BelAmi Launches “International Bruce Querelle Appreciation Week” With A Bruce Querelle/Nils Tatum Jerk Off Video

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Did you know that it was “International Bruce Querelle Appreciation Week“? Yes, it’s time to celebrate Bruce at BelAmi all week long, and while I’ve been having a Bruce Querelle Appreciation Day every single day since his debut a couple years ago, I suppose it’s good to carve out a special week for him, too. In short, there can never be enough excuses or time periods to appreciate this God-like muscle hunk.

BelAmi released a new Bruce Querelle photo gallery with blond bombshell Nils Tatum yesterday, and here are just a few of the images (view full gallery here):

And today, the video taken during the photo session was released, and here a few of the best moments:


Presumably, we will see Bruce sucking and fucking with Nils (and other stars?) in videos coming tomorrow and over the weekend. For now, here’s the trailer for his jerk off video with Nils (watch full scene here), and all of Bruce’s previously released sex scenes are here on BelAmi.

[BelAmi: Bruce Querelle And Nils Tatum]

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