[UPDATED] What “Very Important Medication” Did Michael Lucas Leave In The Refrigerator Of The Woman Who’s Suing Him?

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BjWb2sSIgAAmKGh1.jpg_large1[UPDATE 11/26/15: This story has been updated with additional details below.]

Yesterday, Michael Lucas responded to the lawsuit he’s facing—in which he and his company are accused of shooting porn in an Airbnb rental without permission, and leaving the property covered in feces and urine—and he’s denying any wrongdoing. In duplicate “exclusive” statements to both The Sword and Queerty (who knew two websites could have the same exclusive?), Michael Lucas predictably, and quite poorly, attempted to refute the claims made in the lawsuit, which comes as no surprise. One thing, however, did stand out, and neither The Sword nor Queerty bothered to follow up.

Lucas sent Queerty and The Sword screenshots of an alleged text message exchange between himself and the property owner, plaintiff Kristina Knapic, to evidently show that they had a friendly rapport (all it shows to me is that Knapic had yet to return home to discover the feces, urine, and remnants of a gay porn shoot), and towards the end of the exchange, Lucas announced that he had left a “very important medication” in her refrigerator:

013c6970-d988-4a9f-a874-70decb3a1580 b8ae74ba-cf32-4d4a-b14d-84b49375caf6Knowing that this is Michael Lucas, the first medication that obviously comes to mind is Truvada. But, Truvada isn’t a medication that requires refrigeration. So, what kind of “very important medication” is Michael Lucas taking? Could it be the penile injection drug Trimix, which is sometimes frozen and/or refrigerated? And if so, was Michael Lucas using the Trimix himself, or was he illegally sharing it with other performers on set?

Another thing that strikes me as odd: Lucas’s message to Knapic upon departing the rental was sent August 16th. His next message inquiring about the medication wasn’t sent until August 27th. How important of a medication could it be to have not needed it for 11 days? (Also, how bad must things be at Lucas Entertainment that the CEO of the company is forced to do his crew’s dishes and take out their trash? Yikes…)

If you have any guesses as to what kind of “very important medication” Michael Lucas is on, feel free to speculate in the comments.


The Daily Mail has just published a bombshell report after interviewing the owner of the Airbnb, Kristina Knapic. In addition to new revelations about the condition of the Airbnb, Knapic also provided Daily Mail with exclusive photos of the trashed mansion—photos that appear to prove many of the details in her lawsuit against Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment.

One of the photos clearly shows a variety of sexual aids and paraphernalia commonly used on porn sets, as well as a pile of syringes:

2ECD368F00000578-3333658-_They_left_penis_rings_lube_enema_kits_and_sex_toys_Photos_obtai-a-1_1448483622066Via Daily Mail:

Obtained exclusively by Daily Mail Online, the images – some taken with a black light – show the ‘filthy’ Ojai property with semen and urine stains on a variety of surfaces, as well as in the bed and hot tub, where fecal matter was also found, according to the owner.

Disposable enemas were left on a table and in the bathroom, along with hypodermic syringes, lubricant, alcohol wipes and other items believed to have been used in the making of the erotic movie.

Speaking with Daily Mail Online Wednesday, Knapic said the group did not attempt to cover up what had gone on or clean up their mess.

According to Knapic, the “very important medication” left behind was testosterone:

“They left a bunch of testotsterone and needles in the fridge – and then called me asking for them back and were upset when I told him they had been thrown out.”

Testerone, the male sex hormone, can be injected into the penis to improve and maintain erections.

Knapic said that while it was difficult to put a figure on it, she estimated the damage caused to be about $50,000.

“They broke one of the beds, the mattresses are toast and I’ve had to reject future reservations to clean it,” she said.

Whether Lucas was using all of the needles and testosterone for himself is unclear. Obviously, it’s illegal for anyone to share a prescription, and an employer sharing a prescription with his employees violates multiple state and federal laws. More disturbing details (which completely contradict Michael Lucas’s version of events) and photos of the Airbnb at Daily Mail.


