Wesley Woods Drags Colby Keller For Trump Vote In Open Letter: “It Is A Disastrous Attempt At Being Truly Radical”

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21317979_1808000382824237_1759494505466674280_nSeveral performers have spoken out on social media against Colby Keller as he’s continued to try and defend his vote for Trump all year long, including Sean Ford, Bravo Delta, and Diesel Washington. Today, it’s performer Wesley Woods speaking out against Keller and his vote, and Woods’ epic takedown gets to the main point: Colby Keller’s vote for Trump is in fact support of Trump, regardless of Keller’s ongoing mental gymnastics about voting for but not actually “supporting” Trump. Woods is of course correct, since Keller could’ve voted for anyone other than Trump if he actually understood or truly cared about any of his reasonable complaints with the U.S. government.

Wesley Woods makes additional key points about Keller’s white privilege, while theorizing that even Keller doesn’t actually stand behind his own vote anymore. He closes by suggesting that viewers might want to stop watching Colby Keller’s porn, since that enables Keller’s “ideas to further impact those marginalized.” Wesley Woods’ open letter, as posted to Facebook:

My relationships with those that are socially disempowered and highly impacted by politics, makes me more sensitive and offended by white masculine privilege, like that shown by fellow gay pornstar- Colby Keller- a man who obviously lives in an ivory tower without any minority friends.

Is that why he doesn’t understand the impact and power of his vote? “I think the problem is that I don’t support Trump,” Keller says. ”I did VOTE for Trump, that’s the distinction.”

The problem with this “distinction” and ideology is that there isn’t one. A vote IS support. A vote isn’t anything more or anything less than SHOWING support of that candidate.

When the votes are counted and collected there’s no fairy vote mother who comes by and asks your stance on the nominee- you stated it, with your vote.

He hopes that one day, when we evolve as a species, we will one day wake up, stretch and suddenly understand why he did what he did. But, what about minorities without his white male privileges that can’t wait until “one day” to be educated on the glory of what his vote did.

I understand why he did it- he is a white man who can blend REAL QUICK with his surroundings- he (and I) have NOTHING TO LOSE. What a disgrace to others who do not live a life where that opportunity exists. He OPENLY and PROUDLY voted AGAINST anyone who feels marginalized. Colby, you and I will never fully understand how it feels to live a life of oppression.

You will never fear being shot by a police officer, you will never fear being grabbed by the pussy, you will never fear being mocked for your disabilities, you will never fear what others think of you based on the color of your skin, you will never fear being an outsider- but, with your pompous regard to others in choosing your vote, I hope you understand the impact you placed against those oppressed by the people you put in power.

I don’t believe Colby Keller stands behind his vote anymore- I think he’s trapped, and instead of apologizing he stands behind his vote adding to the offensiveness of the current political debate. It is a disastrous attempt at being truly radical.

A true radical works on undoing systematic and root causes of systemic problems and cultural injustices, but Colby Keller is further adding to it.

As someone who has built a career as a performer and therefore has his popularity and career dependent upon public opinion- are his fans not aware of what they are supporting when they are supporting him- Or, do they not care?

Please do not think the porn you watch, just like all other art and media outlet, does not have an impact- your orgasm is not neutral- you are directly supporting him, his platform and therefore his politics. You are acknowledging and allowing Keller’s ideas to further impact those marginalized.

Everything matters!

[Facebook: Wesley Woods]

  • McM.
  • Star69Me

    The single line that gave me life: “your orgasm is not neutral”… now I have a new porn star to go stalk https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/430bfe0c921dd140ae0979b961546367ff235deec085f87d8dffbd24537860d8.gif

  • Geo Mendez

    Wesley…marry me!

  • C A
  • Pertinax

    ” A true radical works on doing systematic and root causes of systemic problems and cultural injustices ” …lol …Yes sure, but what do you expect of a lil’ whore?

  • John

    I used to find Colby attractive. Now I can’t even get hard to him. Him being a crazy person totally turns me off. He should not be cast anymore.

