Billy And Seth Santoro Vs. Michael Lucas: “No STD Testing, No Pay, Chlamydia On Set”

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mlbilly sethIf you thought things couldn’t get worse for Michael Lucas and his struggling bareback gay porn studio, think again. A few days ago, it was Seth Santoro speaking out against the soon-to-be divorced Truvada spokesman, and today Seth’s husband Billy Santoro has joined in the fun.

But first, Michael Lucas had his say. In response to Seth Santoro shooting multiple scenes with other studios, a clearly delusional Michael Lucas emailed QueerMeNow to try and claim ownership of one of his last remaining employees:

Seth Treston is a Lucas Entertainment model and yes he just violated his contract again. He is under the contract and he will remain so until the expiration of the agreement on June 17, 2016. In the meantime he has no right to work for any one else. We are contacting all the studios letting them know that he is under an exclusive agreement.

2016! LOL. Seth Santoro is shooting big productions for, and unlike Jake Cruise, I don’t see them buckling to empty threats from Michael Lucas.

Bf7aSS8CYAANYsg.jpg_largeBilly Santoro left his response in the comments on the same QueerMeNow post:

Fact- Lucas didn’t pay Seth or Michael Lachlan for a fetish scene. Fact- Lucas changed his business model to BB this voiding Seth’s previous agreement. Fact- Lucas didn’t not pay Seth at the contractual time agreed upon for any scenes. Fact- proper STD testing was not conducted post bb agreement (Seth caught Chlamidia on set) Fact- Seth was sexual harassed by Lucas personally on multiple ocassional behind the scenes. Fact- employee has the right to leave a contract when unsafe work conditions are present. Fact- Lucas threatened studios but never tried to sue the model because he knows he will lose. Fact- studios are afraid of Lucas for some stupid reason. Fact- Lucas has slandered Mosel and models family to other industry participants.

Grammar problems aside, this re-confirms my earlier report that Lucas Entertainment models are not tested, despite Michael Lucas’ claims. What else is Michael Lucas lying about, who else hasn’t been paid, and what other STDs have been contracted on a Lucas Entertainment set? If you’re a current or former Lucas employee who’d like to share your story, please email me. All correspondence can remain confidential.



  • sxg

    30-something years old and he still writes like that??? Jesus christ, what the hell was he doing before porn???

    Either way, none of this is a shocker anymore. Duckface should just close up shop before it gets even worse for him. Not sure why the hell Adam Killian is still dealing with this mess, but I imagine that duckface makes sure at least Adam is the employee being paid, and in a timely manner.

    • Viva La Bambi

      Duckfaces stick together.

      • Zoompietro

        I was thinking the same thing! If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck; it’s an employee over at Lucas Ent.

  • Zoompietro

    Zach you are on a roll this weekend, love you!

    After reading both statements from those less than credible idiots Lucas and Santoro the only thing that really came to my mind was; how do we know for sure that Seth got chlamydia on the Lucas set? He’s in an open marriage and could have caught it from any of the many men he’s hooked up with. Not judging open marriages, to each his own, but he could’ve caught that shit anywhere. Unless he specifically traced the chlamydia back to one of the Lucas models he worked with, then I’ll gladly admit I was wrong. But really, why complain about catching an STD when you decided as a grown ass man to have unsafe sex? Don’t touch the stove if you don’t want to get burned bitch, it’s really that simple.

    And shame on Seth for being dumb enough to do work without getting paid, that’s not a good look on a grown man. A sucker is born everyday and guys like Lucas use them for their bread and butter.

  • LB

    Lucas has Killian under an exclusive contract. He’s pretty much the only big name left on the roster at this point, and I doubt Lucas would let him go without a fight. I imagine he has Killian manacled to a desk somewhere in Manhattan.

  • JoshChicago

    Ok, lets examine this more closely. Chlamydia on the set or Michael Lucas on the set?


    I’ll have the Chlamydia, and a side of antibiotic, please.

  • When’s someone gonna sue Lucas?

    • zach

      I considered suing him when he went on Twitter and claimed that he got me fired from my last job (a lie). Unfortunately, libel is really tricky, and I would have had to prove that his lie caused me some kind of monetary harm.

      • EithanVocarro

        And so a tiresome vendetta against him in constant posts is some sort of payback? I’m all for drama but your obsession with duckface is boring.

        • zach

          I had a vendetta against him long before he made up that story on Twitter. I’ve been covering his disastrous life and business since 2008. Reporting on him isn’t payback, it’s just fun.

  • JoshChicago

    WOW! This just posted by Rafael Alencar at the linked site above.

    “Michael Lucas rapes another life-watch out b. Santoro, Lucas wants ur
    blood. He destroyed MATAN Shalev, who made LE $50 million for just
    appearing on cover of Men of Israel. MATAN hated working for ML. mr. PAM
    walked out of LE becuz of “VERY HOSTILE WORK PLACE.” Not b4 Lucas made
    mr.Pam do several movies WITH NO PAY.

    Ask Ryan Raz or any Model. They’re all afraid of this law breaking Nazi.
    ADVICE TO SANTORO: GET A LAWYER- Michael Lucas hates paying legal fees
    (he’s paid a lot-$300k+ for La Dolce alone). Or let Lucas rape yet
    another life ! He will do ANYTHING to harass, legal or not.”

