Yule Tide Gay-For-Pay

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Men.com has been releasing Topher DiMaggio scenes literally every single day for the past two weeks, and today is no different. It’s a Christmas Eve orgy for Topher and the three wise men three gay-for-payers Tom Faulk, Johnny Rapid, and Colby Jansen. Looks like I’ll need to update my Johnny Rapid bottoming tally since he was just at 70 a couple days ago, and now this new scene makes it 71.

I challenge you to find a gay-for-pay bottom with a better ass than this straight father of three:


It’s cool that they let the chubby one keep his wedding ring on. Just keeping it real, I guess:



What are we even watching?

Was the Santa hat (which has absolutely nothing to do with the scene) just a way to get bloggers to promote this “gay porn orgy” on Christmas Eve because it would somehow make it relevant? Congratulations, Men.com, it worked.

xxxMasOrgyJO10Here’s some Christmas gay porn, everybody:

[Men.com: Topher DiMaggio, Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Tom Faulk Orgy]


  • Aramis

    Did you notice the smile on Johnny Rapid’s face when Colby Jansen was working his asshole? This gentleman, Mr. Rapid, is married and father of two…
    BTW: In this scene we have a heterogenious group: A tasty one ( Tom Faulk ); a bear ( Colby Jansen ): a twink (Johnny Rapid) and a ‘ plucked ‘ Diva…

    • Aramis

      Sorry, Johnny is a happy father of three…

      • Terry

        Three kids at his age ? ! Really ? ! He should know what a condom is ! 😀

  • C A

    Colby Jansen is Bisexual and married to a Transgender post op woman. He’s one of ours.

    • Dean

      ew no he’s not.

  • Bull

    71 scenes so would that make Johnny Rapid the face of men.com…or the ass? I wonder how many scenes they contract for at one time?

  • Alias74

    Still can’t wrap my head around a straight guy with three kids who’s an even CRAZIER AND BIGGER DEF CON 4 POWER BOTTOM than me!!!!!!

  • GN

    I admire that Colby keeps his wedding ring on–Not being sarcastic, I really think it’s sweet. has porn made us so jaded that we can’t appreciate loving gestures?

  • Aramis

    Does Johnny Rapid do porn as a desperate attempt to keep his three children or is he answering a inner call, a ‘ vocation ‘? He takes dicks in his ass as a job because he needs ( he is straight, married with a woman and a father of three ) or because he likes the whole thing, he enjoys it very much? Both? Crazy much?

  • Ambidiestro

    Im really tired of all this shit about gay for payers, if you are really straight and need money from gay sex, why don’t you just escort? Its more money and there is a chance nobody will know. And with all these straight men who know how to fuck men, suck cock and take dick in the ass why do we need gay men in porn? Just saying…Done with porn (for a while)…

  • GN

    Colby, I always been a fan of your husky-look, but from these pics I see that you’re starting to cross the line into obese territory….

  • Ale Lisboa

    to me if I like the looks Colby Jansen, he’s so cute. Tom Faulk gay for pay? did not know. In any case I prefer Topher DiMaggio, is gay and must pretend less than others.

    Anyway I do not like this production Men.com, annoys me to see so many gay for money, would not pay to see them for a second. (if I read the English is not my language, I do what I can, so forgive me if you abuse your

  • lit per

    Hmm, as far as I remember both Colby and Tom identify as bi. It’s funny that bottom bitch Johnny is the one who is “straight”.