  • Maximus

    All T, socio-political conscientiousness is so hot.


    Wesley wasn’t on my gaydar before, but he certainly is now.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Well, I can’t stop supporting someone I never supported to begin with. My orgasm was just not interested in Keller long before he showed what a nut he is. This Wesley Woods, however, intrigues me. He’s like a blonde Dale Cooper.

  • Matthew

    I emailed Zach about this, you should see he meltdown at NDS in the comment section just because they mentioned Trump in a porn. The admin had to step in and make aa statement.

    • Zachary Sire

      As horrible as Trump is and as much as we shouldn’t have to be seeing/hearing about him in porn… those members’ comments were a little over the top, given it was just one line of dialogue that was meant to be a joke in the opening seconds of the scene.

      The comment drama was at the bottom of the page under the scene details, if anyone cares: http://www.buddylead.com/nextdoorstudios/go.php?pr=9&su=1&si=46&ad=246074&pa=clip&ar=127073&buffer= https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f2f56e026da57356a396a8f28ef60cb2cb6c8ec19ffe7cc6d495d84f7a5f32a.png

      • sxg

        If you’re triggered by 1 little comment in porn of all places, then you have issues. It’s not like this was a Trump-themed film like the one Raging Stallion stupidly did.

        • Scrapple

          I think the anger was about more than the comment. You have Damien Kyle who pretty much represents that bigotry that is being perpetuated by the current administration. You have Chris Blades who identifies as straight and I believe has expressed pro Trump sentiments on his sm. You have married Markie who donates a portion of his pay from each scene to gay causes initiating the question as a joke, then not providing a counterpoint. And then there’s Lance, the gayest member of the group, seemingly shrugging his shoulders about his partner’s politics because he’s cute. It was a mess.

  • James

    I deleted all of my Colby Keller stuff when i found out he is a Trump supporter and i have actively avoided any of his videos since then. I used to think he was hot but I cant get attracted to someone who is so reprehensible, a vote for Trump was a vote against the gay community, against foreigners, against non whites, against common decency. If he had just been open and said after seeing what Trump has done he made a mistake i think i could have accepted it but not with this pathetic excuse making,

  • QuantiCat

    Colby Keller’s version of “radical” seems about as meaningful as the version peddled to us 80’s and 90’s kids in adverts.

    • peter

      Which is probably when he was in High School

  • Jason Lord

    I haven’t even been turned on by Colby Keller since Titan’s ‘Lifeguard’.

    But Wesley Woods. Oh my! Handsome and funny and versatile and politically woke.
    And if that Grindr profile wasn’t fake his hometown is only 20 minutes from me. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4c2f476a47672bd86a4ff36ccd0b13c41168a0550e6ab740bb7f9579dfb17946.gif

  • Scrapple

    Oh shit.
    Here lies the body of Colby Keller, slain by our celebrated sister, Wesley Woods. Don’t worry, that rotting corpse can’t hurt anyone else now.

  • I *love* Wesley Woods. He always looks gorgeous, but now there’s a gay man who knows you can be sassy, smart and queer as hell and still be sexy. You don’t have to be a messed up, “straight-acting” dumbfuck to do gay porn, but on the other end of the spectrum you don’t have to rub your pretentious artistry and white rebellion in everyone’s face to prove a point – and Wesley’s proof of that.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    I am not a fan of annihilation politics: it is a totalitarian tactic no mater one political leanings; shows that its supporters live in an echo chamber, or are sociopaths; and has a way of alienating all but the most radical.

    Although a good turn of phrase, I don’t appreciate my la petite mort being politicized.

    Isn’t Mr Keller past his sell by date anyway?

    • peter

      Yup. That train left the station a decade ago

  • stephen
  • peter

    In his put-downs, Bravo Delta pointed out to ‘Kolby Kelseshian’ that had a 9-5 day job (engineer), owned his home, etc. This makes me wonder if Colby Keller has a plan B, as the only porn work I can imagine him getting at this point is gang-bang bottom in some meth-fueled Paul Morris Conversion orgy.

