WayBig Blog Demands Anonymity While Accusing Men.com And Str8UpGayPorn Of Promoting “Rigged” Contest

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Since 2004, adult news site WayBig has been publishing reviews and editorials on the gay porn industry. The owner of WayBig has published each one of his 20,000+ articles without a byline, instead choosing to post anonymously (unless his legal name is “WAYBIG,” which it is not), as many gay porn bloggers inexplicably and unethically do (if you do not want to be associated with gay porn, then do not become a gay porn blogger who writes about gay porn every single day).

In addition to his 20,000+ articles, WAYBIG has facilitated the posting of at least 1,000,000 comments (an average article on WayBig generates about 50 comments), the majority of which are spiteful, cruel, and insane, as most internet comments are everywhere.

While there is no law against anonymous gay porn bloggers publishing information and facilitating hate speech on the internet, an anonymous gay porn blogger runs the risk of calling attention to him or herself when they win awards, make public appearances, or publish controversial articles accusing their competitors of fraud, as WAYBIG did today.

Here are the relevant portions of an article posted on WayBig today, which accuses Str8UpGayPorn of being in collusion with Men.com and deceiving readers into voting in the “Next Men.com Exclusive” contest, all for the sake of “publicity”:

RIGGED? Is the Outcome of The Next Men.com Exclusive ‘Election’ Between Alex Mecum, Landon Mycles & Diego Sans Prearranged?

Men.com is all about formula, and Men’s formula of choice for Fall 2015 is convincing surfers that their opinions matter. The undergrad interns must have been busy all summer proposing exciting ways to grab fickle porn-surfers’ interest. The result? You get to choose among three cherry-picked studs for “The Next Men Exclusive.” The winner will be featured in so many scenes over the course of 2016 that his image might be seared into computer monitors all across the world.


The dirty little secret, however, is that Men has already signed Alex Mecum and Landon Mycles (and possibly Diego Sans) to exclusive contracts. According to several trusted sources, Alex and Landon are officially off of the market in terms of working for other studios. In other words, if you are hoping for a new Boys Smoking video soon featuring Alex Mecum, you are out of luck. While it is unclear whether the existing exclusive arrangements are for a period of less than a year, basically these studs are already committed to Men.

The contest, and you – the porn surfer’s – role in deciding the next new exclusive, might just boil down to whether you get to see Diego Sans fucked 60 times or 140 times over the course of the next 12 months. Or perhaps it’s all just a sham in order for a certain unscrupulous site with ‘no agenda’ to garner undeserved publicity. Wouldn’t be the first time…or likely the last.

Just as WAYBIG is too afraid to publish using his name, he’s also too cowardly to mention Str8UpGayPorn in the last paragraph above, even though he and anyone else who follows gay porn news knows that Str8UpGayPorn is the site running the poll in the Men.com contest (which, btw, you can vote on here through the end of next month). Also, the idea that my posts promoting the contest (or any posts on any website promoting anything) aren’t being written explicitly to attract “publicity” (which I guess means clicks?) is either incredibly stupid or incredibly disingenuous. Of course, whether or not I “deserve” the publicity is obviously debatable.

Responding to false accusations made about you over the internet is almost always a waste of time, but because this false accusation published on WayBig—which by most measurements is the #1-trafficked gay porn blog in the United States—accuses me of deliberately deceiving my readers, I unfortunately have to respond. And the response is: No, Str8UpGayPorn is not involved in any way with anything “prearranged,” any “sham,” or any “rigging.” Every single vote in the “Next Men.com Exclusive” is being recorded and reported to Men.com, and here is a snapshot of those votes as of today:

votingAs I’ve done with almost every performer-based contest on this site, poll results are hidden after a vote is cast due to the fact that they could unfairly influence voters and/or the performers; it’s also just more fun to keep things a mystery. But, in the interest of full transparency, there they are. Diego Sans is in the lead. There are still several weeks left to vote, so anything could change. If the winner of the Men.com exclusive contract is not the person who ended up with the most votes in the poll, I will obviously know about it, and in turn, so will all of you. And just as a reminder: Men.com doesn’t need to run a contest in order to receive coverage on Str8UpGayPorn—coverage which has been overwhelmingly critical since launching in 2013.

It’s unclear why WAYBIG, who I have literally no history with, has decided to come for me (maybe he was jealous that Men.com didn’t ask him to run the contest? maybe he was mad that he wasn’t nominated for a Cybersocket Award today?), but that’s his right, and make no mistake: I fully support him in his efforts to be a cunt (it takes one to know one), even if he’s only proving himself to be a dumb, lying cunt. The danger for WAYBIG is in his coming for me as an anonymous cunt, which puts him in a precarious position. Whether that means I publish his full name (something he does not want to happen) in the coming days or whether that means I do nothing other than this blog post depends on the kinds of editorial posts that WAYBIG publishes going forward.

