Ashton Summers Caught Joey Mills Smoking In The House, And You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next

Posted February 4, 2018 by with 31 comments

Ashton-Summers-spanks-Joey-Mills-005Former powercouple Joey Mills and Ashton Summers are still great friends, but even friends can get in big fights, and today’s scene features a kinky confrontation between the two stars!

Ashton-Summers-spanks-Joey-Mills-009 Ashton-Summers-spanks-Joey-Mills-016 Ashton-Summers-spanks-Joey-Mills-019 Ashton-Summers-spanks-Joey-Mills-020Joey and Ashton have already starred together in one traditional gay sex scene for Helix, and today they’re performing for Helix’s spanking fetish site, “Spank This.” Quick reminder: Do not smoke in Ashton Summers’ house, unless you want Ashton Summers to spank your ass.


And, a fun fact: This is the SECOND time Joey Mills has been caught smoking in places where smoking is not allowed!


Joey being caught smoking by Ashton today, and then a flashback to when he was caught by Blake Mitchell, in 2016’s award-winning Lifeguards:

[Helix: Blake Mitchell Fucks Joey Mills]

And, the clip from tonight’s spanking scene (watch full scene here):

[SpankThis: Ashton Summers Spanks Joey Mills]