  • René

    White people calling out white people on their white privilege often reeks of virtue signaling. I like both Wesley and Colby, but Wesley – and Str8upgayporn as well – need to stop pointing fingers at folks like Colby Keller (a pornstar who grew up with white privilege, yes, but not with economic privilege) for Hillary’s loss and do a little introspection. Why did the Democrats lose the faith of the left? Not just the radical left, but the true left. And, while it’s wonderful to acknowledge your white privilege, why not stop pointing at left liberals for Hillary’s loss and consider how the Democrats and Hillary didn’t fair as well as expected with minority voters? This finger-pointing is useless. Trump is in office, and there are mid-term elections to fight for and then the chance to make sure he doesn’t get a second term. It is also imperative that progressive politics are championed because thousands of people across the country who voted for Obama didn’t vote for Hillary; they voted for Trump. And that’s how he secured the electorate. Oh! There’s another idea – go after the system, like so many on the left have been doing forever (folks like Colby). Hillary would have one if the popular vote had mattered! But, no, you couldn’t, because so many Hillary supporters defended a similar system when Bernie was disrupting the primary. It’d be hypocritical. Truth is, many of those who voted for Trump would have voted for Bernie. He’s the only politician right now who has a popularity rating over 50%.

    So, yeah…look at the Democratic party and how they have repeatedly failed the people who refused to vote for them – not just Colby Keller, but LGBT, female, black, Latino, Muslim, and immigrant voters who may or may not have voted for Trump in protest, but refused to cast a vote for Hillary or the Democratic party.

    Get over your grudge and look forward, Str8upgayporn. The Colby Keller rants are tired.

    • Kenya Flores

      Iv’e started to notice a sort of echo chamber going on here. It seems that if you are a straight white male you are considered awful by default and should feel guilty for things you never did, Right leaning views are also seen as bad and if you disagree with left leaning views then you’re considered a bigot. Seems like this site might have an agenda going on because as i observe it seems very anti white and keeps strawmanning conservative’s and Christians yet defends Muslims.

      • a b

        Yes, “this site” is united against you. It’s Zach’s hidden purpose.

        • Kenya Flores

          By site i don’t mean the mod or owner but some of the commentators. Some come off as Social justice warriors. I tried to counter argue someone by linking a video from Ben Shapiro to show the flaws in his points yet the comment was denied by the site.

      • SorryNotSorry

        Feel free to get the fuck out, you dipshit.

      • Star69Me

        “Feel guilt for things you never did” … but still reap the socioeconomic benefits of such things… hmm https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9fc747a9feb15e20187673b4193c315a57b0350232cc8b3561d55befa147c12c.gif

    • Jer

      It’s actually important for those in privileged groups to call out others for their poor behavior because they are actually LISTENED to because of systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, etc. You hear this from women’s groups all the time asking men to speak out against rape/sexism etc. because a man saying something to other men will mean more to them and make them listen and question their positions.

      • AsherStClaire

        Yeah but there’s also a way to do it that doesn’t sound like you’re trying to suck your own dick while doing it.

        My biggest gripe about the concept of Social Justice at the is that the humanity behind the language kinda got removed from the conversation. This guys just listed off a bunch of SJ buzzwords in order to boost his own profile and make himself appear woke.

        The actual point of having people in position of privilege listen is so that they can translate and relate the concepts to their peers in a manner that they’ll understand and comprehend. If all your doing is parroting the language without having an actual understanding of what your saying, you’re going to sound disingenuous. Anyone can read the “Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack” but you need to do and be more than that to be an actual ally.

        If you’re going to try and convince a peer that their thinking is misguided, you don’t do it by trying to drag them via a public forum. You have a conversation with them and respect them as a fellow, fallible human whose capable of making mistakes and being misguided. Now, that being said, that method of conversation is only necessary if you’re actually trying to convince someone that they’re wrong.

