When Was This Randy Blue Scene Filmed: 2002? 1994? 2011? 1988?

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Julius Taylor gets fucked Raw by Kevin FalcoThe hell?

Julius Taylor gets fucked Raw by Kevin FalcoThey did it a month ago, and now they’re doing it again: Today’s featured Randy Blue update is a scene they purchased from an outside producer (most likely somewhere in Eastern Europe), and it is not good.

This scene falls under the new “Randy Blue Universe” category, and if history tells us anything, presenting these weird, old, European scenes as “new” for paying members could be the kiss of death for Randy Blue, a Los Angeles-based gay porn studio whose big selling point used to be original content, exclusive models, and creative web series. Jake Cruise/Cocksure Men went under shortly after they started buying and running random Euro scenes. And Dominic Ford faced the same fate when they started releasing old foreign scenes (although, to be fair, that studio was pretty much DOA to begin with). Releasing this kind of content is not a good sign for Randy Blue.


A quick Google search of these models’ names (Kevin Falco and Julius Taylor) turns up absolutely nothing. So, either Randy Blue renamed them to trick us, or these models really are that obscure. Either way…yikes:

On the one hand, the dark-haired model seems to have a more modern haircut. But the blond looks like he jumped off the cover of a romance novel from 1993. Or out of an 80’s aerobic VHS tape? Or is he actually that guy from the end of “Moms On The Net“?

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 1.15.26 AM

Is this supposed to be cum??

This is so weird.

[“Randy Blue Universe“]