Ashton Summers Calls Angel Rivera And Joey Mills “Shitty People” And “Liars”

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joeyangeJoey Mills and Angel Rivera have unfortunately found themselves in the middle of a Twitter war with one of their former lovers today, with Joey’s ex-boyfriend Ashton Summers throwing shade at the popular gay porn couple all afternoon on social media. Exactly one year ago this month, it was Angel Rivera’s ex, Ben Masters, who had the public feud with Angel and Joey, and today it’s Joey Mills’ ex, Ashton Summers, who’s hurling insults at the duo, calling them “shitty people” and “liars.”

It started, as these things often do, with a manipulative (or possibly just stupid?) fan on Twitter named “Alexis Del Rey,” who inexplicably replied to a tweet from Angel Rivera (which included a photo of Angel eating Joey’s ass) by tagging Ashton Summers, asking Angel if Ashton was his boyfriend. Again, this question makes no sense, but weird people asking weird things is par for the course on Twitter:

ashton1As you can see above, Ashton replied to the fan by writing, “He wishes.” That bit of shade got the ball rolling, with Angel calling Ashton a “clout chaser” who can “kiss his ass,” and then Ashton telling Angel that he looked like “Barney,” the fictional dinosaur from the PBS children’s television series Barney & Friends:

ashton2 ashton3From here, things went from bad to worse, as both stars insulted each other’s intelligence, and Ashton questioned the status of Angel and Joey’s relationship:

ashton3a ashton4 ashton5 ashton5aRight on cue, another fan decided to insert himself into the fight, with Twitter user “Louie89083842” accusing Ashton of cheating on an unnamed boyfriend to start a new relationship with another Helix model (Travis Stevens, presumably):

ashton6After Ashton replied to the fan (as seen above), Joey Mills made his first (and only) appearance in today’s Twitter war by replying to Louie89083842’s tweet about Ashton’s alleged infidelity (how does Louie89083842 know so much about Ashton Summers’ love life??). Joey says that Ashton reached out to him while Ashton was still in a relationship with someone else, and that Ashton asked Joey to go to a movie with him, but then rescinded the invitation because he thought he might “get in trouble by Helix” for hanging out with Joey:


This alleged Joey/Ashton conversation had to have taken place sometime after Joey quit working for Helix in February, given that Ashton was concerned with “getting in trouble by Helix.”

It’s always about this time in a Twitter war when someone pulls out receipts, and that someone today was Ashton, who posted a text message exchange between him and Joey. This exchange appears to confirm what Ashton said earlier about Joey and Angel being broken up, but the texts aren’t timestamped, so they obviously could be back together now. Ashton’s texts are in blue on the right, with Joey’s in grey on the left:


Even if Joey and Angel weren’t together at the time of this text message exchange, they definitely appear to be back together and very much in love today. Also, it’s not clear what Ashton stood to gain by telling people about the temporary break up, given that people break up and get back together all the time.

Ashton went on to tell his fans that Joey and Angel are “shitty people,” and that they are “liars” who “will be always liars”:ashton67

In his final tweet to Ashton, Angel asked him to “stay out of my feed. por favor puto”:


This is probably an inappropriate time and a very juvenile thing for me to even think, but Angel, Joey, and Ashton would easily be the hottest three-way ever. Hopefully things will cool down (or, hopefully things will heat up even more!?) and the three can resolve their differences.

  • TheSagaOf
  • FrenchBug

    What the inane fuck was this? I have had drunken farting contests that were wittier than the reads in this Twitter childfight

  • hotsweetspot

    You’ve heard the simile, “Dumb as a box of rocks.” Well, that’s what this exchange reminds me of. All three of these idiots are rocks in the same box. To illustrate my point, a while ago I saw a video scene where the nastiest of all, Michael L, interviews Ashton with another porn star. Even Duck Face is frustrated by A.S.’s shallow responses, and that’s saying something. He cuts off the interview tape and lets the scene begin and he (Duck Face) disappears.

  • Izzy

    I just want to know if the Ashton/Travis fucking was filmed?

    • FrenchBug

      At least this confirms Anthony Verusso is out of the picture, which explains TS coming back to porn.

      • Izzy

        I don’t know this Tea but I thank him if he’s the reason Travis’s new body.

        • FrenchBug

          AS was a performer around the same time TS was and they were dating. They dated for many years long after they both quit performing (although they had an OnlyFans) and were still dating only a few months before TS’ return judging by social media.
          So we didn’t know if they were still together. This post seems to indicate not.

          • Shawn

            Travis was looking pretty unhealthy in the later part of their relationship (very thin and tired looking). I wonder if Anthony was dragging him down, if they’ve broken up then it certainly seems to have revitalised him because Travis looks much better than he did before.

  • Devin

    I need some Ashton in my life. He’s so inconsistent. Porn must be a side gig for him.

