Will Wikle, Boomer Banks, Seth Fornea Walk Marco Marco Show At NYFW

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marcomarcoGay porn, reality TV, and fashion converged at New York Fashion Week’s Marco Marco show over the weekend. Model/Big Brother alum Will Wikle, Boomer Banks, Seth Fornea, and a zillion Drag Race girls walked the runway for LA designer Marco Morante, who may have been wearing the best shirt of the whole show:

lmaoVideo (Will Wikle et al. start walking around 6:30):

  • Silver64

    ROTFL LOVE LOVE LOVE his T-shirt. I want one!!!!!!

    • sxg

      lol I just noticed the t-shirt that’s hilarious!! I want one too!

  • Todd
  • tjf1306

    Great show… very fun… but the whole flipping off the camera thing is so 10 years ago…. very tired!!

  • sxg
    • Leo Sweetwood

      #GurlBye When Boomer was coming down the runway, I guarantee you no one was staring at his WALK. There is a BIGGER feature that Boomer used to show off his underwear.

      • Xzamilloh

        I didn’t notice because I was too busy wondering if he was able to kill that bug with those ugly ass shoes.

  • DrunkEnough

    Does anyone even remember Will Wikle from that show? Might as well name-drop the cast of “The Waltons.”

    • sxg

      Yes I do and he was so homely and bleh looking it’s hard to believe they’re the same person!

    • Jay Gould

      I was in middle school and watched that season religiously, I was devastated when Will got evicted by those bigoted cunt twins. Seeing Diane get screwed over by Drew in the end made it all better though. Really a great season of Big Brother.

  • Zealot

    “Anna? Yes dahhhling. It’s getting ready to begin sweets. Oh gawd, Debi Mazar just walked in with Ivanka Trump’s stylist and Christie Brinkley’s upstairs maid. It’s just too-too for words this evening. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn fur this evening, even if it is fake. But it’s a VERY GOOD fake. I just hope we don’t see a parade of backless yellow and black wrestling tights and sequined half-skirt tutu’s. I just can’t pull that look off again, pet. What? Oh, I KNOW. Cher is furious….over half her staff is out this evening walking this damned thing. I had to put my foot down when Rico and Shemar asked for the evening off to walk it. NO, NO, NO I said. Three years in a row is E-NOUGH. Is that Hilary Swank’s driver? HI-EEEE! I’m just incensed that Dita isn’t here. This should be so HER. Maybe she’s afraid to do the taped nipple thing again. It can get tired. Gotta run love. It’s starting. Ohhhhhhhh…..just as I thought see-through black mesh tutus! My column is writing itself this evening love. Drinks tomorrow? FA-BOOSH!”

    • loyalty888

      lmao. love this comment

      • Zealot

        Thanks. Something about this post inspired me.

  • Donkeyteefus

    not to be a downer, and a fashion queen, but this is so ghetto. it is women’s fashion week. men’s week was in july. so this is like some model mayhem jankie shit that is not connected to fashion week at all.

    • Leo Sweetwood

      The MARCO MARCO show isn’t connected to NYFW? That’s odd, because it’s listed on the Master Schedule. Here’s the link…http://newyorkfashionweeklive.com/schedule

      Marco has created custom garments for Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Fergie, etc. So he probably has a better fashion educational background than you. So before you criticize someone’s hard work you should probably know what the FUCK you’re talking about.

      #HaveSeveralSeats #InTheBack

      • Donkeyteefus

        first off 1) i am wearing head to toe marco marco and I’m glad you got front row at marco marco. 2) for the link, it’s not part of the official schedule with the CFDA or http://mbfashionweek.com/designers. with that link that you put on, anyone can just list their show. it is a well designed site, but not the official site. that being said new york fw is a free for all, unlike paris where you have to be approved and they have a very limited calendar (there are good and bad things about both methods), and there are big independent designers not on official list like say alexander wang etc. so yes, marco marco did show during new york fashion week. he showed a men’s underwear show during womens week.im sure he’s a wonderful person and did design stuff for all of those famous ladies that make awful music, but no, this wasn’t an official fashion week show. It was heartily reviewed on porn blogs and next magazine. 3) but yes i am a dick to call someone’s creative work “ghetto” i shouldn’t even use that term. i do still think model mayhem is the devil.

        • Hereweare

          I am wearing head-to-toe Nike, Hanes, & Fruit-of-the-Loom, and obviously could not give a rats azz about fashion, but I had to upvote you for the “all of those famous ladies that make awful music” comment. It was as truthful as I’m sure the rest of your post was!

    • D.K.

      Um Agree 100%. This is not fashion week. It’s a “designer” coming to New York DURING fashion week and putting on a show. That does not make you a part of New York Fashion Week.

  • omg everyone looks so hot!!! yay! congrats boys :)

  • BraD The VolFan

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