WATCH: CockyBoys Underwear Auction Brings In Nearly $6,000 For LGBT Charity

Posted May 23, 2015 by with 15 comments


Note to all you gay porn stars struggling to rake in cash via GoFundMe: You might have better luck auctioning off your underwear.

Of course, the money raised at this auction isn’t going to buy anyone a bed, a piano, or new drag queen wigs—it’s all going to an LGBT charity here in Chicago. In total, the CockyBoys raised nearly $6,000 at last night’s underwear auction, with the most lucrative pair of briefs belonging to Liam Riley. His underwear went for a staggering $675:

Tayte Hanson was the first one up:

Then came Levi Karter:

Max Carter:

Jacob Ladder:

Ricky Roman and boyfriend Michael’s brought in hundreds more (video here), as did Mickey Taylor, Frankie Valentine, and Raphael Marino. To make your own donation, visit Heartland Alliance Health.