  • trekord

    Who is this Dorain that they didn’t see the feces and urine? And we’re supposed believe that Mr. Lucas really did the dishes and cleaning himself?

    • Dutch Courage

      This ‘Dorian’ could be the Achilles’ Heel of the Plaintiff. And once more Duckface got away with it ….

  • Hereweare


  • Rico Ruiz

    If I had to guess, I would say it was MUSE suppositories for erectile dysfunction, which are inserted into the urethra, or suppositories for hemorrhoids

    • Thom Hewson

      MUSE doesn’t work nearly as well or as long as trimix and its a lot more expensive.

  • Todd

    Insulin and some eye drops require refrigeration

  • J.Queen

    Could possibly be Norvir, it’s an HIV med that’s usually refrigerated

  • GoGo

    Probably Trimix for Dylan James and Sgt. Miles who have trouble performing.

    • Zachary Sire


    • Ben

      That would be my guesses too. Sgt Miles looks good on paper but damn, he is one of the worst performers out there. For someone who is supposedly BI, he could not be more bored everytime he does a scene. Even some G4P performers are much better than him

      • GoGo

        Honestly. i don’t think they’re actually bi, sgt miles has a long track record of shooting with str8 porn(with shitty sites) and never had wood issues, but he just wasn’t making enough dough so Dylan James hooked him up with LE. Dylan was working for LE first and they’re good friends, also i’ve followed Dylan james before he signed with LE. I know he has a gf/wife and his twitter wasn’t as gay(in the sense of following gay porn stars and the likes he has) its all just a front. Once they both leave or retire you’ll see exactly what i mean.

        • Thom Hewson

          Great work Sherlock! A perfect reason to need an ED drug that works even if you’re not turned on, and can keep you functional for the hours needed to shoot a movie!

  • RF

    Has anyone noticed that the Yelp ad actually isn’t removed? It’s still there. As are others alleging similar shady practices. It sounds like this lady might do a lot of shakedowns. I think that Lucas probably didn’t inform her that they would be shooting porn there (he curiously never addresses this in his defense) but I think she’s probably exaggerating any “mess” that was left behind. No one denies that she gave back the deposit after all.

  • Eric AS

    Penicillin oral suspension is the preferred treatment for syphillus.

  • R.A.M.J

    text messages can be fabricated for the purpose of presenting to blogs and news outlets. Also, anyone doing a walk through, knowing they used the refrigerator, would check it before leaving. I do it every time I leave a hotel with a fridge and I check it when I first get to my room also. Im not buying it.

  • Texndoc

    I read the Queerty article and it seems there’s another side to the story at least. The owner has tried to keep the 1000 dollar security deposit from at least two renters who wrote online they returned the place cleaner than when they rented it. My family has used the VRBO rental places numerous times and we’re like that, too. She sounds a bit unstable. And I noted in the ad for the place it was said “filming is allowed” and Lucas claims there is a sex-dungeon that they didn’t film in. So I wonder about her claims of “damaging the place’s reputation”. Wonder what other porn has been filmed there. He also rebuts with that she actually stayed there part of the time while they were there. Which would be a big “no” for me, how weird to have the owners hanging about.

    Only one person can get to the bottom of this

    • R.A.M.J

      I didnt read the queerty article, but in my experience with queerty, they are like many gay porn news outlets and blogs (str8upgayporn and the sword being exceptions) they kiss the ass of the directors, actors, and producers of gay porn and will do anything to make them look good. Whereas this site and the sword go after the truth and not popularity.

    • dqh257

      Considering that Judge Judy just learned what Grindr was last season, I’m not so sure about that! LOL!

