Yes, Mason Wyler Is Back (And He’s Hanging Out With Former Sean Cody Model Brent)

Posted February 27, 2017 by with 72 comments

ason3Yes, Mason Wyler is actually still alive, and yes, Mason Wyler is back on Twitter to grace us with his hotness, his sexual depravity, and his general need to be fucked all the time. It’s taken me a few weeks to believe that the new account is actually Mason, given the number of imposters and weirdos on Twitter (not that Mason Wyler isn’t a weirdo), but this account does appear to be him, and the photos he’s posted today prove that he’s got a new friend!

C5sMU0eUoAEr3LXMason captioned this tweet as “two bottoms living in the same city,” and if the guy on the left looks familiar, that’s because it’s former Sean Cody model Brent.

brentmsonWhile Brent and Mason have undoubtedly powerbottomed with/for/next to each other off camera, there’s no word of an onscreen duo yet. Mason Wyler, however, does appear to be aiming for a gay porn comeback, which could quite literally save the gay porn industry.

mason2As you’ll recall, Mason Wyler launched his gay porn career in 2006 and was a massive star for over six years, working for virtually every gay porn studio in existence. In 2010, a gay porn blogger named Mark Wilson illegally published Wyler’s HIV status on a now defunct blog, which eventually led to Wyler’s retirement in 2013.

ICYMI since his account returned last month, here’s what the perpetually horny Mason Wyler has been up to:

mas4 mas2 mas3 mas1 masStr8UpGayPorn will also donate to this same charity with any ad revenue generated from this scene when it’s covered here, if any studio does actually make it happen. (Note to any studio owner with a brain: Make it fucking happen.)


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