Liam Riley Stuns In Drag Queen Debut As Bambi Wadley, Performing To Ariana Grande’s “Break Free”

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bambighWe’ve seen glimpses of gay porn star Liam Riley’s drag queen persona, Bambi Wadley, throughout the years via social media (and even in one CockyBoys series), but now we’re seeing Bambi in action in her first ever live performance.


For a first time performance, this is as good as it gets, with the wig, wardrobe, make-up, choreography, and lip syncing all being flawless. Bambi did “Break Free” in West Hollywood last night, and Ariana Grande is reportedly shaking:

[via Liam Riley’s Instagram]

Liam has been traveling and working tirelessly as the assistant to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars contestant Shangela, and he’s clearly learned a lot from his drag mother. One more clip:

Could Liam/Bambi be headed to season 11 of Drag Race? I think they start filming this summer, so we’ll find out soon.

  • Hari Kalyan

    Haus of Wadley! Werk!

  • WorkBitch

    Ariana, sweetie, I’m so sorry.

  • snoopyfo

    i love it!!!!!! hot as boy and now a beautiful fishy queen, congrants and good luck liam!!!

    • Harvey Cobb

      You have the hot boy part right & i’ll leave it at that LOL.

  • Scrapple
    “Ain’t got no tears left to cry.”

    Shade aside, wouldn’t that have been the better song choice, thematically speaking? That song is gayer than Kevin McHale.

    • Maximus

      You’ve really been coming for Miss McHale these days. Aren’t you several years too late, though? He hasn’t been in anything noteworthy since Glee, has he?

      • Scrapple

        I’ve been coming for people in wheelchairs. Last week it was Champagne Papi, this week it’s Artie. But that comment is actually what he said about himself when talking about the vid, so it’s not really shade.

        “He hasn’t been in anything noteworthy since Glee, has he?”

        Other than his Broadway Baby? He was in that When We Rise docuseries on ABC. So no, nothing noteworthy.

        • mansambam

          He hosted a mildly irritating quiz show her in the U.K.

        • Maximus

          People in wheelchairs do deserve it. Bunch of lazy bastards, am I right?

          I just Googled When We Rise. What kind of oxymoronic fuckery is that chicken hawk Ms. Dustin Lance Black trying to pull with this “docudrama” bullshit? Documentaries are nonfiction; dramas are fiction. Get your head out of your ass and your dick out of the ass of a twink who’s 20 years your junior, Ms. Dustin!

          • Scrapple

            With their handicap placards, wheel tracks and such.

            DLB just wanted a chance to hire up and coming gays and closeted queens. It’s the Ryan Murphy Method.

    • asby

      Bambi was on a show on Fuse called Transcendent…There were 2 seasons but I’m not sure if it is still on

  • James Johnson III

    She destroyed this! I can not hate!

  • iverge

    What next RuPaul’s Drag Race?

  • BigBoss

    For the love of all that’s wholey (!) please do an article on what happened to Justin Owen! Fans deserve to know! I’m more interested in him than this fellow who seems nice. Can we have an interview with Justin? Please please please

  • Maximus

    C’mon, Haus of Edwards! Didn’t Liam used to be a competitive cheerleader? Lip syncing in drag is certainly a good use of those athletic abilities.

  • Baradude
  • PaulieP

    i guess when in doubt raise both arms above your head.

  • emercycrite


  • Drunky McDrunkerson

    about time! She done been a girl forever, let her finally get the accourtrement (yeah I spelled that shit wrong, fuck ya’ll) to go along with it. Live Yo LIFE HUNTYYYYY!!!!!

  • what ever makes him happy.
    but it’s not my cup of tea