Will Sean Cody’s Geoff Be Back To Fuck? Plus, Kaleb Barebacks Asher

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sean-cody-geoff-rubs-one-out-003Sean Cody’s newcomer this week is a blue-eyed, beefy, blond-haired, and big-dicked babe named Geoff, and he is far and away the best Sean Cody newcomer I’ve seen in several months. The question, of course, is will he be back to fuck?

sean-cody-geoff-rubs-one-out-004 sean-cody-geoff-rubs-one-out-005 sean-cody-geoff-rubs-one-out-007

My god, he is literally an angel.

sean-cody-geoff-rubs-one-out-006I am praying for Geoff’s return ASAP (the way Sean Cody does things now, he should be in a duo scene within the next week or so, if he is in fact returning), but for now, here’s his trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Geoff]

And, this week’s sex scene on Sean Cody features Kaleb fucking Asher bareback. While this should’ve been a flip-fuck, it’s otherwise good, and these two are always solid performers.

05 13 08 15Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Kaleb Fucks Asher Bareback]


  • Dave Netherton

    I don’t mind Kaleb as strictly a top, plus he’s a cutie too.

    • Demetra

      Kaleb is a better performer as a bottom

  • Es Kay

    Idk why they keep letting Kaleb top when he’s consistently soft while doing it.

  • James Somerton

    Geoff is SO FUCKING CUTE! And I love that he looks like a normal dude, body wise. Super cuddly looking.

  • Geoff is SO FUCKING CUTE! And I love that he looks like a normal dude, body wise. Super cuddly looking.

  • Joel

    Hope he comes back, and Asher needs to leave!

  • cgmills

    “Athletic Asher and fit Kaleb finally get to meet up for a good time, and they are both very enthusiastic, horny, and eager. ‘I’m super excited to be hanging out with this banging guy,’ says good-looking Kaleb. ‘Yeah, and I’m excited to try some new things with this guy over here as I’ve heard a lot of good things about him,’ replies cute Asher.”

    Athletic Asher? Fit Kaleb? Cute Asher?

    Sean Cody really needs a better copy writer. This sounds like it was written by a middle-school student.

  • Kanaka

    Asher fan here. And yes shoulda been a flip. Geoff is meaty in just the right ways.

  • yatcho

    Geoff is giving me beefy Michael Cera

  • John

    I’ve stopped watching Sean Cody! They had 60 internal cum scenes in their heyday and NONE now. Not the same company.

    • Marco Sartori

      bb and no internals make no sense to me.