Battle Of The CockyBoys Round 2: Who Is The Cockiest Boy?

Posted May 7, 2014 by with 25 comments

cocky boys 2Welcome to round two of the Battle Of The CockyBoys, in which Str8UpGayPorn readers and CockyBoys fans will determine who is the Cockiest Boy Of All Time. Earlier this week, Max Ryder was crowned the winner of round one, and now it’s time to pick a winner from round two who will face off against Max in the final, ultimate battle later this month.

Please vote for your FAVORITE of all five CockyBoys in the below poll. Like one CockyBoy in particular and want to see him succeed? Feel free to vote for him as many times as you want, because this poll is open to MULTIPLE votes. Voting will remain open until Monday, May 12th, at 11:59 p.m. PST. Remember: The winner of this round will face off against Max Ryder, and the winner of that final battle will be named the Cockiest Boy Of All Time.

Who will win round two in the Battle Of The CockyBoys? Vote (as many times as you want) below! (And click any performer’s name to view his complete filmography.)

ricky roman gay porntumblr_mp0r7wwy7x1qhhzvyo1_500 Ricky Roman
As the owner of the best ass of any CockyBoys model, the smoldering and insanely hot Ricky Roman has a distinct advantage in this competition. BUTT will it be enough to secure him a win?

Must Watch Scene: Ricky Roman and Colby Keller’s toy session still leaves me speechless months after its release.

[CockyBoys: Colby Keller Fucks Ricky Roman]

levi michaels gay porn Levi-Michaels-fucks-Max-Carter-on-gay-porn-site-Cocky-Boys-2Levi Michaels
CockyBoys helped turn this relative newcomer into the blond bombshell he is today, and now his sexy face is everywhere. But is Levi well-known enough to capture the most votes?

Must Watch Scene: Levi said that fucking Tommy Defendi was a “dream come true” for him, and it’s clear he wasn’t kidding.

[CockyBoys: Tommy Defendi Fucks Levi Michaels]

bravoBravo Delta
It’s hard to pick Bravo’s best feature (his perfect cock? his personality? his gorgeous eyes?), which means it might not be hard for him to win this thing, given all his assets. Are you #TeamBravo?

Must Watch Scene: As if Bravo’s big dick wasn’t enough, CockyBoys paired him with fellow big dick owner Dillon Rossi. It’s double the dickmatization.

[CockyBoys: Bravo Delta Fucks Dillon Rossi]

max carter gay pornMax Carter
Don’t let his shy and innocent demeanor fool you: Max Carter will easily sweep you off your feet with his piercing blue eyes and effortless sex appeal. But can he sweep up enough votes to win?

Must Watch Scene: Max Carter being slam-fucked by Gabriel Clark (or “Getting Clarked,” as it’s called) is the most intense scene of his career.

[CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Pounds Max Carter]

jake bass gay porntumblr_m9pkwz3Qsc1rdxa6to1_500Jake Bass
Never mind asking what CockyBoys would be like without Jake Bass. The better question is: Would there even be a CockyBoys without Jake Bass? As his countless fans remain hypnotized by every move he makes, will they remember to vote for him?

Must Watch Scene: Hard to decide, but if you have to go with one, Jake Bass and Jimmy Clay’s flip-fuck is a classic.

[CockyBoys: Jake Bass & Jimmy Clay Flip-Fuck]

Don’t forget, you can vote as many times as you want!

  • pcd88

    ANYONE but Jake Bass

    • GN

      Funny you say that, because (aside from Colby keller) Jake Bass is the only other one at that studio that I find bearable. Bravo Delta is way too in love with himself, and Max Ryder is the biggest drama queen.

      • 10mm

        funny, Bravo has always struck me as the most self-deprecating and Jake the in love with himself one – heh

      • sxg

        If you think Jake Bass is bearable, then you must go through a lot of awful shit in life.

      • Dustin Blades

        Really? I feel like Bravo is one of the more low-key Cockyboys. I think people get frustrated because porn isn’t the center of his life or career so he’s less engaged with fans sometimes.

  • Guest

    No doubt, the Cockiest Cockyboy Of All Time is Jake Bass.

  • Gia

    No doubt, the Cockiest Cockyboy Of All Time is Jake Bass :)

    • robirob

      That’s a beautiful picture of him.

  • Luca

    Except Max Carter, who I find really unattractive verging on ugly, all of them are good candidates. Even if I find Levi Michaels the cutest one, probably the quintessential Cockyboy is Jake Bass.

  • Terry

    Jake Bass, OBVIOUSLY ! And, I’m sorry for Max Ryder, but I’ll vote for Jake in the final round too (I’m sure he’ll win this round). PS: that gif from PGGB is awesome !!!

    • Dustin Blades

      I mean it’s pretty clear that Jake and Max Ryder are the poster-boys for Cockyboys who aesthetic. I’m sure the final two will be Jake and Max and I imagine that’s exactly how the studio runners would want it.

  • Casey Scott

    If y’all give Jake Bass the win…!! Levi Michaels is the frontrunner here for me

  • robirob

    Jake Bass is the face of the latest Cockyboys incarnation, so to speak. It’s like with Johan Paulik who was the first shooting star from BelAmi in the 90s.

  • Casey Foster

    Not sure whose the “cockiest” but I’m in love with Levi Karter…end of story

  • BF8

    too many bad tattoos on Jake and Ricky, and nothing really special about the other 3…not voting this round

  • Todd

    Jake Bass gets the sloth vote !!

  • JoshChicago

    JB is not only neat alone in a glass – he’s just perfect on the rocks too. There is no question that Jake Bass is who Brent Corrigan hates the most right now.

  • JoshChicago

    Why are there no black men in this “All Time Contest?”

  • LEVI because he is clean and has nice face!!! All others have some work and fug tats!

  • M3xa

    Ricky FTW!

  • Paul Gay Berry

    Just voted for Jake Bass!!!!!! Best ass! Best Cock! Best Fuck! Best Sex! OMG so cute!!!!

  • JoshChicago

    ……..Just checking in! I’m currently very busy baking Mother’s Day cookies for my MOM using a Dominic Ford-style(ish) digital mold of Max, Jake, Levi and….. RJ Sebastian (hello!). The first one she eats, gets my vote!

    I love you MOM!

  • B. Styles

    Jake is definitely the hottest out of them. No doubt.

  • Jake Bass Fan Girl

    Oh my god of course Jake bass. I love his facial expressions , moans , dick , o face everything agggh