Now That Big-Dicked Security Guard Has Found Weed On A Stoned Shoplifter

Posted February 28, 2018 by with 10 comments

180207_young-perps_01_pic05Pretty sure this perp didn’t steal pot from the store (the guard also finds gum in his pocket, which is probably what he stole), but the bag of weed does play a role in today’s YoungPerps scene.


The perp (whom many of you will recognize as gay porn star Trelino) is high as fuck, as you’ll see in the trailer below, which adds a little bit of comedy to this scene. Things turn from funny to hot, however, when the fake cop pulls out his very real, very big cock:

180207_young-perps_01_pic10 180207_young-perps_01_pic11 180207_young-perps_01_pic12

Speaking of fake, YoungPerps is another studio that regularly uses fake cum for their photos. As usual, it looks ridiculous:

180207_young-perps_01_pic14The cum shots are real in the actual scene, but I’ll never understand using fake cum in photos. No one is going to believe this cum is real—not even if they’re stoned out of their mind. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[YoungPerps: Stoner Fucked Bareback After Shoplifting]