No Kissing Allowed?

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What everyone knows by now is that former NextDoorStudios exclusive Slate Steele was pushed out of his contract last week. (According to Steele, he and the studio “parted ways“; according to pal Brandon Bronco, Steele was fired.) But what no one has been able to figure out is…why? Until now.

Was it a refusal to do more barebacking (remember, Steele was the bareback bottom in the first NDS condomless scene last month)? Was it a refusal to keep his boss Stephan Sirard “satisfied”? Did he get into a fight with Bambi? No, no, and no. The real reason why Slate Steele was fired was because he refused to french kiss his scene partners!

Even though Steele had already kissed his co-stars (and had already, uhhh, been fucked raw in his asshole) in past scenes, the beefy powerbottom allegedly put up a fight when he was asked to make out with a male scene partner in a new scene. That is, if you believe Steele’s former talent agent and NextDoorTool Tucker Scott. Scott tweeted on Monday:

scott1 scott2

The hypocrisy is twofold: NextDoor kept beef jerky doppelgänger and simulated sex sloth Cody Cummings on staff for nearly a decade, despite the fact that he could barely even look at his male co-stars, let alone kiss them. And on the other hand, again, Slate Steele had already had condomless cocks in his mouth and up his butt, and he suddenly decides he’s too good to put his lips against another man’s? Who does he think he is, Lady Gaga?


For the record, Tucker Scott would neither confirm nor deny my report, not that it matters given what he already revealed. (And if it wasn’t Steele he was whining about, which one of his models did he fire for refusing to kiss?) Also, what a fun agent! Complaining publicly about people you represent is a great way to recruit new clients.

Until Slate Steele shows up getting creampied somewhere else, here’s his NextDoorBuddies bareback scene, “Suck.



[NextDoorBuddies: Suck]


  • lit per

    It’s good they finally they got the balls and finally fired homophobes who asked too much

  • GoGo

    So is this guy gay4pay or not? During his NDS he proclaimed bisexuality, but as recently from his rentboy page he claims to be gay!? On his very first twitter account he also had a pic of a girl i think her name was Leslie moon(which i’ve heard has passed away not sure if there is any truth to that) who apparently would recruit men for NDS, with sprawled legs wide open with whip cream on his bed… Was this all a marketability ploy for NDS (not out of their realm) or a new marketing ploy from slate?

    • Providence

      He is gay! I always take interviews with known homophobes/g4pay endorsers/studios with a grain of salt. If a talent is under this kind of studio, its more than likely it’s all for marketing. If a talent is really bisexual, they will be marketed as straight. If they are gay, they will be marketed as bisexual. Marketing includes those straight and bisexual scenes and they will even go as far as making their talents having girlfriends on twitter, public photos, etc.

      When he was interviewed 2 years after, he said he is gay. Same as what he had posted in his rentboy account. And in the interview he had a 5 year relationship with a guy that just ended and was looking for a new man. That is the truth. Why would someone posting on rentboy cut his prospects by posing as gay instead of bisexual that is more attractive to both sexes? The only reason he could not answer questions about his previous “relationship” with a girl was because it was bullshit and he will just lose more credibility to his fans.

      I am not really a fan of his (never a fan of any NDS performer), just disappointed about most of the gay porn performers and specially the studios nowadays lying to their fans. And comparing his interview during the time he was with NDS and after his hiatus, its funny how he always talk about how honest he is to his fans and being proud about his graduating on top of the class on his BS degree. I would say BS there means bullshit as after his hiatus he said that he just graduated from the degree.

      I wish him all the best (especially after his family members’ accident), but I hope that he will be back in gay porn without pretending about his being gay (seeing some clips of his scenes and pictures before, I knew that he is gay and its just all about marketing). Then maybe he will be be a better performer being open and proud.

    • Providence

      Oh and the reason he won’t kiss is because of his jealous ex-boyfriend. 😉

  • Colorful Kent

    they have no right to compalin as long as they contribute to the gay4pay bullshit.