Lukas Grande And Liam Riley’s Hair Steal The Show In One Erection Premiere

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CockyBoys and Chi Chi LaRue’s collaborative mockumentary, One Erection: The Unmaking Of A Boy Band, is off to an incredibly clever, often hilarious start with its first episode, and it’s hard to decide which aspect works best: There’s the hardcore fuckfest featuring Lukas Grande, and then there’s the non-sex narrative that unfolds in this premiere installment, “Sticky Face,” featuring Liam Riley as a fame-hungry boy band member with a very dramatic hairstyle.


The sex and the story are blended effortlessly (now a hallmark of every well-edited CockyBoys series), with a script and performances unlike anything you’ll see this year. As Ricky Roman said during his acceptance speech at the Cybersocket Awards earlier this week, “It’s not just porn, it’s CockyBoys.”


What was most surprising was Chi Chi LaRue’s restrained performance, as you’ll see in the trailer below. She’s always been a celebrated director, but who knew she could act? Everyone else is great, too (they’re channeling the best bits from Best In Show and Waiting For Guffman), particularly Trenton Ducati and Liam Riley, and especially Lukas Grande. Here he is playing a stereotypical version of a gay porn star, who happens to have been hired to appear in a music video for the boy band at the center of the mockumentary.

As if Lukas wasn’t fun enough here, you then get to watch him in a train fuck with Trenton Ducati and Rikk York:

img_7892 img_7921 img_8073 img_8128

This first full episode is live now, and here’s a trailer:

[CockyBoys’ One Erection: “Sticky Face”]


  • Stuart

    I loved it, I would possibly give a little fangirl squeal just like Trenton’s if I was in that situation :)

  • Todd
  • pje821

    The tattoos completely destroy the beauty and appeal of these bodies. What a waste of skin.

    • Eric AS

      Please stop body shaming men who choose to tattoo. If you dislike the art form enough to state the artwork completely destroyed the appeal of the men they adorn, please keep your opinion to yourself. It’s rude, uncalled for, and publicly states your bias against 20-40% of the adult population.

      • Maximus

        The T hurts. It was their choice to have ink injected into their skin, and choices have consequences.

      • pje821

        Why, exactly, should I keep my opinion to myself? This is a forum where men who sell themselves as models/sex objects look for validation so studios will continue to hire them. If feedback about their look isn’t always positive, so be it. I don’t criticize private citizens who put tattoos on themselves, but I do think anyone who does and then performs in front of the camera and some blog posts marketing photos is open to criticism. If I think some guy is hot I will say so; should I keep that to myself? I have been enjoying porn for over 50 years and I’ve come to really dislike the tattoo-covered models, which I agree are absolutely popular with some men. But I am not one of them, and as a consumer I will continue to voice my opinion. I have cancelled site subscriptions because of them, so my opinion affects someone’s bottom line. I won’t watch scenes where the models are overly tattooed (I can overlook something on the bicep or shoulder) but these guys who go overboard and destroy the beauty of their musculature or put tattoos in random places on their bodies that become utterly distracting, they’ve lost me. Skin and muscle is beautiful; ink is not. It’s my opinion, and I’m hardly alone; if you think it’s rude, tough shit.

        • Maximus
        • Eric AS

          Telling someone any aspect of their body destroys its appeal is body shaming. The fact you are willing to stand up for your beliefs and shop with different companies or other studios is admirable. I hope you choose to in all aspects of your voice and purchasing power, every grocery store, cafe, coffee shop, department store, or cab I hope you have the conviction to tell workers why you won’t be a patron. Otherwise you’re just another hater willing to make a stand when you are unlikely to be forced to tell those who lose out on work in person why they are unworthy.

          • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

            Tattoos are not a part of your body.
            You add tattoos to your body.
            And not in any kind of functional way, you can remove them.
            Therefore critiquing them is not body shaming.
            Herpa Derpa Ipso Facto
            Your logic does not hold.

          • pje821

            Well, that’s a stretch. Some of my best friends have tattoos, though not to the extent these models have gone. They know exactly how I feel about them. I don’t find them “unworthy” as friends; I just don’t like what they’ve chosen to add to there bodies. It’s as if graffiti’s been added to Michelangelo’s “David.” That’s my opinion; deal with it.

          • Ben

            Well and someone who has a lot of tattoos, we choose what to do with our bodies, deal with it.