If WayBig can’t attach his name to his opinions and his false statements, someone else can, and someone else will. And they don’t need any permission.



  • Xzamilloh

    Publish his real name? That’s shady…


  • CK

    Do I think Str8upgayporn.com would collude in a contest with Men.com to garner publicity? No, that’s absurd and it was irresponsible of waybig to even say that.

    Do I think Men.com would hedge it’s bets by signing popular stars anyway without telling you? Of course. Hell, American Idol plays up that you are going to vote for one winner, but after a certain point, the kids on top get label deals with the same company anyway. It just seems like an exercise in pointlessness from a company that is not exactly lacking in money. Why wouldn’t they just sign all 3 anyway? Especially when their participation in the contest means that they are willing to be exclusives with the site. I highly doubt Men.com would risk losing someone like Alex Mecum.

  • FrenchBug

    I did not pay attention to this because it takes a certain kind of willful ignorance of accusing you, of all people, of colluding and going easy on men.com.

  • CA

    Sigh, more of these site owners thinking we care about any of the nonsense going on behind the scenes with them…it’s like ‘The September Issue’…oh, but none of y’all are Anna Wintour. “Journalists” aren’t supposed to be the news, just report on it.

    • DaveAtom

      They want to be in the spotlight I guess, which is irrelevant for us. Too much drama.

    • Zachary Sire

      I tend to agree with you, but because this person accused me of using my site to lie to my readers, I took it personally and had an obligation to respond. (He also made an allegation against MEN, which obviously isn’t a blog or a journalist, so that’s a story in and of itself.) If you weren’t interested, you really shouldn’t have opened up the post, let alone left a comment on it.

      • CA

        I saw the WB post earlier and I really didn’t read it as a slight against you or MEN tbh…I read it more as some insider information that maybe MEN, not you, is trying to create some buzz around their site and “new” additions to their roster–as any businesses who has been around for some time do. I don’t think WB was implying that there was anything truly shady going on, other than suggesting that it’s likely all three models will be heavily involved at MEN going forward regardless of who the public chooses–and it’s likely that they will give them all contracts…I would if I were MEN. All three are a hot commodity right now….if MEN doesn’t want them, SC should snatch them up even thought they don’t fit their traditional profile….maybe SC should have a contest of what current pornstar they should break their longstanding rule of “only new talent” they should contract.

        Anyway, Zach, I really enjoy your site and much of what you provide for our entertainment–your reporting on Jarec and Donald Burns was some of the best reporting I’ve seen in some time–gay porn blogs or traditional news blogs. I do think you tend to be sensitive to remarks made by some and view them as attacks or criticisms when often it’s not intended to be that way. I could be totally wrong in WB’s intentions, but I think this is more a misunderstanding. As a regular reader of both your blogs and no skin in the game between either of you, I would like for mom and dad not fighting and enjoy the weekend and to remember, it’s just porn; your readers aren’t going anywhere based on these perceived accusations. I more caution that it’s posts like these of threatened retaliation that sometimes make me/us wonder if we should support this blog. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back and the rest of us usuals in the morning and the mornings after to say hi.

        Hope you don’t take this as anything more than a regular readers positive feedback of support.

        • Zachary Sire

          “Or perhaps it’s all just a sham in order for a certain unscrupulous site
          with ‘no agenda’ to garner undeserved publicity. Wouldn’t be the first
          time…or likely the last.”

          If that’s not a slight against me, IDK what is.

          • CA

            Fair, a total slam.

            I hold to my last point though–we don’t care. If you all have issues with each other, we do not want to read about it. I send the same opinion to WB.

          • Sed

            I actually love reading about the drama.

      • loyalty888

        If you hadn’t responded, people would’ve seen that as implicitly admitting guilt. Look how quick he retreated on twitter when you started calling him out!

  • DrunkEnough

    Jesus, another petty battle between porn bloggers, as if most readers give two shits. Wake me when it’s over.

    • WhimsyCotton

      That’s the problem. Too many readers stuck with high school mentalities actually promote this kind of thing. #TeamZach and #TeamWaybig more like #TeamBullshitCanWeNot?

    • Maximus

      Right, because that’s SUCH a marked deviation from this blog’s usual content. You are sooooooo beyond the people who enjoy these gay porn industry feuds. You are a man of substance and intellect; you only read Zach’s posts about gay porn stars beating up their significant others, dramatic tweets written by gay porn directors, a Czech gay porn star’s attempt to deep-throat a 10-inch penis, gay porn stars’ most recent GoFundMe campaigns, and who’s ejaculating inside whose rectum on Sean Cody this week. Bravo, fine sir! You are better than everyone else!