  • Devin

    Side note: Why are people using horrible looking photos to shade other people? Joey looks horrible in that picture of Angel eating his ass. His proportions look fucked. No shade, but shade bitch. Hit the gym and get right. We can’t be walking around with spaghetti arms, bloated looking upper body, wide thighs and silly string calves

    • Raava

      I think he looks fine! I don’t understand why we are all obsessed with looking perfect



  • sxg
    • Casey Scott

      My thoughts exactly LOL

  • von schlomo

    Porsches and Land Rovers…I shoulda done porn. Hmmm.

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      You assume these bitches can afford them

      • von schlomo

        True. All I have to go on is what was said. If he didn’t have these luxury cars then seems like that would have come up. Perhaps the cars are old and in poor shape and thus aren’t worth brand new sticker price, as some would assume.

        I got it. He’s talking about Matchbox cars or plastic models, tho I doubt any of these kids would know what that stuff is.

        • Galaxy_Scribe

          I was more thinking living beyond their means and repossessed in 1-3 months

          • von schlomo

            Exactly. Tens of millions of Americans are only living that life via far flung, untenable credit extensions

    • I know sure is a different picture than the devastation and low wages that they are usually crying about.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Ashton is by far the hottest so…Team Ashton

  • Default_User

    Someone put the twinks of our lives meme here.

  • NG212

    Ashton Summers Calls Angel Rivera And Joey Mills “Shitty People” And “Liars”

    I came here to say that I believe him.

    But after reading this bullshit, all these bitches are dumb. It’s just that Ashton is pretty and Joey isn’t worth being fought over.

  • When these young ladies start a twitter spat grab your popcorn and sit back to enjoy.

  • B.C.

    Angel, Joey and Ashton fucking?! Oh, I second that motion. And I would also add Ashton’s latest squeeze Travis into the mix.

  • Del

    What in the world is even going on.

  • DanielA

    I thought Ashton was hot as fuck before,now after sometime away from the camera he is still hot and worth drooling over,just wish he would let the body hair grow and he would be even hotter in my opinion

  • Marcus Collack

    Porsche…Land Rover? What kind of checks are you getting sir?

    • Quinton Jackson

      That’s what I’m saying! Fuck all that other shit, I wanna know where Ms. Ashton is trapping at.

  • Iain Gardener

    If they can’t play nicely then they can all go to their bedrooms and think about what they’ve done

    • Adam

      Or like Zach said they should all go to the same bedroom hahaha

  • Kamarm

    Ashton is so handsome

  • magenta5

    I’ll take Sad Midwestern Twinks With Over-Inflated Egos for $1000, Alex

  • OverKill
  • Shawn

    I felt like I was having a stroke reading some of these tweets. Do they not teach basic English in school anymore?

  • Alison Smith

    Reading this article cheered me up today at first – so many laughs! But then I felt bad because of the grammar, syntax, etc. I know all these guys are young but to be so stupid and over what? One skinny guy who is rapidly losing whatever ‘young pretty twink’ vibe he had? I worry what they will do with themselves when they cant do porn anymore – who will employ this lot when they are so thick? I now feel very ‘triste’ and am going off to have tea and biscuits

  • JerryMacWire

    It’s a good thing these morons work in porn, because even this career choice is pushing the envelope as to what sort of profession their IQs can handle.

  • Dave Netherton

    Team Ashton on this one. Sorry but Angel & Joey come across as stoners who just don’t give a crap about anyone’s lives but their own (the mess with Ben Masters proved that). Especially Angel who just seems like a free loader and will probably move on from Joey once he’s gotten everything he’s wanted out of him. As I believe with most Helix relationships whether they are still working for them or not, they are just for show, publicity for the studio. All these “relationship dramas” keep the models and the studios they work for in the spotlight, nothing more. Beyond this, where is Angel’s first scene for GISP seems like it’s been months since leaving Helix, what’s up with that???

  • Johnny

    This calls for an epic hate-fucking 3-way.

  • Adam

    This is probably an inappropriate time and a very juvenile thing for me to even think, but Angel, Joey, and Ashton would easily be the hottest three-way ever. Hopefully things will cool down (or, hopefully things will heat up even more!?) and the three can resolve their differences.

    My first thought in every situation involving people I’m attracted to. So don’t worry Zach you’re not alone. I may bite my lip before I say something juvenile but my brain doesn’t know how to be appropriate either. Maybe I am watching too much porn after all because my mind always goes straight to sex in every situation lmfao.

  • Remy Buxaplenty

    does anyone actually care about the drama the real twinks of LA are having?

  • annoyedturtle

    I really dislike Ashton. He always starts unneccessary shit and makes no sense.

  • peter

    shitty people is better than being boring

  • Fridaybird1983

    Get over it, Ashton!