GayHoopla’s Clay Anker Got Fucked In The Ass Because His Flight Was Delayed?

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I’ve heard a lot of explanations as to why a gay porn star might make his bottoming debut, but a bottoming debut as punishment for a flight delay (which is completely out of the gay porn star’s control) has to be the most bizarre (not to mention unfair!) reason ever.


Nevertheless, that’s what’s happening today on GayHoopla, as skater twunk Clay Anker gets fucked in the ass for the very first time by controversial muscle jock Zane Penn (whom we last saw moonlighting as a bareback bottom for the Maverick Men), all because his flight was delayed due to mechanical problems and he was late to the shoot. Life’s a bitch, bro.


Hurts so good, I guess?

gayhoopla-clay-anker-zane-penn-11There’s a fun cameo by Dmitry Dickov in the beginning of this clip, which makes me wish he would get out from behind the computer and get back in front of the camera to destroy some ass with his legendary cock—he hasn’t fucked anyone in a new gay porn scene since he fucked Sebastian Hook in February.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Zane Penn Fucks Clay Anker]


  • That gape at the end of the scene doesn’t look very virginal.

    • MV

      probably from a dildo from his bottoming rehearsal.

  • Todd
  • Zealot

    You have to do a scene with FraternityX if you try to redeem frequent flier miles during peak travel dates.

  • Face Palm

    Whoever thought that it would be okay to release a scene featuring a blowjob that awful should just…stop. Just stop.

  • Casey Scott

    Oh yay another limp dick bottom on Gay Hoopla.

  • Dazzer

    I’ve ended up having sex for flimsier excuses…

  • Loki

    What’s up with his hair?? He looks like the love-child of Harry Styles and Matthew Lillard as Shaggy from the Scooby-Doo movies…

  • andrew

    Thanks Todd. I got a chub just seeing JJ Swift in your post.

  • MV

    is it me or the hair is more terrible than the limp dick?

  • Nick

    Good thing Zane is still with GH despite that MM scene coz I like him (mostly just for his looks though). Or maybe this is an older scene, I dunno. Anyway, Gayhoopla should stick with the interview pre/post sex scene. Let’s face it, it’s an amateur site with amateur performers having amateur sex filmed with amateur cameras and edited by amateur video editors. Don’t get me wrong, I find the whole grit of it kinda appealing, so much so that I maintain an active subscription with them. And there’s also the fact that their SC/CF-looking models compensate for these shortcomings. It’s just that this whole acting shit feels so awkward, forced and not to mention badly done. Even big studios like Nextdoor and Men almost always fail with their skits. On the actual sex part, this was a bad pairing. Zane’s banking on his looks, not exactly on his topping skills and Clay who’s obviously new at this was clearly not into it and in many times, clearly uncomfortable (yes, it’s a dick in your ass but still). The only saving grace from all of that limp dick is the gape towards end, which is ruined yet again by that weird jerk off by clay with zane beside him. *sigh*

    • Kevin

      Zane is leaving GH now that he’s a Cockyboy model. He was tweeting during his MM meltdown that he didn’t want to leave GH and was basically groveling, now it just looks to me he couldn’t wait to leave them. He used the publicity he got from the twitter meltdown to look for something better.

      • Nick

        Just saw the tweet too. Would’ve liked him to go back to CF. But hey, cockyboys’ produce much better quality videos than GH, models don’t get circulated in scenes as frequent as GH but still way better quality vids. Hopefully that’ll up Zane’s game.

        • Kevin

          I do find it strange that CB hasn’t annouced this yet.

          • Nick

            Maybe they would once they actually start filming with Zane, like sneak peek photos of them working on a vid–the usual thing studios in general are doing when they have new talents. Zane just got too excited and went ahead I think. Hopefully, CB is ok with Zane making the announcement first, albeit informally.

          • 1234

            This is an old response, but did CockyBoys ultimately decide not to extend a writen contract to Zane?? I was wondering about this for months

          • Kevin

            They were probably turned off by his twitter melt down regarding his bb scene with Maverick Men.