Calvin Banks Destroys Justin Owen’s Ass, Then Shoots A Load In His Mouth

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Enjoying-Calvins-Cum-014Who knew 2016 would be the year of Justin Owen? The former Randy Blue star has become an even bigger and better performer since joining Helix, and his work today with Calvin Banks is his best yet.

Enjoying-Calvins-Cum-006If you thought Blake Mitchell gave him a proper pounding, just wait until you see what Calvin does to Justin’s bubble butt.

Enjoying-Calvins-Cum-026Calvin Banks fingering Justin Owen’s hole while sucking his cock is one of several highlights in this scene:

caljus1Both guys turn in great performances, with mutual deep-throating, rimming, extremely hard butt fucking, and plenty of dirty talk/narration from Justin, as usual.

Enjoying-Calvins-Cum-031Justin sort of treats Calvin like his own personal fuck machine, ordering the big-dicked top to fuck him harder and deeper in multiple positions. Calvin happily does exactly what Justin wants.

caljus2After fucking the cum out of him, Calvin feeds Justin a load, which goes directly into his mouth and all over his face.

caljus3Then, Calvin swoops down for a kiss and some snowballing, which we don’t see nearly enough of gay porn:

caljus4This is the Helix scene and pairing that many of the studio’s fans have been waiting for. It does not disappoint. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Calvin Banks Fucks Justin Owen]

  • Wrath0530
  • snoopyfo

    justin is so fucking hot, top or bottom that boy really gets into the scene and his partners i like that about him, besides he is freaking cute, and sexy

  • Dana Rimons


  • Greg

    He’s come a long way since RB. Justin Owen, do your thing.

  • Greg

    Justin Owen was backing it up like

  • Maximus
    • sxg

      If his face didn’t look like a battered purse and he was a mute I would like him.

      • mtxb2010


  • Xzamilloh

    The fuck? A Helix scene I like? With Justin Owen?

    Dick pigs are flying!!!

  • sam my

    Now to have Justin get spitroasted by both Blake Mitchell and Calvin Banks.

  • Scrapple
    • TheSagaOf

      I’m through… this was too much. Hahahaha!

  • McM.

    Wow. A watchable Helix scene.

    These are rare indeed.

  • kevin

    At first I was concerned about how Justin would align with the Helix market niche, but now I’m totally convinced he’s found his home!

  • Calvin Banks gives me Sam Smith face so I just can’t with him!

  • Mike Julius

    “Calvin feeds Justin a load, which goes directly into his mouth and all over his face.”
    Translation: couple drops on chin, one squirt in mouth, rest on neck.

    Otherwise, an accurate assessment of the scene.

  • Pertinax


  • Justandra

    Justin is hella cute but sometimes I tend to laugh at his verbiage. He goes all in, I will give him that.

  • Joi Says

    Being honest, i used to like RB because of JO and JL, certainly, im gonna give Helix a try after this…

  • peter casella

    justin owen is the best in the biz today —- he was great a randy blue but he’s ever so much better at helix — justin’s got what it takes to be the best — fucking good looks — a fucking great bod — a beautiful full fat cut cock — and getting down and enjoying what he’s doing — plus when he gets verbal that makes my cock hard and wet and ready to shoot — love the boy !!!!!!