        If you’re just trying to score “Woke Points™” via posturing on the internet, then by all means proceed.

      • René

        Actually, a lot of people of color – including my friends and family – are kinda tired of white people trying to dominate the conversation on race. And it’s virtue signaling when you speak on behalf of minorities, and then I scroll through your social media feed and see you out and about with friends in a shit-ton of posts, but none of those friends are minorities (aside from being gay).

        A lot of white people think wokeness is a competition, and so they’re out first and foremost to show – on social media – how woke they are…all without ever actually engaging with people of color.

        • AsherStClaire


    • Maximus

      Russian troll alert! Quick, ladies, one of you bring me Olaf the troll god’s hammer!


      • Kenya Flores

        Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean you should call them a troll or resort to ad hominem, it kills debates and silences discussion.

        • Maximus

          René’s comment was incoherent, illogical, ignorant, and chock-full of baseless claims. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Politico, The Atlantic, and The Guardian have all extensively covered Russia’s online propaganda efforts (aided by WikiLeaks, Facebook, and Twitter). Even if René is a patriotic American, the substance—or lack thereof—of her comment is typical of the disinformation that the Kremlin has disseminated over the past couple of years.

          • A.C.

            I am baffled by this comment. I can understand why you would disagree with the claims made but they were plenty coherent, substantive, and in a number of respects spot on. What about this rings as Russian propaganda to you?

          • Maximus

            I typed up a 7-point dissection telling René all about herself, but once I finished, I realized that I was falling victim to the enemy’s plot. The religious zealots, the war hawks, and the instatiably greedy industrial-capitalists want liberals to fight among themselves. By turning those on the bottom rungs of society against one another, those who occupy the highest rungs of society are free to perpetuate social stratification unchallenged. If René is an honest person, then I begrudging accept her proposal to work together in the abstract. If she’s just a Russian troll, then she can go fuck herself with a bowl of borscht. (I don’t know how one could possibly be physically capable of penetrating oneself with a bowl, but I stand by my comment.)

          • René

            Which was my point all along – that we need to stop pointing fingers at each other.

          • Zealot

            Pretty sure Rene is another chapped-ass Bernie supporter who is still invested in throwing mud at Hilary and the Dems. Did the DNC fuck up? Yes. Their stupidity in handling Bernie’s entrance into the race is embarrassing and shouldn’t have occurred. But all that was a distraction from the bigger issue. In my mind when it came down to a presidential vote, the choice was clear and not voting for Hilary, not voting at all, or voting for Trump are all indefensible acts. It’s funny to me all of the Monday-morning shit these people are talking to sound intelligent about these decisions. I have yet to hear a coherent or thoughtful reason for what they did. They want to feel better about helping to deliver this orangutan into the White House and I’m not letting their sorry asses off the hook for it. This is something I cannot and will not forgive.

          • René

            I didn’t vote for Bernie. And, if you want to tell people who have been dismissed by the Democratic party that their lack of support is indefensible, well, then, your privilege is showing. (Since Wesley wanted to bring up privilege.)

            You can’t forgive people for not voting for Hillary or the Democratic party? Well…good luck winning them over the next go ’round. Because you clearly aren’t interested in why hurting people – people fearing the pipeline’s effects on their homes and health, people of color completely over mass incarceration and militarized police forces, poor people who still couldn’t afford healthcare despite a federal mandate (which they never supported) and who really wanted a single-payer option, young people who see no future for themselves regardless of who’s in office, Union workers who had previously supported Obama but lost their factory jobs, or Latino voters whose families came to the U.S. for opportunity but have seen those opportunities dry up even under two Obama terms.

            If you can’t hear them out…if you can’t forgive them…well, continue your stank-ass privileged little pity party. Boohoo…you can’t enjoy your privileged complacency because Trump might do something that affects YOU now. This is the shit many have been dealing with all along, so while you’re seeing the world fall apart, they’re seeing business as usual.

            Get over yourself, dude.

