CockyBoys Announces “Class Of 2017” Performers, Including Newly Signed Exclusive Sean Ford

Posted June 9, 2017 by with 91 comments

DB5Du8jVwAAZbaGCockyBoys has just released a new poster to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and it introduces some of their newer exclusives who’ll be appearing in a new decade of productions: Calvin Banks, Jacen Zhu, Cory Kane, and Taylor Reign. And (surprise!), their newest exclusive is Sean Ford, who was of course first introduced to us last year by Helix Studios, where he filmed some of the best gay porn scenes of 2016 (with Blake Mitchell, Max Carter, Corbin Colby, and more).

Wonderland-017Now, Sean Ford brings his hotness to CockyBoys, and his first new scene should be out this summer. Of all the potential new scene partners for Sean, with whom should he be paired first? I’m hoping for Colby Keller, based on what Sean revealed in his Str8Up interview last year:

If you could pick one other model from a different studio to come and do a scene with you, who would you pick?
I think I’d pick Colby Keller. I’ve actually never fucked a guy with a beard.

Stay tuned…

And ICYMI, Helix released one of their best Sean Ford scenes just last weekend, “California Creampie,” with Josh Brady:

[Helix Studios: Josh Brady Fucks Sean Ford Bareback]