Chris Damned Fucks Adrian Hart On Live TV Using Weather Forecast Green Screen

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Today on (given this article’s headline, do I really need to say the studio’s name?), meteorologist Adrian Hart is fucked on live TV while he’s delivering a weather report, and his top is a cameraman played by Chris Damned.


Trying to think of how I’m going to “explain” what is happening in this scene is making me feel like even more of an idiot than I already am.

In short, Chris puts on a green screen suit so he won’t be seen on the broadcast as he fucks Adrian’s ass. But, since Chris has pulled his cock out of the suit (and he’s pulled Adrian’s pants down), it’s still clear that there is some anal sex happening on the local news weather report, as evidenced by the reaction from a TV viewer (Michael Del Ray, in a cameo role).


From doctors fucking while delivering babies to weathermen fucking on live TV, at least no one can say that isn’t trying new things.


Perhaps the biggest shock of all? There are no female news anchors who show up and become horrified at the sight of gay sex. Even Michael Del Ray doesn’t really seem that offended. (He actually seems sort of turned on, tbh.) chrisad14 Instead, Chris and Adrian are left alone to fuck in a relatively traditional sex scene, eventually (once the weather report is over and the green screen suit comes off).

Chris and Adrian fucked once before on, so they have nice chemistry and work well together. In fact, their fucking today is even better than in their first scene.

Also worth noting: Chris Damned and Adrian Hart are possibly the two most beautiful men in gay porn (and on earth in general).

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Chris Damned Fucks Adrian Hart Bareback]

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