Accused Rapist Dominic Ford Attends XBIZ Awards Maskless After Testing Positive For COVID Last Week

Posted January 5, 2022 by with 13 comments

Despite the fact that the United States is reporting more than 1,000,000 COVID infections per day, porn site XBIZ decided to proceed with their superspreader event indoor conference and awards show this week in Los Angeles, with attendees having to show proof of vaccination before entering. Vaccines don’t prevent transmission of the Omicron variant very well at all, but at least California has issued a mandatory mask requirement for all public indoor spaces, which obviously includes the Kimpton Everly Hotel, where XBIZ is holding panel discussions and tonight’s “executive awards” (a pre-awards ceremony before their main show this weekend). One of the attendees at the executive awards tonight was JustForFans owner and accused rapist Dominic Ford, who opted to violate the state’s public health mandate by not wearing a mask inside the hotel’s Beachwood Ballroom:

It’s one thing for one schmuck to ignore a mask mandate, but what about someone ignoring a mask mandate at an indoor public event who actually tested positive for COVID less than a week ago? That would again be Dominic Ford, who told followers that he tested positive for COVID last week while he was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

Five days after testing positive for COVID, Ford got on an airplane and made it to Los Angeles:

The isolation period after testing positive for COVID used to be 10 days, but the CDC recently revised their guidelines to say that people could go back to work and other activities after five days if they’re not symptomatic, and provided they continue to wear face masks for five more days after isolation. But, the CDC guidelines and even California state law apparently don’t apply to Dominic Ford at the XBIZ awards.

In addition to testing positive for COVID last week and violating the mask mandate while mingling with his JustForFans employees inside the Kimpton Everly Hotel, Ford—who faced multiple accusations of rape and sexual assault in 2020 by two young models whom he paid as independent contractors at JustForFans—continued to parade around the hotel ballroom maskless tonight, taking photographs and posting them to his Twitter account.

Best of luck (seriously, good luck—you’re gonna need it) to everyone at XBIZ this week.

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