WATCH: CockyBoys Underwear Auction Brings In Nearly $6,000 For LGBT Charity

Posted May 23, 2015 by with 15 comments


Note to all you gay porn stars struggling to rake in cash via GoFundMe: You might have better luck auctioning off your underwear.

Of course, the money raised at this auction isn’t going to buy anyone a bed, a piano, or new drag queen wigs—it’s all going to an LGBT charity here in Chicago. In total, the CockyBoys raised nearly $6,000 at last night’s underwear auction, with the most lucrative pair of briefs belonging to Liam Riley. His underwear went for a staggering $675:

Tayte Hanson was the first one up:

Then came Levi Karter:

Max Carter:

Jacob Ladder:

Ricky Roman and boyfriend Michael’s brought in hundreds more (video here), as did Mickey Taylor, Frankie Valentine, and Raphael Marino. To make your own donation, visit Heartland Alliance Health.


  • Stacy Helton

    Love Liam, but Jacob Ladder’s should have gone for $1000 +

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      Call him up and offer $1000 to the charity in exchange for another pair?

    • sxg

      lol no. As much as I’m not a fan of Liam, he deserves to have sold higher than Jacob. There’s nothing that sets apart Jacob from other models, but Liam yes.

  • Todd

    Pffttt……. Internet panhandler Levi Michaels raised that much alone for his vacation.

  • n24rc

    These bitches need to spend less time at the bar and more time doing squats in a gym.

  • Zealot

    Is it me or do most of these guys underwear look like Underoos?

  • Taylor

    If I was rich and collected underwear of gay porn stars (O_o) I would’ve bought tasty Tayte’s so fast.

    • andrew

      Sounds good. I would pay some good bucks for Ryan’s jock.

  • Seahawksfan

    To be frank, I don’t find this group of guys very attractive, the bodies are ordinary and a bit on the svelte side for my taste. To each their own but none of these guys are an example of masculine beauty. To me it also exemplifies why CockyBoys is not a first tier porn company.

    • n24rc

      well, that is the quality you get when you don’t have high rates.

      I can only imagine what gayhoopla pays this guy…

      • Seahawksfan

        Agreed. Money has a lot to do with it. Even someone like Bravo Delta said he was only paid an average of $1000 per scene at CB. He did get $1500 once. I guess the old adage that “ya gets what ya pays for” holds even more true in porn.

        • n24rc

          WELL OF COURSE!

          Cheap rates = cumbuckets.

        • andrew

          One of the reasons that the Studios pay such low rates is because of all the free loader porn lovers who don’t pay for any of it.

  • Zachary Sire

    Apparently you didn’t read the post, which clearly states the name of the charity.

    • n24rc

      I hope the non profit doesn’t realize where the money comes from. Otherwise, they might decline. A lot of LGBTSDfDS@Z!!#@ groups need money – but turn down people who don’t fit within their pc politics.