Why Are Ryan Rose And Brent Corrigan’s Ex-Lover Fighting Over A Cam Model?

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Ryan Rose fight, so here is an unexpected and random one to keep you entertained until the next big blowout.

This time, Ryan Rose is fighting with Grant Roy. Who is Grant Roy? Ugh, it’s a long story, but in short, he used to be Brent Corrigan’s lover and business partner, and now he runs a cam site called RealBoysOnline.

How do Ryan Rose and Grant Roy—whose Twitter bio reads “The Man Behind The Boy” (gross)—even know each other? It goes back several years to when Ryan used to work for Sean Cody, and this week’s drama was stirred up thanks to his response to an ask.fm question about an amateur cam model named Brady Bennett:


If my memory is correct, the “Paul” mentioned here is Brent Corrigan’s other ex-boyfriend from back in the day. Here’s a picture I took of them at Brent’s 2009 birthday party in San Diego:

oct30swlaAnd here’s Grant Roy, Brent Corrigan, and Paul (a.k.a. “Papi”) together at the GayVNs earlier that same year:


Back to the present, here’s Grant Roy last night, presumably responding to Ryan Rose’s ask.fm shade:


You can easily predict how things are going to play out from here, funny misspellings and all…


That awkward moment when you correct someone on their spelling, but you don’t dispute the accusation that you’re a child predator…? Yikes.

Ryan got it right on his second try:


Ryan Rose might be a hooker, but in fairness, non-Photoshopped pictures prove that he is at least slightly above average, and not exactly “little”:


Meanwhile, what does Brady Bennett, the cam model at the center of this war, have to say?


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