What The Hell Is Going On With This Bottom’s Head?

Posted August 16, 2016 by with 41 comments

jerSorry for this slow news day filler, but what is going on with Jeremy Spreadums’ head here?

0019I think someone started Photoshopping the photo, but then they just kept Photoshopping past the point of no return, and they could never stop Photoshopping ever, until Jeremy Spreadums’ head looked like it was Photoshopped onto someone else’s body, or half of the top of his head was being squished inside of itself?

He looks normal here (on the left), and even more normal back in his Sean Cody days (on the right):

jeremy2These photos are from today’s Men.com update, which is called “Chemistry” and co-stars Topher DiMaggio. Maybe they were trying to be ironic with that title, because, uhh…


[Men.com: Topher DiMaggio Fucks Jeremy Spreadums]