WATCH: Brandon Cody Fucks Dante Colle Bareback And Makes Him Cum Twice

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DWHxMhzWAAEHhqvHave a Sean Cody model and a Corbin Fisher model ever been paired up together at another studio? I think it may have happened before (feel free to remind me in the comments), but even if it already has, I don’t think it’s happened with two stars as popular as this. It’s former Sean Cody model Brandon (now known as Brandon Cody) and former Corbin Fisher model Ryder (now known as Dante Colle), and they’re fucking bareback at Their scene goes live in a few hours here. just released their first bareback scene yesterday, but this week has been bareback mania in gay porn, so it’s time for another one.

DWIXIHtVwAAURk0Interestingly, it’s been Brandon Cody himself who’s been teasing the scene on Twitter over the last few hours. These photos aren’t yet on, and there’s no release date either. But, it could be out as soon as this Saturday (the original release date of the William Seed bareback scene, which was released early).

UPDATE: As expected, it is in fact being released tomorrow here. Trailer below.

DWIzvQuVAAAuUiPBased on the clip below, it looks like Dante Colle will be cumming TWICE in this scene, which he’s been able to do in several of his scenes this past year, earning him the nickname “Double Load Dante.”


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Brandon Cody Fucks Dante Colle Bareback]