          • Zealot

            You’re clearly insane. FUCK OFF

          • René

            Oh Please… Inane? You’re ignorant, clearly. The pipeline? Yes, the same very one that had Clinton’s support until the eleventh hour of the election.

            And as for the “ridiculous stuff I ramble on and on about”:

            Mass Incarceration – The 1994 Crime Bill, which both Clintons doubled down on during the 2016 election and had Democrat support then and now. In fact, it was mostly authored by Biden.
            Militarization of Police – COPS grants, see above on the 1994 Crime Bill.
            ACA Too Expensive – Any poll since it was rolled out, where over half the people polled – especially the working and middle class as well as the millennials – said they can’t afford the $300+ per month.
            Young People Who See No Future – Again, any exit poll, which showed a lower 18-34 turnout in the 2016 election.
            Union Workers – Here’s just ONE article: Google “Donald Trump got Reagan-like support from union households” from the Washington Post.
            Latino voters – Again, just ONE article: Google “Trump Did Better With Blacks, Hispanics Than Romney in ‘12: Exit Polls”

            Yes, he’s a liar and a cheat, but you’ve got to stop pointing the finger at people who didn’t vote for Clinton, and actually focus on the freakin’ issues. It’s a waste of time and energy.
            And, I never said a vote for Trump supported people of color, or the poor, or women. I said you can’t blame people for NOT voting for Clinton or for voting in protest of the Democrats if you want to win them over. Again, you can’t ignore the people who are affected by the issues that a truly progressive agenda would help and then get mad when they don’t vote a certain way because you failed to promote progressive politics. People are emotional voters.

            And you’re an emotional wreck who can’t read or think clearly if you think my “ramblings” are “inane” or “crazed” just because you don’t like hearing (reading) what I have to say.

            Think whatever you want about my state of mind, though. You have that right.

          • Jason Lord

            First: Only 1 of 2 candidates had any mathematically possible shot at winning. Trump or Clinton. If you voted for Trump, Russian agent Jill Stein, weed head Gary Johnson, wrote in another name or sat home and pouted because it wasn’t Bernie then you fucked up. That’s just keeping it 100.

            Second: That Clinton lost support among minorities is a lie. 94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton. Where did she see erosion? Under educated white women. Check your facts

            Third: If you voted for either of the other 3 then you wasted your vote. I don’t care how much better your principles feel. I care about the damage your so called principles are inflicting on the lives of other people and America as a whole.

            Fourth: The only people who want to “move on” and stop “finger pointing” are the ones who don’t want to be shamed or guilted for their ignorance, obstinance and sexism.

            Fifth: Since the Bernie cult loves to bring up the ’94 Crime Bill that Bill Clinton signed while his wife was not serving in the either the House or the Senate and thus did not have a voice in it’s drafting or a vote in its passing; why is it that you all always conveniently fail to mention that Congressman Bernie Sanders voted for that bill that became law that you love to hold up in a sly bit of bait and switch that tries to tag Hillary Clinton and anyone who supported it as a racist?

            Sixth: I’ll point fingers at any person who voted for Trump, Stein, McMullin or didn’t vote at all because they put their own arrogance and ego ahead of what was best for their fellow human beings and best for the future of our country and the world. People that fell for Bernie’s pipe dreams of changing the foundation of the American political system while not even caring enough to participate in it by voting until he was 40 when he voted for himself. People so gullible to not allow themselves to be fooled and swayed by Russian fake news and propaganda bots on Facebook and Twitter. Dilettantes like Susan Sarandon and Colby Keller who have a reach to hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who look up to them for whatever reason and used that real power to tell that audience to act against their own best interests.

            This may just be a porn blog but the ignorance and stubbornness that we were faced with during the primary and the general are the reasons why Donald Trump is the traitor president today and it’s the reason the people who will fight to against him or unseat him are already being slandered now.

            You have 2 viable options when it comes to who is in charge of this country. Republicans or Democrats.

