WATCH: Shoplifting Boyfriends Train Fuck Bareback With Hung Security Guard After Stealing Valentine’s Day Chocolates

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yps0055_190114_yps_03-youngperps-straight-guy-first-time-gay-sex-ch1_pic1Shoplifters in love will do anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even if that means having to get fucked bareback by the horse-hung security guard who caught you stealing chocolate and flowers for your boyfriend.

yps0055_190114_yps_03-youngperps-straight-guy-first-time-gay-sex-ch1_pic2 yps0055_190114_yps_03-youngperps-straight-guy-first-time-gay-sex-ch1_pic10Today’s YoungPerps scene features two twinks (played by Britain Westbury and Nathaniel Burts) and one very well-endowed guard (played by Devin Trez), and this might be the most romantic Valentine’s Day gay porn scene this week? After all, nothing says “true love” more than having to shoplift your boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day present.

yps0055_190114_yps_03-youngperps-straight-guy-first-time-gay-sex-ch1_pic12 yps0055_190114_yps_03-youngperps-straight-guy-first-time-gay-sex-ch1_pic14

The twinks have got great rhythm, and something tells me they’ve done this before…


The couple that fucks security guards together stays together?

yps0055_190114_yps_03-youngperps-straight-guy-first-time-gay-sex-ch1_pic17 yps0055_190114_yps_03-youngperps-straight-guy-first-time-gay-sex-ch1_pic19ypv2

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[YoungPerps: Devin Trez Fucks Britain Westbury And Nathaniel Burts Bareback]


  • Scrapple

    I get it. They couldn’t afford chocolate so they were force fed chocolate. The couple who steals together…gets bareback fucked over a table by a stranger pretending to be a security guard in the backroom of a Kmart together. Ain’t love grand?

    • Irene’s Foot

      You’re comment always gets me every time.

      Oh and Happy Valentine’s day ❤️

      • Scrapple

        Lol. The jokes keep me from taking some of this nonsense too seriously. Sometimes.

        Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day.

    • Marcus Collack

      How Dare you! That’s A Roses at best.

  • Eric from Sweden

    That black guy is so fuckin’ hot!

  • Xzamilloh

    This isn’t a punishment, this is incentive. Hell, they’re gonna burn down the store next time hoping for a full staff dick down

  • Nice Hunter

    Devin Trez is the hot security guard. he did a scene on Kink

  • Del

    Man i love me some Britain Westbury. Need more recent stuff.

    • Donald Horn

      He truly is a gem.

  • TruthTeller2020

    Devin Trez must be new on the porn scene. He’s insanely hot, with star quality.

  • TruthTeller2020

    Zach…can we please get an interview/ profile on Devin Trez. Thanks

  • TK

    Devin needs to be featured in a lot of scenes PRONTO! And with better studios.

  • Iain Gardener

    IMHO Devin needs to move to GISP stat, so he can fuck twinks without all this Young Perps bulldroppings