    • Maximus

      There are a lot of things that don’t add up in this case:
      •Sex paraphernalia on coffee table and bathroom vanity – Those photos could have easily been staged by taking the items out of the trash.
      •Stains revealed by blacklight – There’s no way to prove that they were made by Duckface and not by previous guests, unless the owner takes photos under blacklight after every guest’s stay.
      •Damaged beds – Reviews by past guests mentioned that some furniture and other parts of the property were in a state of disrepair at the time of check-in.
      •Dirtied hot tub – Another review by a past guest indicates that the owner insisted upon it needing cleaning even though it had barely been used.
      •Walkthrough with Dorian – A cursory examination by this Dorian person would have led to the discovery of brown hottub water and sex paraphernalia were it shrewn across tabletops, vanities, and in skins, yet Dorian aprroved of the property’s condition.
      •No mention of alleged damage for two months – Prior to filing the suit, the owner never brought up the issues mentioned in her claim.

      It seems to me that the only aspects of the complaint for which the plaintiff could be awarded damages are:
      •Fraud – Duckface booked the property under someone else’s name and lied about his identity to the owner.
      •Breach of contract – IF the owner can prove that she really didn’t know that they were filming porn despite being present on the property (in the guest house) during Duckface’s stay, and IF the terms of use agreed to by Duckface included a provision about commercial use of the property; IF the terms of use included a provision about illegal activity (distributing a controlled substance to one’s employees, i.e., the testosterone injections).

  • Maximus

    What type of drug compels one to refrigerate things that don’t need to be refrigerated? Amphetamines? Opiates?


  • Marsha Lewis


  • Luca

    for me, ultimately it will be very easy. If the lady has photographic evidence (with date) of what she says, she wins. If she hasn’t, she’s just inventing everything (you see that mess in the house and you don’t take photos in anticipation of the lawsuit? you’re a liar).

    • Dutch Courage

      The Plaintiff’s story doesn’t sound very convincing and I think Zach knows it. Why is the woman’s story not very conving? 1. At the end of their stay Lucas did a walk through of the property with someone called ‘Dorian’ and nothing was said about the so called ‘shitty’ state of the mansion. 2. In later communications when Lucas asked about the important ‘medication’ nothing was said about what Lucas had done to the property. 3. The woman (Kristina Knapic) lived on the property during Lucas’ stay. Wouldn’t she have noticed that the property was being damaged? 4. There was, in all likelyhood, a sex dungeon in the house. 5. The woman (Kristina Knapic) has got some negative reviews in which guests state that Kristina Knapic accused them of damaging the property. This does not mean that Kristina Knapic is a fraud but should make one very cautious about this woman.

      We all would like to see Michael Lucas disappear from gay porn but I highly doubt this lawsuit will be the cause of that.

      • Zachary Sire

        all of what you’re regurgitating is from michael lucas’s stupid press release. good luck!

        • Dutch Courage

          And you are regurgitating the Daily Mail which is not a newspaper but a tabloid (and no, a tabloid is not a newspaper). Furthermore you used Michael Lucas telephone messages just like I did. Sometimes I wish you were just as critical of yourself as you are of Michael Lucas. Good luck!

      • n24rc

        How the fuck would you know? You sound like an know-it-all asshole.

        • andrew

          He actually sounds like a reasonable guy who isn’t willing to rush to judgement like so many are doing.

          • n24rc

            No, he is presented a case for the defense here. He isn’t claiming that people shouldn’t rush to judgement.

            He is defending Lucas without much to go on.

            And so far, the homeowner has produced a lot more evidence to prove they didn’t do a good job cleaning and had lied to her about the intended purpose of the shoot. They made it sound like a wedding photoshoot of somekind.

  • Dongasoreass

    I got summin to say!!!! I’m pretty sure she musta had had left a tub of her chilled placenta and foreskin stem cell serum in there. Has to slather it on every night to keep the duckfaced plastic surgery from rejecting and slithering down her chin, around her sides and in the black hole of her ass. I’m guessing.

  • NickDC

    I’ve always thought Michael Lucas had a meth face…

  • Myko

    The Daily Mail is the worst journalistic newspaper in the UK. Their online version is bulked up with the worse kind of bullshit in history. The saying is “If the Daily Mail reported it, it must be true… said no one ever.”

    However I hope that duckface cunt gets everything he deserves. His shit hitting the fan and his fall from grace has been brewing for years.

