Billy Santoro Paid $1,000,000 To Have Gay Sex With “Completely Straight” Adam Bryant

Posted February 5, 2015 by with 25 comments might be owned by a straight porn conglomerate, but they’ve got at least one queen working in production who has a major obsession with erotic dramas from the 1990’s. First it was Unfaithful, and today it’s Indecent Proposal.

For those of you born after 1993, Indecent Proposal is about a billionaire played by Robert Redford who offers $1,000,000 to spend one night with a poor man’s wife, played by Demi Moore. Billy Santoro is in the Robert Redford role, which I guess makes newcomer Adam Bryant Demi Moore?

billy santoro bi

The only thing more unbelievable than a gay porn star having an extra $1,000,000 lying around is Adam Bryant being in a heterosexual relationship. To quote wordsmith Jarec Wentworth, this casting is…interesting.


Once the fucking starts, however, you forget about the silly stuff that preceded it. Adam Bryant is one to watch this year, and Billy Santoro does a great job taking his fat cock.

0077Trailer (watch full video here):

[ Adam Bryant Fucks Billy Santoro]