    • Paul Rotstein PhD

      This is why I only date str8 baseball jocks. Str8 guys do not do this petty snarky comments. Try and ignore the guys who make you angry please don’t attack me now

  • Hereweare

    This mirrors the 2000 Bush/Gore debacle. Did his brother hand him FL? Did his daddy’s Supreme Court hand him the country? Did STR8UPGAY porn hand over a winner to Men.com? The fate of our nation is at stake people!! The integrity of gay porn………………Never mind. Even while joking I can’t finish that sentence.

  • Porn Star

    If you truly don’t care about the topic, you wouldn’t take the time to comment.

  • Ceecee

    Just post the name. Fuck WB and the cunt who runs it. Men.com is is a studio with brains (they certainly aren’t famous for their creativity) and the smart move would be to hire all 3 since they’re big stars right now anyway. But the poll data itself would be useful to them.

  • Eric AS

    There are stories in far greater need of dozens of shade defining comments. For example Jed “Sarlaac” Athens is nominated for a cybersocket this year for best scene.

  • Tellingthetruth

    Team Str8UP all the way and I personally care about the credibility of the sites I read even if it’s just about gay porn

  • jakobvoc

    “as many gay porn bloggers inexplicably and unethically do (if you do not
    want to be associated with gay porn, then do not become a gay porn
    blogger who writes about gay porn every single day).”

    OH LOL. Whatever. The entire blogosphere (NOTE: ENTIRE) since the beginning of its time has been built on people with anonymous identities. Because unless you’re naive enough to believe that blogs can’t come and bite you in the ass later (and a highly doubt that..it just seems like you’re posturing for posturing’s sake) than people might want to be able to have multiple careers or say things they can’t in public. You one-man instituting a totally laughable code of ethics on top of that is truly one of the most laughable things I’ve ever read. Climb down from your high horse, gurl.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    I don’t care about WB’s identity. That info would add nothing to this story. Publishing it would be purely retaliatory on your part, I think.

  • erexshawn

    my expectation about this “contest” was that the winner would become the next exclusive while the other two would become exclusives a few months down the road. it isn’t like the studio wasn’t prepared to offer the contract to any of the three and this is obviously a publicity stunt – the same way that Doritos offered consumers a chance to vote on the next flavor a few years ago. it’s called marketing.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Please God no. Zach, don’t get involved in this kind of boring drama again. Yours and Waybig’s blogs are two completely different, unrelated beasts. If he doesn’t like you just privately ask him not to be a cunt about it, and move on. I visit your site for stories/polls/comedy/cynicism/actual reporting, and I visit Waybig for previewing scenes and reading user reviews/adding my own. Just ignore Waybig. I’m sure they’ll let up after reading your post.

  • I understand why a lot of people are commenting that they don’t care. I don’t especially care. But, come on guys. Why have a gripe with Zach posting this?

    If you don’t care, no one is forcing you to read about it. You saw the headline, which was clear, and decided to click on it, then decided to scroll past or read the information on this page, before caring enough to comment. It’s Zach’s prerogative to post whatever he feels is worth posting. After he does that, you receiving the information is *entirely* your own fault. You don’t like reading about it? Don’t read it.

    As a writer and business owner, as well, if a competitor calls the credibility of your business into question, you respond. It’s rare that you wouldn’t, unless the source and allegation are so ridiculous or small that it’s unlikely to harm your brand, but WAYBIG and Str8Up share big parts of their audience.

    (Plus, this information will be useful to someone, even if it’s ridiculous and useless to you. It’s not unrealistic that, at some point, someone’s going to research or study the emergence and culture of porn blogging or audience engagement with the porn industry, and documentation of this animosity between bloggers is going to be really freaking interesting.)

    Which is the really long-winded way of saying: shut up whinging about information you could’ve just as easily not fucking read.

    • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

      sure. i don’t get the don’t care crowd. but the standards he posted for a blogger’s code of ethics is still patently ridiculous and really calls into question how much of this is legit griping on his part (some of it, sure) and the rest drama.

    • CA

      All understandable points and I’m all for people saying what they want and I respect that this is Zach’s blog to do as he pleases, but your audience is free to offer you feedback to do with what one pleases…that’s what blogs are usually about. If the majority of your readers aren’t into stuff your putting out there, it might be nice to know and pull back a bit. There is a way of defending one’s work without vitriol and threats to out individuals. I think it is the way things are handled sometimes that leads me to feel it’s all a bit too dramatic and nasty. Maybe a dial down from escalating everything someone says about you from a 10 to a 2 or 6 would be nice to see.

  • Bull

    LOL, All I got to say is that he/she should have known better than to pick a fight with you!

  • Bradster

    Wow, this article is so petty and catty. Zach should leave his basement and socialize in public at least once a year or so.

  • My only question is: Does his bridge offer wifi? Mine only comes with direct connect. I’ve had to eat three billy goat service techs just to even get that.

  • Zealot

    Bloooog warrrrs, nothing but blooooooog warrrrrs

  • urbanprepschool

    But I was so sure all of this mattered. 🙁