            Anyone telling you to no vote Democrat in the face of evil that is the Republican Party might as well be telling you to put a gun to you head and pull the trigger.
            Would it be great if 3rd party candidates can win state and national elections? Yes. But that’s not the world we live in right now, today.

            If you want to change that you have 2 options:

            1. Run for office yourself
            2. Vote for the party that is most likely to achieve the progress on issues important to you. Since we are reading on posting on a gay porn website I’m assuming that is going to include rights to privacy, social equality, and equal justice etc. Those thing are not in the Republican realm of concern.

            So do not be fooled by porn celebrities experimenting in social anarchy and attention whoring or Comments posters still trying to push the lie that a vote for Hillary Clinton would have been a vote for the destruction of the social fabric of America.

            I think it’s pretty clear who the best person to be President of the United States is. But it’s too late now.

            All we can do is remember and work to win the House in 2018 so that can put a real check on the unlimited power the Republican party has right now.

          • René

            Nothing I said was incoherent, illogical, ignorant, or chock-full of baseless claims. For the record, I have subscriptions to both The New York Times and The Atlantic. (What I don’t have are Facebook or Twitter accounts.) Lack of substance? Please… If you want to look up the demographic breakdown of the 2016 election, you’ll see that nothing I said was ignorant or baseless. Rather, I’ve actually done my research. But, I doubt you want to do that because you’re married to blaming the left for Hillary’s loss. Oh…and while we’re at it, I campaigned for Hillary in 2008, and I was a member of the Democratic party until 2014. (Now I’m a registered independent.)

    • Marcus Collack

      Is “virtue signaling,” the new “SJW” the point you were trying to make, might have held some water, if you didn’t go into a spiel about Hilary and the Democractic Party. Trump is a horrible person endorsed by even more horrible people. He has done terrible, horrible, and illegal things to people his entire life, most of which he was rewarded for. There were plenty of people in the Republican party who were not endorsed by the KKK, yet he was chosen, interesting… to say the least.

      • Maximus

        “Virtue signaling” is actually an older rightwing rhetorical term. It has mostly been replaced by “identity politics” and “SJW” these days.

    • Joleil Ashwind

      Girl, this is a porn blog, sit down!

    • Badger

      Oh stop with the Hillary loss analysis. HRC is not President because voters in 3, maybe 4 states couldn’t stomach the idea of a powerful, intelligent, assertive woman as President. And, you haven’t taken into consideration the 3 million more votes she got over tRump. And, let’s also get over the concept of tRump winning. He did not. He was awarded just enough Electoral votes, thanks to an antiquated, outmoded and no longer useful system of awards.

      • René

        Errr…if you’d read anything I wrote in this thread, you’d have noted that I said exactly just that above – that she won the popular vote and that time and energy would be better spent fixing the antiquated system.

  • Kenya Flores

    Is everyone so shallow that they find people attractive or unattractive over political leanings? Also is see nobody point fingers at Jesse Jackman who also voted for trump yet everyone gets crazy over Keller. Last but certainly not least is “White privilege” it isn’t real if anything there’s more white guilt and victimization going on towards white people thanks to far leftists.

    • Diogenes Veritas

      Actually, I think the opposite would be the definition of shallow, i.e., finding someone attractive despite irresponsible political stances. I don’t think a pretty face should overcompensate for a serious failure in character.

      • Kenya Flores

        Failure in character? Voting for Trump doesn’t automatically make you a bad person, a vote is just that a vote. It’s not like things would’ve ended better if either Trump or Hillary won. That’s why i didn’t vote as it would be meaningless. No matter who you vote for it wouldn’t matter due to state, If you live and Texas and vote blue it won’t matter considering the state is red, same if you live in California and vote red it wouldn’t matter either. Popular vote means nothing in terms of electoral college. To hell with Trump and Hillary the least we can do is put up with them the same we did for Bush, Leftists creating Protests and rallies are not helping the country but making fools of themselves.

        • onyx081

          If you voted for a blatant racist misogynistic homophobe, then yes that does make you a bad person

          • Kenya Flores

            Mind showing me proof of his Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia?