    • Marko

      omg did Rafael just call Russian jew Michael Lucas a Nazi? Gay porn godwins y’all! There’s no way LE will be able to push around.

    • zach

      It’s all true. When I worked at NakedSword and mr. Pam came on board, Lucas threatened to sue her for leaving him. It went back and forth forever and they finally got him to back down when they agreed to let Pam film a few movies for him for free up in Canada.

      • JoshChicago

        Michael Lucas = Bashar al-Assad.

      • Dutch Courage

        The figures are certainly not true!

  • Bull

    If all the people he’s screwed over would get together and hire a lawyer, he would be in a world of hurt! Thank god you’re not censored here Zach :)

    • robirob

      A lawyer? I think Michael Lucas should be careful if he ever decides to travel by train, especially the Orient Express.

  • Illbfire

    Still bitter that Michael had you fired…lol

  • Terry

    I’d like to be a fly in this moment to see Michael Lucas’ reaction to all this … no wait … even as a fly I think I’d have better things to do 😉 !

  • robirob

    Now Michael’s endorsement of Mitt Romney makes so much more sense. He shares Mitt’s regard for employees.

    • JoshChicago

      Ahahahaha! (From robirob’s link)

      1) Ms. Lucas wears artificial ass pads beneath his jeans to give his behind a more comely shape,

      2) Lucas has 3 hours of makeup done before any photoshoot, including
      having his abs painted on (that explains his Derek Zoolander face),

      3) for his latest porn shoot, Lucas had to be shot with his clothes
      on because he still had all of the staples, scars, and bruises from his
      latest liposuction and ass lift.

    • sxg

      lol what a hilarious read! BTW, who is this Chris that Joe keeps talking about, his b/f?

  • sxg

    So, I’m curious what the REAL relationship between Michael Lucas and Roman Ragazzi was like, and how Collin O’Neal accusing Michael Lucas as the one who publicly outed Roman and caused his firing could very well be true.

  • Rafael Alencar

    Hi, my name is Rafael and I’ve been doing movies with Michael Lucas for many years.
    I’m writing here ‘cos I saw my name was mentioned.
    I want to clarify that along all these years my relationship with Michael has been awesome. He is a great person. And in no moment in my life I had something bad to speak about him. He’s extremely professional, and that’s one of the reason what keeps him in the business too,I’ve no records that he exploited any model or workers, but I remember the models and workers breaking contracts with him and causing him a big lost of money. So I guess, the models were wrong not Michael.
    Anyway, I can talk to myself that Michael never ever treated me bad, exploited me neither had an argument with me.
    If anybody has any question about Michael,fell free to contact me directly through my website, email or even call me. I’d be more than happy to answer any question about him.
    Thank you
    Rafael Alencar

    • zach

      Guess he threatened you.

      • Rafael Alencar

        No, he did not Zach, so please stop there. We r all too busy for that.
        Thank you

        • zach

          OK, then how in the world do you go from saying this yesterday on QMN:

          “Michael Lucas rapes another life” and “mr. PAM
          walked out of LE becuz of VERY HOSTILE WORK PLACE. Not b4 Lucas made
          mr.Pam do several movies WITH NO PAY. … Ask Ryan Raz or any Model. They’re all afraid of this law breaking Nazi.
          ADVICE TO SANTORO: GET A LAWYER- Michael Lucas hates paying legal fees
          (he’s paid a lot-$300k+ for La Dolce alone). Or let Lucas rape yet
          another life ! He will do ANYTHING to harass, legal or not…”

          to saying what you said in your comment above today? The hell?

          • JoshChicago

            Wow, not even a Republican could spin themself out of this one! Rafael won’t deny the post over at QMN (which factually is correct – the currency conversion numbers aside, so he must have been threatened. And a friendly(?) photo too boot. Who would do that, other than a frightened individual? Michael Lucas probably has more mouse-clicks to this sight than anyone else! lol.

            Plus, that’s a very old photo. It’s ML’s 49th birthday If I recall correctly.

          • zach

            It’s possible that either the QMN comment or the comment above (or both?) was left by someone pretending to be Rafael Alencar.

          • JoshChicago

            I suppose it is, but if it was, whomever told Rafael about his quote being posted over here would certainly have advised him that it was copied from QMN, no? the quote which I posted, here below, was an exact copy of the post over at QMN. It’s funny that he declined to separate himself from it at either place.

          • zach

            Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t he leave his pro-Michael Lucas comment on QMN, where he posted the original anti-Lucas comment? But the fact that he did know details about Pam having to work for free means the comment on QMN was probably really him. Who knows. All these people are insane.

          • Estelle

            Not to mention the fact that writing is in the same style that he speaks (broken English), and that a lot of what he says is accurate (except the $50 million thing, LOL!).

        • Estelle

          Have some more fake rape scenes to film or families to fuck?

          • Cosmic

            Is he the one that always seems to stick his fingers in his partner’s mouth at some point in the scene?

      • sxg

        or the cheap silicon in his ass went to his head

  • GN

    That scene above with Kip Johnson looks hot–Anyone know where that’s from?

    • zach

      It’s from a scene Seth Santoro just shot with Kink last week.

  • ShadyLady

    Wasn’t the scene at Lucas between real life boyfriends Billy and Seth? Why would they need to be tested if they have bareback together all the time? And wouldn’t it have been Billy that gave Seth the Chlamydia? I’m confused.