What Is NextDoorStudios Doing?

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In the past year, NextDoorStudios has fired the bulk of its A-list talent, including Austin Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Rod Daily and even Cody Cummings. Last month, they lost two newer stars with growing fanbases, Slate Steele and Brandon Bronco. After nearly a decade of adhering to a strict condom-only policy enforced by studio owner Stephan Sirard (who fired Mason Wyler after his HIV-positive status was made public by terrible industry webmaster Mark Wilson), they’re now filming bareback productions in which performers shame condom use. And today? Today, NextDoorStudios has released a solo scene with a model whose ass is prominently featured in the scene’s hardcore trailer, and it’s an ass that looks like this:

ndacneAs a pornographer, there are certain things you try to avoid when you’re casting your movie. If you fuck up at casting your movie, there are then certain things you really try to avoid when you’re actually shooting your movie. And if you fuck up at casting your movie and shooting your movie, there are still certain things you can really, very easily(!) avoid when you’re editing your movie. Also, if you fuck up at casting your movie, shooting your movie, and editing your movie, there are even still more things you can so simply do when you’re editing your movie’s hardcore trailer, which is supposed to be the thing that shows all the BEST parts of your movie! What is NextDoorStudios doing?

Here’s the hardcore trailer for NextDoor’s latest, Randy. He fucks an apple.


[NextDoorMale: Randy]


  • Aramis

    It’s more a kind of ass the belongs to a careless ‘civilian’ not a porn material. It needs some treatment, some lotion to ameliorate this skin condition. Shame on them to show this misery and try to sell it.

    • Aramis

      *that belongs…

  • Bull

    seriously?? the put this out?? WTF!

  • sxg

    They’re not the first studio to do something like this. Have you ever seen Diego Sans’ debut solo scene for Randy Blue? While he is attractive, I think they asked him to completely shave his body hair. Well, Diego did a bad job of it and he had ingrown hair ALL OVER HIS BODY!!!

    It made me a bit sick to my stomach. Thankfully it wasn’t the first thing that I ever saw Diego involved in. I think had I seen his solo before anything else, it probably would have ruined all the scenes he was in.

  • Woohooboy

    2013 was suppose to be a year for rebuilding at NDS but somehow they really haven’t progressed and they’re still having issues with the some of the talent they’ve brought on board not to mention negative feedback from both gay consumers and past performers who worked there and consequently things are not looking that great for them at this time.

    They really need to turn things around in 2014 if they have any hope to survive because another year like this and they’re sunk. They need to do a major rethinking of what kind of content to shoot and produce, the type of talent they want to promote and whether or not to either go the safe sex path or bareback but dipping their feet into both pools have only garnered mixed results.

    Whereas Sean Cody, Chaosmen and to a lesser degree Corbin Fisher & Randy Blue have maintained a consistent standard of quality and an eager array of young guys wanting to get it on, NDS has suffered noticably in this regard. Their talent pool (bar a few exceptions) is decisively lucklustre.

    In short, time to pick up your game NDS or otherwise you’re gonna be out of the game folks!