“Dumped Over Text”: Ben Masters Announces Break-Up With Levi Karter

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benmasYoung love can be fickle, and this weekend, gay porn star Ben Masters shared the news that he unfortunately broke up with Levi Karter, whom he had been dating since August. Specifically, as you can see in the screenshot above and video below, Ben says he was “dumped over text,” which I guess is still better than being dumped via post-it? Earlier this year, the CockyBoys performer had another high profile split with Helix model Angel Rivera, but today’s break-up with Levi appears to be far less dramatic than the Angel break-up, and Ben let his fans know that he’s “totes fine” now. And, he even received almost 10,000 likes on a recent photo he posted, so things are already looking up for the young star, despite being dumped via text message. Via Ben Masters Instagram:

Best of luck to Ben and Levi (the latter has chosen to not share news of the break-up on social media) as they re-enter the dating scene!

For those who want to revisit happier times for the couple, Ben and Levi appeared in one scene together that was released in September:

[CockyBoys: Ben Masters Fucks Levi Karter]

  • FrenchBug

    This is heartbreaking. If these fake romances between porn performers cannot last more than a few weeks after the release of the scene that they were supposed to get us interested in, what hope is there for the naive fools out there?
    Helix is to Cockyboys what A Teens was to Abba, but they at least had the sense to hire a real writer to come up with their fictional marketing copy and their drama is much better.

    • Pantelei

      We’re calling Taylor Saracen a “real writer” now?

  • S .

    Note to Ben: Stop ‘dating’ porn stars.

    • Xzamilloh

      Or better yet, stop taking your breakup drama to social media. I mean, I’ll lap up all the spilled tea like a good puppy, but damn, dude, who’s gonna want to take a bite of that crazy bread???

    • Svenne

      That’s sort of hypocritical, no? It just has to be the right guy, regardless of profession.

    • Hush-ins

      Not dating altogether may be a better solution.

  • linger4444

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1c6a90092ef734f87aa50e0d3baaa0ca5da048f9d27bfce5e67431b87813080b.gif Note to Ben: Stop being an attention whore and being thirsty after a break up. Get your life together gurl!

  • Miloš Del Rey

    I hope everyone plans to change their phone number…

  • Pinko of the Grange

    By text? How gauche.

  • GN
  • wdeee

    So can you all help a horny bro out and gimme your top 2 Seancody scenes of all time, that aren’t that popular? Like some hidden gems that I might not have seen yet. Also, if you’re an American, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!

  • Svenne

    Damn, I’ll be his boyfriend if he likes small dicks.

    • Zachary Sire
      • Svenne

        I don’t understand your reaction. I would be a good boyfriend, I just have a small penis. So I get rejected constantly.

        • B.C.

          Hmmm ..if it’s micropenis then I get it, but if it’s just below average in size then maybe your dick is not the real issue.

          • Svenne


          • B.C.

            Well, that’s not disastrous. I am above average and still couldn’t hold on to my lovers. Last one cheated, and one before him wanted an open relationship. Penis size is a lame excuse. When guy is a dick there’s nothing you can do about it.

          • Svenne

            “Not disastrous.” Thanks…

          • B.C.

            You’re welcome? I guess if you are average or above average in girth then all is not lost (I was never good at giving pep talks).

          • Hush-ins

            I know a friend whose dick is 3” erect. You can celebrate on that fact.

          • Paul J

            Th average is 5.5 inches, so that’s not even small.

    • c_find

      Dick size don’t matter if you bottom. 😉

      • Svenne

        I’m a vers top.

  • Xzamilloh

    Okay, once is an instance, but twice is a pattern. Maybe it’s you???


  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Not sure what’s sadder, Ben’s post or Zach’s response: “And, he even received almost 10,000 likes on a recent photo he posted, so things are already looking up for the young star”

    I love social media, but playing your relationships like breaking news…idiotic

    • Svenne

      Okay, but did you see his ass in that pic? Out of this world.

      • Vizual Bastard

        Agree with you.Too bad I’d have to endure the rest of him just for the sake of the ass though

  • Pantelei

    Ben needs to learn how to handle these situations in a way more mature fashion or he’s never going to have a healthy relationship

  • pje821

    Who cares?

  • Caesarimp

    Well, a) I didn’t even know they were dating. and b) Boy this kid is messy.

  • No_No_No_Yes

    Fuck these queens Ben, I’d be putting that bitch on blast and letting him know just how easy it is to replace him too. What a spineless twat, you burn a couple months of your life on someone you deserve a face to face finale. Ben is too young to be getting serious with anyone.


    • Svenne

      He’s 22. He’s old enough. I’ll be his boyfriend. :3

      • No_No_No_Yes

        Oh he won’t have an issue replacing Levi. I imagine his inbox is blitzed. I get the feeling Levi is headed in another direction.

  • Ceecee
  • B.C.

    I do wonder who is going to be Ben’s next BF…another CockyBoy/ex HelixBoy? Ah, the suspense is killing me.

  • Kevin Pateman

    Before he got into porn, ‘Ben’ used to be married.

    • Karla

      ?? How’s that even possible? And like why? Did he get preggo?

      • Kevin Pateman

        No he didn’t. Nor did his husband.

        • Karla

          Now this marriage/ hubby would be newsworthy :) So heartache over split-up gave the push to porn carrier? Maybe it is true like when a door closes…I actually really like Ben :)

  • Hush-ins

    How come a news is both surprising and unsurprising at the same time?

  • magenta5

    God, I’m so happy I’m not a twink anymore.

  • Tom

    Any idea when he’s going to tweet Levi’s number? I would like to call and say hi

  • TheLisp
  • C3xxx

    No phone numbers were hurt in the making of this scenario.

  • Cosmic

    I love it when porn stars talk about their “relationships”.

  • Maximus
  • johnn

    all these little jr high girls breaking up, getting back together, breaking up , sharing it ALL on social media (since every one is SO interested) i AM back in jr high!