Exclusive: CockyBoys’ Clark Davis Makes Bareback Bottoming Debut With Real-Life Boyfriend Nick Fitt In Icon Male’s “Dad’s Poker Night”

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nick fitt fucks clark davis icon male gay porn barebackCockyBoys exclusive Clark Davis is filming a special crossover appearance at Icon Male this week, but that’s not the only surprise about this production. Str8UpGayPorn can confirm that this Icon Male movie—”Dad’s Poker Night,” directed by Chi Chi LaRue—will feature Clark’s bottoming debut with his real-life boyfriend, gay porn star Nick Fitt:

nick fitt fucks clark davis icon male gay porn barebacknick fitt fucks clark davis icon male gay porn barebackAnd yes, Clark has bottomed before at CockyBoys, but this isn’t his gay porn bottoming debut—it’s his relationship bottoming debut. That’s right, Clark has never been fucked on or off-camera by his real-life love Nick before—until today, on the set of “Dad’s Poker Night.”

nick fitt fucks clark davis icon male gay porn barebackAnother major milestone being made with “Dad’s Poker Night” is that it’s the very first bareback movie from Icon Male (and Chi Chi LaRue’s second bareback movie ever, after Falcon’s “The Pledge“).

Here’s more of Clark and Nick on set today (they look so cute together, it’s almost sickening, in the best way possible), with co-stars Casey Everett and Drew Sebastian:

nick fitt fucks clark davis icon male gay porn barebacknick fitt fucks clark davis icon male gay porn bareback nick fitt fucks clark davis icon male gay porn barebackLook for “Dad’s Poker Night” later this year on Icon, and here’s a behind-the-scenes video of Chi Chi and Clark during filming today:

[Icon Male]

  • CamCam

    The description sounds so dramatic lol. With that said, i look forward to seeing this. Clark is great on CockyBoys so to see him with his man, that will be something. Bring it on!

  • Scrapple

    “Relationship bottoming debut.” Wasn’t this stamped on the boxcover for Matthew Rush’s first bottoming scene?

    Randy Blue teaming up with GISP made sense. Corbin Fisher going internationale with BelAmi made sense. CockyBoys joining fuck forces with Icon Male and Chi Chi Larue? Why would CockyBoys join up with two members of the Axis of Evil? It’s a cruel, cruel summer.

    Also Clark, this is CB basically telling you “You’re hot, but we feel your boyfriend is a better fit over at this studio.” Don’t let them disrespect your man like that.

    • Tempest

      Well, his name is Fitt, so.

      Yes, that was bad, I needed my moment.

    • Jay

      This is the real test. Will the production crew be able to capture a real snippet of intimacy AND sexyness from these two given how they are currently together?

      • Scrapple

        If they do there will be some skanky undertone. Like they’re really first cousins. Or one of them has a girlfriend on the side.

    • WorkBitch

      ChiChi has directed for CockyBoys before, so it’s not like this collaboration is a first.

      • Scrapple

        Chi Chi would direct traffic for a check so long as they paid her wig cleaning bill to get out the car fumes. I was talking more about the Icon Male factor.

  • Jay

    Just those four in the cast makes me think this will be hot already…

  • TK

    It’s always interesting to see when guys who give off big bottom energy top.

  • Kanaka

    Clark is so my type and Nick…eh, not so much. But one never knows until the real life chemistry is sampled. Happens all the time.

    • Default_User

      Clark is hot but Nick looks like someone took a picture and then stretched him 20% vertically with photoshop. I am sure the scene is still hot though,

  • Austin

    Sebastian Kross called. He wants his tattoo back.


    I wish they would stop with all the father & son/ step fucking incest SHIT !

  • John

    Isn’t Icon targeted for female viewers?