Andrew Stark Jackhammers Armond Rizzo, Then Cums On His Face

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88649_02Not sure how it’s possible, but Andrew Stark’s second scene in Earthbound released today is somehow even better than the first Andrew Stark scene in Earthbound? That first one was practically flawless (except for the eye patch, which is obviously still there), so I don’t even know what to call the one today, co-starring powerbottom Armond Rizzo. Beyond flawless? Supremely flawless?

88649_04 88649_05 88649_08From the mutual cock sucking and ass eating (both Armond and Andrew suck and rim each other) to the epic stand-and-fuck jackhammering, the scene moves swiftly and intensely, and pretty much every second is must-see for Andrew/Armond fans, or any fans of good fucking.

88649_09 88649_10 88649_11andrewarmond1Every sex position, every camera angle they’re filmed from, and all the exceptional editing blends together seamlessly. Both Andrew and Armond have turned in what could be career-best performances.

88649_12 88649_15

The cum facial at the end is icing on the cake.


Note that there are several minutes of plot at the opening of the scene, featuring cameos from Sister Roma, Brad Patton, and other cast members (Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight, Johnny V., Skyy Knox).

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon’s Earthbound: Andrew Stark Fucks Armond Rizzo]

  • TheSagaOf

    God, yes. I’m jealous as fuck.

  • Tim

    I’m not a fan of Armond. He is too much of so many things for me, though I definitely get why people think he’s hot and why he does so well in the industry. Again, I’m left respecting Andrew and his passion and skill here, as well as his choice to be a condom only performer, but with a bottom I’d be more into (Brenner Bolton? Griffin Barrows? Luke Adams?) and bareback this would have been just perfect. without it looks passable.

    • DrunkEnough

      Yup. And even if one is a fan of Armond, we’ve all seem him take much bigger cocks with much more intensity.

    • Jon

      People find him hot? (Not rhetorcial or snarky at all), genuinely didn’t know that.

      I’d think he does well since he can legit take any dick you throw (or push) at him

  • sxg

    Aside from Armond’s goofy dialogue at the beginning of that preview, this looks hot! I think Dean Monroe should have passed the torch and given Armond the privilege of being the gangbang bottom in his scene!

  • Sed

    I have never liked any of the guys Armond is paired with. Not one cute guy in the whole bunch. I wish he would do some scenes with some Corbin Fisher, Gayhoopla, Helix looking guys. Guysinsweatpants.

    • James Johnson III

      If you want to know what Andrew would be like at GISP, may I suggest you seek out the scene he did with Austin Wilde (creatively named ‘Stark Raving Wilde’). To me, it scorches

  • V1
    • TheSagaOf

      Oh my God… YAAAAAAAAAS!

  • snoopyfo

    This looks beyond hot, not a fan of the hair coloring but this looks hot af, Armond is an amazing performer, a great bottom, and andrew is hot

    • PaulieP

      and i cannot watch because of the hair color!

  • Trepakprince
  • Jay

    Andrew’s pool of places to work is slowly shrinking. He may need to make some concessions if he wants to stay on this side of the camera soon.

    • planetwingnuttia

      like what? he’s bottomed oh u mean bareback? some dont feel that’s safe for them so hmmm