    Bye Bye Duckface

    • Zachary Sire

      True, they are a horrific right-wing rag, and then again, so is Michael Lucas. Photos and evidence will speak for itself at the trial.

    • McM.

      Kristina Knapic revealed exclusive photos and information to a foreign news outlet.

      How dare she be so un-American.

  • John

    My question is, is it legal to rent a room or home and film a porno in it without telling the landlord? If its not legal then a lot of folks are in trouble filming in a hotel room…..if it is legal does the lease address it? As for the pictures, that is not a lot of stuff left behind, considering it was left through out a home, the syringes as long as they were un open and not used makes since because he also forgot his medication that he needed the syringes for….When people rent out a home for a week there will be items left behind…..and 30,000 to clean a place is a bit excessive because she told Lucas he couldn’t extend his stay because someone already had the next days booked and 11 days went by and she still did not inform him of the damage….you would think she would have fussed about it the next day if she was not able to rent it out…..sounds like the lady is trying to find a way to make some quick money and instead of taking the deposit like she normally does she is going for much more….I think this lady is trying to rob him, from what I have read so far……

  • jimboivyo


  • nick

    “Testerone, the male sex hormone, can be injected into the penis to improve and maintain erections.” – really, can it ?
    But then I noticed it was from the Daily Mail, renowned in the uk for its shit reporting.

  • Dongasoreass

    Zach, darling hunty sweet-tea. I’mma need ya to do a li’l bit betta work on throwin the shade on to the very top of Duckface’s bill, k? Kindly note that the global super producer Likehell Pukeass was using SPUNK lube. Her cumshots are as fake as her face and friendship. And etc. Dot com.

  • RF

    I mean, honestly, while Ms. Knapic might have photographic proof of damages, the pictures presented don’t show any damage at all, let alone $50,000 worth. Hell, other than that Listerine none of these items even look used.

  • Pearl Clutcher


  • Porn Star

    OMG. It’s just Trimix. It requires refrigeration. One of the performers probably left it by mistake. It is an expensive ED drug, so one tries not to leave it places.

    • jimboivyo

      Sure, and that’s what Michael Jackson thought about propofol too.

  • Thom Hewson

    NO NO NO! the very important medication is not testosterone, it’s Tri-Mix, which is commonly prescribed to patients after prostate cancer surgery to induce an erection until the nerves that do this have healed enough to flip the switch. it must be kept cold, usually frozen. Even a small amount injected directly into the shaft of the penis causes an erection that can last for hours and hours irrespective of sexual stimulation. the thought of porn actors using it is a little scary because when you add any amount of normal nerve function to the mix, there’s an even greater risk of priapism which can really damage the organ’s functionality. But the med works like a charm and can turn even the most ardent bottom who usually has a wet noodle during sex into a total raging top.

    • nick

      I honestly can’t imagine being so desperate for money I let someone stick a hypodermic needle in my dick.

      • jimboivyo

        and what must take that desperation to an even even higher state is having it done to you on a Michael Lucas porn set.

      • Thom Hewson

        When you look at the people involved, I doubt they think of themselves as desperate like you think of a street-corner prostitute. It’s just business. Literally a drop is all it takes, and it goes in pretty painlessly.

        The question is really more about what it’s like to have sex with someone whom you think is literally an asshole, to do it in front of a bunch of people under lights while being told to start and stop or do it all over again, and to know that the vast majority of your audience won’t pay you a dime for f-ing around.

  • MAnthony


  • MAnthony

    Why do you keep wasting your time and space if this guy is as big a douche as you make him out to be? If his business is that bad then I am sure it will eventually fold. But looks like it doesn’t matter how much of a dickbag he’s being made out to be there is a ton of content coming out of that studio and a lot of consumers. Or is this still about what that handful of porn dudes claimed s couple years ago?

  • Johnny

    Sounds like these two assholes both deserve each other.

  • MAnthony

    That is the tidiest porn set paraphernalia table I have ever seen, Certainly looks hygienic.