ideal to wear suits ( Fatties always seem wrapped when wearing them ). BTW : Rick Yorkk was elegant too. Sorry if I’ll be annoying, but I always hear people talking about foreign accents as something interesting and although they are absolutely normal, I do think everybody that speaks a foreign language wants to get rid of them and the way to achieve it ( if it is possible … ) is to hear, emulate and practice ‘ good English ‘, so when someone like me hear foreigners we fell in dispair due to the fear to catch others’ accent and to spoil ours. If people are a little bit perfectionist sometimes they can have tachycardia trying to act normally ( Believe me. It’s true ).

  • Pertinax

    By what they say in their interviews I know prostitutes like clients that say exactly what they want as a way to charge them, but even knowing people there, have lives that are linked with prostitution and porn it’s hard for some civilians to hear words/questions like that one Mr. Pan tryed to ask/say … ” so you all use butt plugs before sex ( ?) “, or something. I’m virtually unable to ask such question for a person even knowing he was a male prostitute. Maybe sometimes my inner self is too much like a southerrn belle … Shame on me …