The Best Sean Cody Solo Models Who Never Returned, Part 3

Posted January 17, 2017 by with 46 comments

sean cody soloThe first time was in July of 2014 (“The 10 Best Sean Cody Soloists Who Fell Off The Face Of The Earth“). The second time was in January of 2015 (“Here Are Last Year’s Hottest Sean Cody Solo Models Who Never Came Back“). Now, two years later, it’s time to look back on the men who Sean Cody let slip away. Unfortunately, there were a lot of them, which is either good news or bad news for Sean Cody. On the one hand, they’re still the industry leader for discovering new talent, but on the other hand, their best soloists often never return.

Here are the top 17 Sean Cody solo models who never returned—since January of 2015. (The date of their solo scene is next to their name.) This ranking is based on how hot they are, how good their solo was, and how much of a (false) indication there was that they’d be coming back. Click any link or image to watch that model’s full video.

cort1017. Cort—January 4th, 2016

coty0316. Coty—September 7th, 2015

hoyt1115. Hoyt—November 30th, 2015

bennett0414. Bennett—January 18th, 2016

13. Mason—April 2nd, 2015

houston1012. Houston—June 6th, 2016

kelvin11. Kelvin—March 9th, 2015

brennan0410. Brennan—November 23rd, 2015

9. Dimitry—September 19th, 2016

rick8. Rick—March 25th, 2015

vincent27. Vincent—August 15th, 2016

zachary6. Zachary—August 17th, 2015

03a5. Alan—January 4th, 2015

coen324. Coen—March 28th, 2016


3. Anthony—January 24th, 2015


2. Brett—April 26th, 2015


1. Jeremy—March 21st, 2016