WATCH: Colt Rivers Made A Commercial With Jarec Wentworth

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It’s a stunning, sleek, and sexy clip featuring Andrew Christian underwear, but according to Colt Rivers, he shot the clip “just for fun,” and AC has nothing to do with it.


Colt Rivers, as most of you know, was working as a director before he became a gay porn star, and most famously directed videos for the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.

Here’s Colt Rivers’ latest work with Jarec Wentworth:

Andrew Christian’s advertising, as everyone knows, is truly awful. If they were smart (they’re not), they’d get Colt Rivers to shoot all their stuff. And Jarec Wentworth looks better here than in any porn he’s ever done (even his Sean Cody stuff).

  • He directed for BSB? How old is he? 😮

  • Alan Keddie

    Bsb gay porn?

  • robirob

    A pretty cool clip. IMO perfect for TV commercial break advertising.

  • Derek

    He only shot Britney Spears’ ‘Womanizer’. He didnt direct it. Joseph Kahn was the director of that video.

  • Derek

    And that Backstreet Boys video was released in 2006. Not 2009. I doubt he directed that video as well, he was probably only the cameraman for both.

  • sxg

    So, why is he in porn and still not directing???

    And while the video is great, I loathe that he had to use drama money whore Jarec Wentworth of all creatures.

    • audiosf228

      He didn’t have to use Jarec, they’re friends. And Jarec looks Uh-mazing. He made the right choice. It’s better than that glitter mess.

  • Chpchipp

    Agree w Zach . Sexier more enticing more adult & masculine Andrew Christian ad than anything they’ve done & jarec is looking as he’s ever looked – good job to Colt Rivers

    • Mason

      I’m a massive Jarec Wentworth fan but I have got to agree he’s far, far hotter in this AC ad than any porn video he’s done. The thought of it was impossible until now!

  • NG212

    Colt is such a talented individual. I’m always wishing him the best.

  • GN


  • audiosf228

    Very hot! It also helps that I’m a huge fan of the Simple Minds song. Great job Colt Rivers.