  • ShadowC0N

    I’ve watched a few of Cocky Boys’ videos and I like the video quality. Meeting Liam also peaked my interest. Plus, I love seeing Levi Karter.

  • Zealot

    Dance off Bro…..just me and you!

  • sxg

    OFF TOPIC: The guy who called RyRo a cheesy slut is WAY hotter than Ryan!

    • Myko

      This guys is a dozen times hotter than RR

      • Marcus Collack

        as he should be since he’s younger, and RR’s age let’s see if he comes close. Personally he’s not as hot, I’ve seen every inch of ryan and this guy is flashing a muscle so…

    • McM.

      Meh. Never head of the guy or seen him in action. He’s just another “model” among the millions on instagram. That whole thing came off as one queen throwing barbs and Ryan Rose going off about how he is more successful than everybody.

      The only thing of worth I took from that twitter post was the phrase “pious dick of a Hoofwanking Bunglecunt”. It is offbeat, imaginative, and I wish I had come up with it first.

    • Zealot

      If Velveeta could feel feelings, I think that twitter reference to La Rose might just sting a bit.

  • sxg

    I just cannot get past Rikk York’s distracting lotus flower tattoo that looks like a pile of stubby chubbies. By far the ugliest chest tattoo in gay porn ever, even worse than the one Jimmy Clay got before his last porn scene.

    Not a fan of Liam Riley’s recent hair job, and Lukas Grande’s everything. Allen King and Levi Karter are so fucking adorable! And despite everything I say about Trenton, I still think he’s a hot daddy type.

    • beariac

      I hate that I know this, but I think Liam’s hair was like that for a reason.

      You are so right about TD. Would, in a heartbeat.

    • nick

      I was just going to post that’s a dreadful chest tattoo, do guys not put any thought into what they are having done, do they just walk in the shop and say “give me $500 of anything” ?
      BTW I love tattoos, I’ve got lots, I just don’t like that one, at all.

      • McM.

        Some guys put a lot of thought into their tattoos, and will have a lot of meaning “to them”.

        With others, it’s easy to tell they just had $50 burning a hole in their pocket. And were drunk.

  • Myko

    Trenton Ducati, Liam Riley and Chi Chi LaRue , make it a NO from me. I wouldn’t even watch the trailer !

    • Hereweare

      There’s no sex in EITHER of the trailers, so just Youtube a One Direction video, and you’re good.

  • Sed

    I’m sure the hair is great. But like all other Cockyboys scenes the sex will be terrible.

    No studio has wasted hot guys this much since Miami Studios. That director was just lazy with the camera, this director thinks he’s creating freaking art.

    • McM.

      Then you probably won’t like this. It is a 50min scene but almost half is “art”.
      If you do watch it, just advance 20mins b/c the sex is good.

    • Hereweare

      That is for sure! Horrible lighting, worse camera angles, but beautiful men. What a waste CB is!

  • Maximus

    “This series is brought to you by hair gel, ink, Truvada, and the producer’s useless attempts to make pornography into something that it is not.”

    Porn doesn’t need a storyline. If people want something with substance, they turn to legitimate film and television. If people want to take some time out of the day to masturbate to footage of hot people have hot sex, they turn to porn. Those two domains of entertainment media do not need to overlap.

    • AJ2

      Seems to work. For CB. They get a lot of female members and by looking at social media, they love this stuff. It obviously fills a creative need for Jaxson & the models can sleep at night convincing themselves they’re creating ‘art’
      Liam Riley voice is a boner killer though. It does seem CB takes in a lot of young pups and gives them love, attention, caring, community that they weren’t getting in. Their real lives outside porn

      • Maximus

        Oh okay then. As long as the little straight girls are happy. God knows that they don’t have enough entertainment media geared toward them already.

        • WhimsyCotton

          When it comes to porn, straight girls don’t really have much content geared towards them. Straight porn isn’t geared towards them whatsoever. It’s made by straight men for straight men. That’s the reason they flock to Cockyboys — emotion and bodies they’re attracted to.

          • Maximus

            So what? They can still turn on any network other than Logo or go to any movie or listen to any radio station in order to find something made for them.

          • WhimsyCotton

            What I’m saying is that there’s a market that’s wide open and Cockyboys is taking full advantage of it. CB used to have hot as fuck scenes with non twinks and no story lines about 5 years ago.