    • SorryNotSorry

      Climb back into your hole, you fucking idiot.

  • Jer

    Dearest Wesley Woods,

    I am intrigued by your words and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Dulcis Memoria

    This meme really distills for me one of my main problems with anyone who voted for Trump: you voted for the candidate endorsed by the KKK. That says everything.

  • A guy I used to date once said to me a few years back that the brain is the biggest sexual organ. I didn’t understand it back then AT ALL and figured he didn’t know what he was talking about. BUTT after reading this from Wesley Woods, I totally get it.

    I have ALWAYS been a Colby Keller fan. I love his body, his smile, his ass, his feet, practically his everything. BUTT when I learned about his vote for Donald Trump — I felt blindsided, betrayed and even a little sad about it. Don’t know why I did — I just did. We don’t know each other — BUTT it hurt nonetheless. So I stopped watching his videos. And I noticed that when he had a new release, I wasn’t motivated any longer to see it. Now he’s an afterthought. When I see a pic of him, the first thought in my brain is “wow what a waste” — SMH and move on (still admittedly with a little regret).

    I knew of Wesley Woods and I’m sure I’ve watched a couple of his scenes. BUTT right now after reading what he posted, I want ALL of his scenes. I am so turned on by his words that my brain is working overtime. God if I —- if we could only clone more guys to be like Wesley Woods — what a freaking awesome planet this would be.

    I am so turned on right now.


  • Marcus Collack
  • gaycuckhubby

    How long has Wesley been dating Dr. Chris Donaghue? (He has a show with Amber Rose)
    They make a cute (non-monogamous, poly open, sex positive, queer radical) couple

    • Scrapple

      I remember seeing an episode or two of “Bad Sex” and getting vibes about Chris. Finding out he identifies as fluid made it all fall into place.

  • René

    He’s not too mad to promote a scene they did together after the election and then “explain” Colby’s position to a commenter…
    #ItsAllAboutSelfPromotion https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb0034a794a6f4f84f92bdbc2ca1c88a069c0057e59bd9db662ffa0dcb703563.png

    • Zachary Sire

      This was 9 months ago, and well before Colby Keller started writing op-eds and going on video trying to explain his vote. So, I think it’s reasonable to assume that Wesley’s (and many other people’s) opinions obviously changed as Colby Keller’s mental gymnastics went into overdrive.

  • Michael Regan

    You know regardless of how you feel about Keller’s decision to vote for trump, can you stfu about this white male privilege horseshit, it makes you sound as clueless an asshole as you claim him to be.

  • Blaqueer

    “Please do not think the porn you watch, just like all other art and media outlet, does not have an impact- your orgasm is not neutral- you are directly supporting him, his platform and therefore his politics. You are acknowledging and allowing Keller’s ideas to further impact those marginalized.”

    Send this to all the studios who employ Porter, Paul cannon, his sidekick damien, the whole active duty stable, particularly Quentin Gainz, folx who run studios like Helix, Studios that only hire one Black performer at a time, studios who routinely pair white performers but never pair black performers so that every scene of theirs is a swirl and it is big porn news when finally after over 10 years they have 1 and only 1 black-on-black porn scene. Yas hunty send this to them. Send this to the blogs who denounce racism on one hand and then on the other promote scenes with racist performers or from racially problematic studios. Share this with every (often white) porn consumer who will rally for LGBTQ rights (mainly just the G) but will say, “it’s just preference.” Your orgasm is political and what you wank to is political and it matters. What you blog about matters. It so fucking matters.

  • a b

    Why does he thinks americans will be more likely to become revolutionaries when problems escalate? Very recent history shows this is a very bizarre expectation! Throw them one terrorist attack and the common american will be willing to give up half their civil rights. Now, when threats of full-blown nuclear war intensify, get ready for the Patriot Act on steroids.

  • Casey Scott

    Another fantastic reason to be in love with Wesley Woods!