WATCH: Bruce Beckham and mr. Pam Interview Ryan Rose, Helix Studios, Trinity Taylor, Will Wikle, And More On The Str8UpGayPorn Awards Red Carpet

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Thank you again to Bruce Beckham and mr. Pam for their masterful hosting of the red carpet at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards in New York City last week. As you’ll see in the videos above and below, they had a blast chatting with the gay porn industry’s biggest stars, and it couldn’t have run any smoother. (Red carpet photo gallery here.)

Above, Pam and Bruce open the red carpet, and in this first clip below, they interview two of the night’s first guests, Josh Moore and Ricky Roman:

Helix Studios took over the red carpet (and the ceremony later—winning several of the night’s top awards) when Pam had Kyle Ross, Tyler Hill, Max Carter, Evan Parker, and Blake Mitchell recreate their epic Lifeguards orgy finale:

From Big Brother to…big boots! Will Wikle towered over everyone on the red carpet, and he even brought along a very special guest—former gay porn star Chris Porter! As some might know, Chris has shifted careers and is living and working in New York now, and it was great seeing him and Pam catch up (Chris, Pam, and I worked together at NakedSword several years ago):

One of the night’s two live performances came from RuPaul’s Drag Race star Trinity Taylor, and here she is with Bruce and Pam:

Finally, it’s Rikk York, Sean Ford, Ryan Rose, and a brief cameo from Boomer Banks:

There’s a lot more red carpet footage coming up over the long holiday weekend, with Brent Corrigan, CockyBoys, Austin Wilde, more Boomer Banks, and even more surprise guests, so stay tuned…


  • pennessee

    he’s perfect, he’s beautiful, he looks like linda evangelista, he’s a host/model

    • Did he stone that scarf?

    • Maximus

      He could walk onto a porn set or red carpet in a fucking diaper, and they’re like, “Bruce, your smile is beautiful.”

    • Zealot

      Scarf, courtesy of the Boomer Banks Knitwear Collegiate Collection.

    • Pertinax

      I may be wrong, but Linda Evangelista always seems to be arrogant and antipathetic to me ( Too much fame & money too soon … ). Bruce Beckham, by force of his “profession” is ( has to be… ) more sociable .

      • Scrapple

        That’s an Aja quote about Valentina from the recent season of Drag Race.

        • Pertinax

          Oh ! Now I see …

  • Dale Bergman

    Bruce Beckham is a class act. I love him.

  • Maximus

    Bruce Beckham seems like a total sweetheart. I love that he’s so masculine looking but still isn’t afraid to be a queen.

    Trinity’s gold chain dress is bomb, and her hair looks gorgeous! My only complaint about her look is that she didn’t paint on titties.

    • Scrapple

      That’s what I love about Bruce. No macho posturing, he just is. And he always comes across as a total sweetheart. The fact that he is super fine and versatile are added boners bonuses.

  • Scrapple

    Bruce and mr. Pam (I’m just now realizing the ‘M’ is lowercase) were the Hoda and Kathie Lee of this event.

  • Pertinax

    If a person is interested to buy a ‘ dress ‘ like Trinity’s, does she have to go to a metallurgical industry ? Just kidding …the dress seems to be made in some ” atelier ” and for a porn award and as a ” woman ” I think she was dressed properly. This dress has only a problem : It doesn’t allow people to seat ( like Balenciaga’s creations … )

  • Pertinax

    I don’t like twinks, but the Helixer, Max Carter made an interesting figure without to be a proper handsome young man. A noticeable elegant blond, indeed.

  • Pertinax

    Mr. Pam and Bruce Beckham proved to be the right choice for this task. Rikk York is as good with his clothes on as he is naked : Charming man.