          • Maximus

            Those were the gay porn glory days. I blame the Republican Party and the Catholic church. They must have had something to do with this current state of affairs. We started getting marriage and adoption rights, so they had to take something away from us. They targeted our porn because they knew that doing so would hurt us more than anything else ever could… Yup, that seems like a logical conclusion.

          • La Bambi

            You know that’s not porn right? I mean you could watch Logo to jerk off but unless you’re into drag queens it’s not gonna happen.

          • Maximus

            I just meant that Logo is the only channel that doesn’t feature hetero people and relationships almost exclusively. Depictions of sex can’f be X rated on cable channels, but these fans don’t seem to care much about that aspect anyway.

      • Luca

        the atmosphere around Cockyboys does seem to be pretty positive. Even notorious bitches like Jake Bass have always (to my knowledge) had good word about Jaxson&co.
        I appreciate the fact they try to do something different, even if sometimes it gets out of hand IMO.

    • sxg

      I disagree there’s nothing wrong with a porn film that has a storyline. There is a problem with it when the storyline is so overwhelming and unnecessary that it makes you not even interested in the actual sex part. Case in point, Icon Male films. While I despise Nica, some of the sex scenes are actually good. But I feel that the sex itself is mostly self-directed. The dialogue part looks so fucking stupid. Also Joe Gage dialogue films were about as equally as dumb and boring. Oh and worst of all, Raging Stallions To The Last Man 2-part film.

      • Maximus

        I find it to be inherently superfluous. Plus the acting is always so obnoxiously bad that it distracts from the hotness of the models.

      • Luca

        completely agree. It’s a fine line and many porn directors or “scriptwriters” are not good enough to draw it at the right point. You also have to choose your people well, and there are not many porn stars out there that can deliver more than a couple of words.
        Cockyboys usually succeeds even if sometimes they really get too artsy for artsy’s sake.

    • Hereweare

      Fully agree! I can’t believe I just watched TWO, count them, TWO previews for a porn with NO sex in them. NEXT!

    • M3xa

      I totally disagree, I love CB work. And since you obviously don’t there are luckily for you plenty of other studios that only focus on the sex.

      • Maximus

        That feature only openly gay men who aren’t recklessly spreading infectious diseases? Not really.

    • La Bambi

      A lot of the classic porn films had a loose storyline – Boys in the Sand, Other Side of Aspen – enough to give a context for why/where the people were fucking. I don’t like excessive dialogue in porn, but a set-up or concept can be nice. Better than fucking on random boxes or a suburban couch.

      • Maximus

        Yes, but that made sense given the usual format of porn at the time. Porn wasn’t sold as individual scenes, but rather as entire movies that were comprised of several scenes. It was logical to string those disparate parts together with some kind of overarching plot. These days, it’s an unnecessary relic from the past. It’s just impossible to take seriously.

  • AJ2

    You should do a story on the incredible percentage of CB biggest fans who r females. Its an interesting phenomenon that they’ve cultivated on social media & obviously is generating income for these hybrid films, which many fast forward to the sex

    • Luca

      it’s nothing more than a slight variation from the yaoi phenomenon, that has gone way beyond Japan.

  • beariac

    This could be the first porno I watch where I reverse the habit of a lifetime and skip the sex scenes just to watch the storyline linking them together.

    Backrooms always look delightfully skeezy with the lights up, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Quite why an ‘international boyband’ are there I look forward to discovering, though some heavy-duty suspension of disbelief may be required. I’m also loving the axiom under all the retro b&w porno photos – Miquel Brown rocked the disco!

    And for the record, nobody in the UK calls pizza ‘pie’. I understand that’s a Noo Yawk-ism.

    • McM.

      When I was young, and first discovered masturbation, I once paused a VHS tape and ruined my childhood memories of Mary Poppins.

      I remembered it b/c of “that” wink and nod. I really liked it, but I didn’t know why.

  • Ed Woody

    “What was most surprising was Chi Chi LaRue’s restrained performance, as you’ll see in the trailer below. She’s always been a celebrated director, but who knew she could act?”

    She’s been acting at least as far back as ‘More of a Man’ in 1991, starring Joey Stefano.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Lukas Grande is giving a lot of Blue Steel in these pics.

  • seeker630

    I dislike the fact that subscribers aren’t allowed to download the sex scene for 30 days – meaning that if you don’t renew, you can’t download it.

    • stagboys

      Oh, that’s a good idea :p

  • Porn Star

    Oh god…………..