Str8Up Celebrates Cocktober: The 10 Best Big-Dicked Bottom Gay Porn Scenes At CockyBoys

Posted October 16, 2023 by with 9 comments

It’s the most wonderful and special time of the year: Cocktober! Continuing through Cocktober 31st, Str8Up is celebrating a variety of gay porn stars with the most beloved, biggest, and beautiful cocks.

We started with the best horse-hung top-only gay porn stars, then we drooled over Sean Xavier and his 9×6 cock, and today we’re looking at…bottoms? Yes, but not just any bottoms. We’re talking about BIG-DICKED bottoms. 10 big-dicked bottoms, to be exact, and for this list, we’re focused on CockyBoys, an appropriate studio choice given this is, after all, Cocktober. Here in no particular order are the 10 Best Big-Dicked Bottoming Scenes At CockyBoys released over the last couple years (click any link to watch that full CB scene):


Tristan Hunter [CockyBoys: Roman Todd Fucks Tristan Hunter Bareback]


Daniel Evans [CockyBoys: Sean Xavier Fucks Daniel Evans Bareback]


Travis Stevens [CockyBoys: Chris Andy Fucks Travis Stevens Bareback]


Noah Fox [CockyBoys: Manuel Skye Fucks Noah Fox Bareback]

dano4 Oliver Marks [CockyBoys: Daniel Evans Fucks Oliver Marks Bareback]

Aiden Ward [CockyBoys: Shane Cook Fucks Aiden Ward Bareback]

zachang1 Angel Rivera [CockyBoys: Zach Astor Fucks Angel Rivera Bareback]

aidenl1 Lane Colten [CockyBoys: Aiden Ward Fucks Lane Colten Bareback]

theol5 Theo Brady [CockyBoys: Lane Colten Fucks Theo Brady Bareback]


Evan Knoxx [CockyBoys: Daniel Evans Fucks Evan Knoxx Bareback]

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