WATCH: Levi Karter (a.k.a. Sassy) And Liam Riley’s (a.k.a. Bambi) “Secret” Lives As Drag Queens

Posted October 17, 2018 by with 20 comments

leviliuamMost of us were aware of Liam Riley’s stunning work as drag queen Bambi, but I had absolutely no idea that gay porn star Levi Karter was also performing as a drag queen, so this is kind of a shock! Unbeknownst to porn fans, Levi has been performing as “Sassy” for some time now, and the video below (via Mic) is something of a coming out video for the CockyBoys star. Here below are Levi and Liam being profiled by Evan Ross Katz in Mic’s “The Secret—And Not So Secret—Lives Of Drag Queen Porn Stars.” (And, given Levi’s love for her, I am dying to see Sassy do a Rihanna performance!)

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